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My son is Henry Thomas. Baby #2 will be either Hazel Mae or Ada Marie if a girl and who knows what if a boy. I'm voting for Morris, DH wants Bo. Odin, which I just saw above, may break the stalemate!
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While in utero these were the names we had-
dc1-Foster or Sarah
dc2-Mason either way
dc3- Rowan

No one ended up with the names we had chosen once born! So m uch for planning.
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Son's name: Ras Ashai
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My LO's are:
DD- Leela Gene
DD- Zen Elizabeth Rose
DS- Gabrael Riot (pronounced Gabe-ray-elle)
DSD- Arianna Katelynn
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My DDs are Leah Madeleine and Rhiannon Kate.
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My son is Christopher Lyle. Lyle was my grandpa. The middle name was going to be Lawrence for my dad and brother, but after my grandpa passed away, we decided to use his name. One of my favorite Boy's names that I've ever heard... and I think it would go well with Caitlin and Reannan (sp? I'm sorry)... is Ayden Blaine. If I hadn't had him has a student I would probably hang onto it as a future possible name for any future children of my own...

The girl name that we had chosen was Madeleine Louise, but I'm not sure that fits well with the two girls you already have.... oooh! A girl name that I've heard that I think would fit is Nya (pronounced Ni-ya... long i sound).

Other names I like are: Thea, Noah or Noa (the second spelling for a girl), Jacob, James, Emma, and Sophia... I can't think of any more at the moment
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Mackenzie MiChele and Brodie Avalon
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Cooper and Wyatt.
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My boys are:
Ian James
Connor William
Gavin Augustus

Girl names for each were:
Riley Kathryn
Alana {can't remember the middle name!}
Evelyn Elise

My sisters:
Maureen (Mo)
Kathleen (Kathy)
Taima Alena
Haidee Cheyanne

My brothers:
Chayton Allen
Shawn Patrick
Richard (Dick)

My neices:
Reagan Mary-Elizabeth
Morgan Alyssa

My nephews:
Devon Nathaniel
Ethan Shawn
Logan Christian
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My boys are Davin Christopher and Oakley Augustus. Even though we're done having kids, if we ever did end up with another boy, he'd be named Jasper.
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Brandon Michael
Ryland Josef William
Jocelyn Lily Nu
Amelia Rylie
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I have two girls: Annie Rebecca and Meredith Ella (known as Merrie).

We love old-fashioned girls' names and each name has a family connection.
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Originally Posted by pianojazzgirl View Post
dd is Djuna

ds is Alden
How do you pronounce your DD's name? Very unique!

My kiddos are:
Matthew Alexander
Michelle Elizabeth
Marissa Evelyn
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DD is Anja Hunter. I kinda wish we would have spelled it Anya so other people wouldn't get so confused.
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No living little ones, but mine that didn't make it were Kennedy, Mason, Hope, and Tristian.
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I have:
Eric Matthew
Noah Jiwai

Oh, and the dogs are Suzie, Oreo, and Sophie! LOL
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I have:
Victor Troy
Lucia Sage
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My boys are Keagan William and Jonah Xavier.
I also love the names Torin (nn Tor) and Nikko (prn knee-ko). Elise was a girl name we had picked out.
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two boys, Dakota (10) and Keegan (5)
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Jakob Ezekiel and Adam Elijah.

And no, we're neither Jewish nor Christian.
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