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Originally Posted by bec View Post
Paige - Remind me what happened to you?
Tendonitis in my ankle. I've been out since the end of March.
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HBM ~ on the run!!

Plady ~ I did about half girl pushups today because there was no way they were getting done any other way. Holy soreness batman!

Runningmommy ~ You are on a roll!

Nemesis ~ Yum on the soap!


100's are done. I feel like I am on track with my housework and fitting in some exercise every day (100's). Now I need to get my butt on a schedule for running...
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RM- No other dog. Dh is adamantly against it. I am thinking this fall might be a good time, after the busyness of summer is done. Or not, we'll just have to see.

HMB- I bet it is so good to be back.


Going to aim for a morning run, hopefully better than the last.
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Originally Posted by bec View Post
There is something that happens between 5-10 laps, though. I'm guessing it's like with running, where that first warm up mile is really tough, but then, everything comes together.
Yes x 100! My first lap always feels good, then the next 10 or so feel like crap and I want to get out of the pool. Then.... the zen . Got there again today and it was bliss in the water.

Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
So I was watching a table of 4 kids work on a writing assignment for 10 minutes. One kid stood, then sat, then stood, then sat on the floor, then sat again all in that 10 minutes. Each time he changed positions, the other three kids at the table looked at him. One kid just went back to his work. Another would do something -- adjust his seat, stand up as well, swap out a pencil, etc. Another kid would start talking or look off into space until a teacher redirected his attention to his work. Every single time in this 10 minutes. So one kid's moving about was responsible for maybe 15 disruptions of attention of other kids in a 10 minute span. If I were DD, I wouldn't be able to focus either.

Those of you that help in classrooms - anyone seen the same thing?
I notice the same thing in DD's kindergarten. They sit at "tables" (ie. 5-6 desks pushed together) and if one of the kids gets up to sharpen a pencil, or get a drink, or pick something up off the floor, it's another 5 minutes of me trying to get the other 5 kids back on task. DS class has desks facing the center of the room all around the perimeter, so no tables, and as far as I've seen, less time spent getting kids back on task when interrupted. Desk layout may be something to look into as well.

Welcome Jend!!!

Welcome Back, HBM! Glad you're cleared to run again. Your glorious return to Zumba is just around the corner .

I swam for an hour this morning, and didn't want to get out of the pool. Instead of counting laps, I just swam as much as I could in an hour. No clue how far though. Mostly freestyle, with a couple of breaststroke sets thrown in for fun (since I used to be a breaststroker, I use that as my "fun stroke" )

Now I'm happily enjoying a Woodchuck hard cider and finally relaxing sans children .
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I'm afraid that my Katie is the fidgety kid in class. It's hard, and we have all been working with her on that. Staying focused, doing the work when she is supposed to in the time allotted. Unfortunately, she is now dealing with some bullying from it. She was on the floor in the reading area during a group project time (she claims she was doing "research" for the project, her teacher and the members of her group claimed otherwise), and another boy stepped on her legs when urged to by a boy in her group (who was, apparently frustrated with her behavior). It's been a busy day with emails back and forth between us, the teacher, the principal and the social worker about this. Ironically, she needs to have few distractions for herself to stay focused, so it can become a vicious cycle of her distracting another student, and then that student driving her off course.

I imagine that this behavior is very distracting for the other kids, and it is something we are working on. I think it is probably very difficult to find that balance of meeting everyone's needs. And that is one of the reasons why teacher/student/classroom compatibility is so incredibly important, and why parents should be able to have more input into their kids' teachers (we have absolutely none here).
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So no run for me since I lingered in bed too long this morning (sigh) but I'm going to do some yoga in about three minutes which will mightily improve my mood, I think.

Took the kids biking yesterday and stopped at a park; ds launched himself off a spiral slide, from about 12 feet up, and (I think) smacked his face coming down. Lots of blood in his mouth, but no missing teeth - I'm a little worried that his face will be bruised or swollen. It was a longish trek home but he held up pretty well, and ice cream seemed to remove the distress pretty successfully.

Have the sixth and seventh of my my eight meetings this week scheduled for today... one huge curriculum change I've been working on for six months that meant two meetings earlier in the week, one visit with the woman who's facilitating my trip to Costa Rica in January, two professional growth meetings, one faculty meeting, and two meetings to interview a prospective campus pastor. Boggle.

My fun story of the week: I drove various students around in a golf cart yesterday for an hour, for a special 'we love students' event, and I had such a blast - I'm pretty sure they won't ask me to do it again. Over hills! Through the trees! Really fast! Pulling skateboarders!
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Bec, I would expect that there are antsy kids in a classroom. For a kid whose behavior is disruptive to peers, though, I would expect that the teacher would be working with the kid, finding a solution so that it doesn't bother other kids, whatever. NOT that they would actively encourage it. I described one table near where I was sitting. However, it appeared to be classroom policy to allow this, letting kids who need to wiggle, but forgetting that those wiggles do form a distraction to others.

I'm looking at the other program's teachers today. We'll see. Then a faculty meeting that will likely drive me to drink.
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My kids don't have the need to wiggle, but are more in the position of being distracted by others' wiggling, especially ds. He has such little focus. I think this is part of his inability to write longer stories and reports for in-school stuff. At home, we can structure work in smaller chunks and I can also ride herd on him (and his sister when she comes around bugging him). His teacher has the room set up so that kids can meet their own needs, to an extent, and I am sort of excited that the final book report project offered like a dozen different approaches and the teachers encouraged the kids to choose what reflects their own style. I've been thrilled with his teacher this year.

We got a lot of work done, but not the castration, which means I will have to do that. I might go ahead and switch methods then. There's a method I have no experience with but it's the least awful, so I want to give it a go. Dd, in a super-cute kid-ism, asked yesterday which of the lambs we were going to be pasteurizing.

But the garden is in good shape, the goat pedicures are done, and I am on my own in less than an hour.
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Originally Posted by bec View Post
I think it is probably very difficult to find that balance of meeting everyone's needs.

Very difficult to meet all children's needs all the time (even at home )

Nemesis~sorry about the doggy situation Wish I could come over and give you a new pup.

Kerc~ still just that you got the job and LOVE your dddc, the ladies here ROCK for thinking of that!!

bec~when do you find out about your leg? and at your swimming 2 miles. so clueless her, how long does something like that take?? wow!

got to get ready for church meeting where they announce that I am co-leading this next year. I think this is my mission, instead of travelling around the world, but we'll see.

Love you ladies!!
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Wendy - That is one of the things I love about Katie's teacher. She is gently guiding and redirecting her to staying on task (and this isn't all the time, but periodic), and listening and interacting with the other kids (she does this with all the kids). I would find it very irritating if her behavior was encouraged.

Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Dd, in a super-cute kid-ism, asked yesterday which of the lambs we were going to be pasteurizing.
So, DH and I were talking about this comment, and he looked up and asked what a neutered sheep was called. Whereupon, Katie offered that it was called a sad sheep. Cute comments beget cute comments!

Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
bec~when do you find out about your leg? and at your swimming 2 miles. so clueless her, how long does something like that take?? wow!
I go to the nurse practitioner at the ortho's office (hopefully to have some x-rays or something diagnostic done) this morning. The 2 miles took a little less than an hour and a half. I can do a mile in about 40-45 minutes. So, I put it about a nice sized long run as far as effort. I'm a slow swimmer (like I am a slow runner), so there are those that can do this in less than an hour with no problem.
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Originally Posted by bec View Post
So, DH and I were talking about this comment, and he looked up and asked what a neutered sheep was called. Whereupon, Katie offered that it was called a sad sheep. Cute comments beget cute comments!
It's a wether, in case you're still discussing. And yeah, a little sad for a while.

I did 5mi on the elliptical before work yesterday, plus upper body weights, 100 bicycle crunches and 50 squats with the 12-pound dumbells. Then there was a Cinco de Mayo lunch, and today there is a retirement cookout for someone I'll be missing a LOT (best proofreader in the world).

I'd like to run today if I can find it in me. I'm tired but I need to stay focused this month. I have worked so hard, I really need to discipline myself with exercise, rest, self-care and sleep. I don't want to turn into a screamy, weepy, bloaty sugar-eating mess with a tic, herniated disc and sad children.
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Cute kid-isms. Jo, are you trying banding?

I am on Day1 of AF which is notoriously awful. I am exhausted and overslept and missed my run this morning. Ugh.

I'm going to feed the kidlets, make them some oats, and then haul their whiny butts to the park in the bike trailer. Then attempt a few (or many) laps around the park area. Boring, but it's my own fault for not getting up, I guess.

I have a roller derby meeting tonight and a pretty intensive dinner to make, school stuff and more soapmaking this afternoon.. I just don't see any other time to get out for a run.

Jo- Keep taking care of yourself! You've done such a fabulous job, I hope you can keep the self-love going this month.

Jen- SQUEE! My VFFs will be here today or tomorrow!!

Bec- Good luck with your appt today!

RM- Thank you. I would love a puppy! (Shhh! Don't tell DH!)

Running with dogs- how is it? Do you? Do you love/hate/not care?

The first summer of running I ran with our dog. Medium sized australian sheperd/mutt. It was great. We were running in the country, just a straight out and back short route. I really miss having a running buddy. I wish we had some room, because my dearest running dog is still living on my IL's farm. But he loves it there and is alpha of the pack (5 dogs on the farm, I think?). He would not do well in our little apartment, I think.
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Jo - With the power of google, we came up with it in but moments. But, my mom had told us a long time ago, we were just trying to remember. I hope the little guys perk up to their chipper selves soon.

Nemesis - I run with my dog (well, back in the golden days when I did run), and he loved it. I liked it too, but we both had to get used to it. He had to learn to pick one side, and I had to learn that when he was stopping every 20 feet to pee, that probably meant that he was getting tired. Gotta love the simplicity of dogs. He only has about 3 miles in him, but I think I could work him up to 5. He's a german shepherd/doberman/??? mutt, so he's tall, skinny, big barrel chest and leggy. Very leggy, this dog. Thing is, I think he would be good to go for a jog a couple times a day, in shorter lengths.

So, my friend is helping me out and taking Abby to preschool so I can get to my appointment on time, so picked her up a few minutes ago. Apparently, she didn't quite believe me with how much Abby can talk someone's ear off. Funny stuff, but it seems very quiet here right now!
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Hi dingos.

It has only been a couple of days but it feels like forever to me. I am still a bit sore in one of my hips after Sunday's race. I am still thinking it is muscular from all the hills. I had class all day Monday and Tuesday then it took most of Wednesday to get the home back under control after my absence. I ran yesterday morning and it was ugly. I am so not used to bringing up the back. I ran thinking about the reflective details on the backs of running shoes. That and how I would rather vomit than mess in my pants.

kerc, I am so glad you received good news.

Wendy, I wish we as parents could figure out this school stuff and that it would stay figured out.

HBM, for

Campers, if my cousin calls off his wedding in August (it has happened before) I'll be in the area with y'all.

I need to go wipe a bottom but maybe I'l make it back for more personals later.
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I occasionally run with my dog, less so since I've been running with friends most of the time. But if I'm running on my own from home, I try to take him since he really does need the exercise. He does great, except that he's a neurotic, territorial PITA. So, basically, I use a gentle leader (even though he's all of 16 pounds and really doesn't *pull* per se unless he sees another dog) and keep him on a very short leash because he goes nuts when he sees other dogs. He does great, though. He's gone up to 14 miles with me, although he's usually happier under 10. And I love that he's completely wiped out for the rest of the day when we get back!

DS was up early again this morning. Sigh. I told him that we were going to snuggle and we could get up when the clock said "seven one five". Which he bought, except he then proceeded to inform me every minute "now it says seven zero nine...now it says seven one zero" etc.

Off for a run with friends this morning, and then I will attempt to be productive while DS is at school this afternoon. I swear, I will.
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Nemesis - roller derby sounds fun. what would your derby name be? I've decided mine would be Hayleigh Dees (say it slow).

I used to run with my old dog, he was the best running partner. He was trained to heel and could run off leash, always stay by my side and also awesome for all the trail running that i was doing. I still miss him so much.

feeling a bit better today, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel i guess. and now i really need to get out and spin my legs today.

school - remember my child who wouldn't behave in school? then the other kid moved away and K straightened right out? well, this week the teacher asked if it was okay if she pulled him out of after-K care and brought him into the afternoon kindy class (he's in morning) so he could participate in some of the more advanced work that they were doing. From what I've heard it's going quite well. K loves it and his behavior has been just fine. Crazy how things change.

okay, i was just whining to my boss about being overwhelmed with work. better get working.
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Thanks for all of the welcomes. Whoa - I have a lot of reading to keep up with you all! I am currently in a boot camp program at my gym that is lead by local Marines. It is the most intense workout I have ever done. Last night we ran laps on a rooftop track and stopped at each of 4 stairways to run up and down 4 flights as we ran around the track. For an hour. My legs are shot but it is a great workout. All while getting yelled at by Marines. What ever it takes, I guess!
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Jend ~ call me crazy, but that sounds like my kind of workout !

Mandy ~ how wonderful that your DS is thriving in Kindergarten. Glad they got the other boy out of his class so he could live up to his true potential .

Nemesis ~ I don't have a dog, but I run with a friend with a dog (does that make sense...) Anyway, Cooper is an awesome training partner and does really well up to about six miles. Then we have to drag his tired butt home. I'd love a canine running partner, but I'm pretty sure DH wouldn't be too keen on a dog.

Jo ~ keep that momentum going this month. I know how hard it is when flying solo, but you can do it!

bec ~ good luck at your appointment today. I hope you can get some answers.

I dropped a temper-tantrumming DD at preschool (can I say good riddance for 3 hours.... ) She was angry because she had to stop coloring to go to school. You should have heard the yelling, and the screaming, and the stomping of feet. I forgot how much of a PITA 4 year olds are. Then I went to the Y for 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical and a nice, easy 2 mile run/walk on the cinder trail .
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Second shitty run this week.

Can I get some diet advice? I'm doing the South Beach 2 week Phase 1 thing right now. Which is lean meats, lots of veggies and healthy fats/nuts, etc. No fruit or grains for the first two weeks. Then you get back to having high-quality carbs like whole grain stuff, etc. Anyway.

Should I be having some sort of carb before I run? I am not opposed to having some pre and post run "cheats" because I seriously don't think I can run this way.
Or will my body adjust? Or should I just wait it out? I have a race on the 21st and I am not even properly trained as it is.. I can't really afford to lose another week and a half of running.

Other than the run stuff, I am really feeling good right now with what I am eating. I'm handling cravings ok now and I really am feeling hopeful about getting my sugar/junk binges under control for the first time in a long time.
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Hi Jend1002! I could use a Marine yelling at me about now. I am presently not running so I can get ahead on making cupcakes for dh's party on Saturday. Ironic no? I set my timer for 2 hours in which time I'll get those cupcakes made and do my 100s. And wash the dishes and put them away. And make sure we've got eggs in the egg box. Easy peasy, just as long as I pry myself away from this box!
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