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My LOs are named Sawyer Dennis and Beau Taylor. Sawyer and Taylor have special meanings and Dennis is their daddy's name.
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Our girl is Juniper Rose.
Now we are trying to figure out a name for the baby boy who is coming in June!

So far: Harper Ashton (?)
Noah Asher
Zachariah ______
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My little guy is Leo. Our daughter who we didn't get to keep is Georgia.
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My daughter is Lucy Glynis.
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My daughter's name is Lani Rae (pronounced Laney). If she were a boy she would have been Levi Patrick
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I have a Gage Nicolaus, Alena Mae, and Asher Michael! Good luck on your search- it takes longer and longer to figure out names for me- Gage I figured out at 3 months preggo, Alena was 6 months, and Asher was 8 months.
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We have Corinne Annalise and Gabriel Ernest.
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We have 3 dds: Therese Jean, Anna Mary Frances (her name was supposed to be fn: Anna and mn: Mary, but dh loved how dd#1 said Anna Mary, so he wanted that as a first name, so as we were filling out the birth cert we threw in Frances for her mn), and Veronica Rose. We get tons of compliments on Veronica Rose Our boy name every time has been Nicholas Josaphat. If it weren't for other family members with the same name I would love to name a boy Joseph Francis.
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Originally Posted by butterfly_mommy View Post
My Nephew is
Jack John
That made my day!
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what great names! so fun to read. We have Nora Frances and Reid William.
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My ds is Ras Ashai!

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My ds is Levi Camden-Vase lastname.     The "Vase" part we added just after he turned 3, his choice (its pronounced either Vase, or Vasey) 

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DSS Mikhail (15)

DS Jose Santiago (14)

DD  Leonor (7)

DD2 and DD3 are Renata and Irina (6)

DD4  Svetlana (4)

DS2 Lyev Santiago (1)




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DS's name is James we call him Jamie though. DD's is not particularly common, at least in this part of the world, so I don't feel comfortable posting it.

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Originally Posted by katbomumof3 View Post

My kiddo's are -
Sayward Dawn (goes by Sadie much of the time)
Ada Grace (Gracie)
James Robert Liam (Liam)
Padraic Adair (Paddy)

My college roommate was named Sayward, after that series of novels. I've never heard of another!

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My DD is Romina, we call her "Mina" for short or "Mimi" sometimes but she hates it. My DSS are Viktor "Thor" and Ivan.

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DD - Dani

DS Oscar

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DD is Zoe Rose.

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I wanted to name my dd Marjorie (Jorie for short), But no one else liked it, so we ended up with Schuyler instead.

Also have a Henry(12), Charlie (10) and George(7).

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