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Our daughter is Leda Maia Ariadne.  Is it pretty obvious that I was a Classics major in college?smile.gif

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Our son is Greyson Michael.  If we ever have another girl, she will be named Astrid Elin (not sure about a boy name).  Greyson was supposed to be Hannah Elisabeth if he had been a girl.  ;) 


My nieces and nephews are:

Kellie Leeann

Patrick Lloyd       <---siblings

Emily Nicole


Mayson (not sure of her middle name, recent step-niece) 


Willow Lee

London Edith       <-----siblings


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We have


James Stanley (5) would have been Helen Isabel if he had been a girl

Justin Daniel (2) almost named Henry Rhys but changed towards the end of PG

and our new addition Rowan Jane :) who would have been Jesse Rhys if she had been a boy.

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Originally Posted by NikonMama View Post

London Edith       <-----siblings


 I love the name Edith; it's such a shame that it's so rarely used.  I always picture an elegant woman in a lovely gown decending a staircase when I think of that name.

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Mine are Aria Elayne, Payton Allison and Piper Addison.

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Anna Beryl

Samuel River "Sam"

Naomi Wren "Nomi"

Tobias Robin "Toby"


our lost babies names are Gem, Bloom, and Harvest. There is personal meaning behind each name of our children.


crazy~ I saw siblings Naomi and Tobias LOL. not surprising on mdc I suppose :)


Sooo many great names out there being carried my mdc babes!!!

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We have Maren Anna and Nathaniel (Nate) Joel Strummer.

Nate is 2 months old, and was a homebirth in a province where homebirth is not recognized. We're still working on registering his birth, and therefore can still legally "change" his name. We were torn between Eamon and Nate for him, and I wish we had chosen Eamon. Now that he's been introduced to the world though, I don't feel like we can change it! Ah!

Maren was dh's pick, and I love her, but I don't love the name. If we could go back, she would be Anna Verity or Verity Anna.

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Colin Theodore





Other names I like are Andrew and Bryan for a boy, and Cassandra Hope for a girl.

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Eleanor Elizabeth (Ella(

Abigail Marie (Abby)

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Andrew and Emma (but we call her Emmy)

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