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So, I'm making these brownie cupcakes with peppermint patties embedded in them. They're pretty good.

I'm going to go do my 100s now. Dishes done.
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Nemesis - For a good phase 1 pre-run fuel, try some veggies (celery, broccoli, cauliflower) and hummus. You get good protein, carbs and fiber from that snack. Beans are a great source of good carbs while still on phase one. Another idea is to have some dairy. Again with the carbs/protein.

So, I'm back from my appointment. They took an x-ray. There was a bump on my tibia where the pain is. The nurse said it could be nothing or it could be a healing fracture. I'm supposed to go for a bone scan on Saturday. I'm inclined to think it's a healing fracture. But, that means that I should be feeling better soon, with some more concentrated rest. I hope.
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Bec, I hope it is a healing fracture, too. Good luck with your bone scan!

And thank you for the snack suggestion. I was planning on having choc. milk after my run, even though it's not on the list for healthy foods right now. I think some hummus will be just the thing.
I tried a spoon of PB this morning, but I think it was too little, too late.

Runningmommy- you have totally jinxed / blessed me! I found a 6 month old Boston Terrier puppy listed on CL this morning. I am not particularly fond of them, but they have come up repeatedly as about the only small dog that can run signifigant mileage safely. Also, they don't bark much. That was about the only problem we had with Sassy.
So, I've emailed and am waiting on a return with price, demeanor, etc..

(Oh, and Dh said ok. Which is amazing and not like him at all!)

To top off the ways this day has been better (and to keep me from posting YET AGAIN today) My VFFs got here. The toes are a little tight, but I am thinking they will loosen up a bit. Right?
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
So, I'm making these brownie cupcakes with peppermint patties embedded in them. They're pretty good.
mmm. how do you do it?
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OH Nemesis!! Hope it works this time, and WOW on dh! yay!

jumping on trampoline has to be some form of work out, right? I'm doing upper body weights when I get home with the kiddos.
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Welcome Jend1002! Boot camp sounds like a great workout. I don't usually do exercise classes but that one might be worth it.

bec, would a fracture be good news? Given all the risk factors I have for osteoporosis it would scare me.

nemesis, I hope you get the fuel worked out for a good run soon.

I tried a pair of vibrams on the other day and they were not comfortable. The store didn't have many sizes so I stiull have hope but I don't want to get into paying for all sorts of shipping. It could take me forever to find them.
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This is the deal, as far as I understand it. If it is a fracture, it is probably mostly healed by now (although it would have been closer to healed if I had treated it properly from the beginning ). If it is a muscle tear, I have probably been reinjuring it, and my non-impact (read: bone jarring) exercise is probably not a good idea either. Add to that my GP's comment that muscle tears "take FOREVER to heal," and I'm thinking a fracture will put me back on the roads quicker. At least, that is my very, very rudimentary understanding. Anyone with more knowledge (Gaye, DrJen?) is more than welcome (encouraged even) to correct me!

I started the 100 club today, though! I figured that was safe to do! I did them in a circuit of 10 reps for a few cycles before moving up to 20 reps. Abby helped me by sitting on my feet. It wasn't too bad. I think I'm going to make my goal to increase my reps!
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
So, I'm making these brownie cupcakes with peppermint patties embedded in them. They're pretty good.
I want some. Do you ship?

bec~I think that, all things considered, that's probably good news. It does sound like a healing fracture to me. In my opinion, while having a fracture is certainly not a good thing, it's not that bad either. First of all, having an answer is huge. Because once you have the answer you can truly start fixing the problem (and begin to figure out why it occurred to start with). And yes, frequently fractures are a lot less complicated healing-wise than soft tissue injuries.

So, I've had an interesting morning. I drove halfway across town this morning to meet up with friends for a run. Upon arrival, I discovered that I forgot to bring my running shoes. Two pairs of cycling shoes in the car, and the crocs I had on my feet, none of which were remotely feasible for running. I stuck around till my friends got there, hoping that one of them would have a spare pair of shoes in the car. No such luck. BUT. One of them has been doing some running in Vibrams and said she could go barefoot and I could wear her shoes. Can you say total rock star? Here's the really funny thing: I wear size 9 Brooks with orthotics. She wears size 8 Asics. It totally worked, though, I don't know how! They were definitely a little more snug than I'm used to, but they weren't uncomfortable. We ran 3 miles, me in too small shoes, Liz barefoot. And she kept apologizing for slowing us down. Which she totally wasn't. Yeah, she's that friend. You know, the one who apologizes when she's doing you a huge favor.
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Popping on quick since Val is napping. DH is off canoeing for the day/night, so I am having my sister and nephew over for dinner. Oven is preheating now.

I did my 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 squats for the day. I only did 10 girl pushups today, and I am feeling less sore and much stronger already. I am amazed. Did any of you join Team 100 on FB?

Bec ~ At least your dd sat on your feet. Mine sits up on my tummy during situps, on my backside during pushups, and even asked "up" during a round of squats today. She must think I need to add some resistance to my stuff here.
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jen love~linky please?
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
jen love~linky please?
Team 100
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Originally Posted by JenLove View Post
I did my 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 squats for the day. I only did 10 girl pushups today, and I am feeling less sore and much stronger already.
So this is what the 100 thing is? Oooh. I think I have to try this!
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RR: did a bodyweight work out for 30 minutes, drenched in sweat, then got on the TM for 3 miles. Taking the speed slow until I'm back on track injury wise. So far, so good.
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Wow, I'm behind on reading

Welcome Jend!

Bec, for the diagnosis that you want.


Gaye, that is one great friend you have there!! I saw the photo on FB and had to smile. How sweet of her to lend you her shoes!!?

Plady: I'm so sorry to hear about your SIL. I'm thinking positive thoughts and sending them westward

Jennifer: How are you doing? Any news from the surgeon? I hope you aren't in any pain.

All this talk of the 100's, this sounds like something I really need to be doing! I just bought myself a 2 piece swimsuit for the first time in, um, well, since I was a teenager. This belly needs some situps!

PT is going fine, with some good days and some not-so-good. The PTherapist recommends to gauge progress by the week rather than each day.

I am going to a grown-up party tonight!! It is a combination 60th birthday party + retirement party. I'm so excited!

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Mel- Grown up parties are fun! I hope you have a great time!

I need some 100s. I will start soon. Promise!

I just had a pretty hard-core massage. I have had a stiff bunch of side/back muscles for about two weeks and all of the sudden yesterday I was about immobile. This morning was worse. Double dose of Ibuprofen and a hot shower didn't even touch it.
I am feeling better, going to eat lunch and then rest, hot shower or bath, and then yoga. I am going to stretch this baby out!

I know I went for my back, but the best part was when she rubbed my ankles and feet! Gosh, I could go in for one of those massages every week! It was heavenly.

No FM today, maybe tomorrow. Roller derby meeting was great, I'm pretty sure I'll go in for it even thought I'm scared of twisting a knee.

TGIF, Dingos!
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nemesis, I think I am going to schedule a full hour masage after hearing abuot yours. I have been doing just 1/2 an hour very infrequently yet still regularly. It is truly therapeutic for me as she always finds something that needs work. the recovery after this past race is s-l-o-w. These half marathons have taken more than the full one did, probably because I push harder on the lower mileage.

I aspire to the 100's but also know that I would not follow through right now.

My kids all have monster names (don't ask why) so now we are having fun coming up with roller derby names.

I ran 5.5 miles this morning, took the kids on a picnic at the playground, and am finishing up what I can before school is out for the day.
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Nemesis ~ that's it. I need a massage, stat!

Like you, mommajb, I aspire to the 100s, but can't quite work up the motivation to start at the moment.

Roller derby team here is called the Bleeding Heartland .

Instead of working out this morning, I got the slow leak in my tire fixed. That's one less thing to worry about at least. I'm planning a swim tonight after the kids are in bed though.

My left knee/calf feels great . My right hip is a mess though. I swear, if it's not one thing it's another. A friend of mine is trying to talk me into doing RAIN (Ride Across Indiana) with her, but I'll only consider it if I can get my hip issue resolved.
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So, I did my 100 today! I did 4 sets of 25 of each thing! I was pretty sore in the arms and chest this morning, so all those pushups are good for me! I also did over a mile of swim drills today!
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I bagged the run today, after all. I had packed my stuff in case I found I had the time, but decided instead to grocery shop, and I am glad I did. Had I waited and done that with the kids, I'd probably have made a lot of bad choices. So I now have a fridge and pantry full of healthy foods. I forgot the coconut milk, though, so in order to make the curry soup I'd wanted to make, I will need to stop somewhere and get some. Which means it's not on the menu tonight. So we'll be doing make your own salads.

New kitty is warming up to us. He slept in my bed last night (sshh don't tell dh), and I bought him a brush today.
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I'm glad I've inspired some to get a massage!! I used to go in twice a month when I was younger for some hip issues. Now, it's only an emergency type treatment.

So.. how cute is this little guy? http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/16322760?rvp=1

Unfortunately, the dog on CL is going for over $350 (!) so it is out of the question. We stopped at the Humane Society and saw that cutie. He didn't bark at all and was very sweet. He's small for a pit, but I think they said he was still a puppy.
Which would be good, because then there's a lot of time for proper training.

*sigh* Not sure what DH would say to that, though.
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