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AMAZING, Ash!!!!! Way to ROCK that marathon!!! I can't wait for the race report!

Happy Birthday, Tyler!!!
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Happy birthday Tyler!

Way to go Ash! Woohoo!!

Originally Posted by Plady View Post
She's the one who made a comment about my marathon time on FB that could have been read as snarky so I'll admit to tracking her with some interest.
Thanks for admitting that, cause I would totally do that.

Originally Posted by bec View Post
It was a great swim, and, I'm happy to report that I beat the pants of the hyper competitive, snarky comment making lady.
Go Bec! Gotta love a little payback.

Mommajb: Wow, that's great that your DS is doing so well & the school situation feels welcoming. That means so much! I'm actually feeling so much better about my DD's school since we didn't get in to the magnet we had applied to. They had been so dismissive of her year abroad and homeschooling. Now we are talking to the other high school, and they have been very encouraging and positive about her.

Nick, I hope you are feeling better.

Modmom, I'd totally do the 10-miler. And I bet you won't be last, but even if so, most of the people watching are probably pretty impressed by anyone who can run 10 miles!

I just went out for my first "run". The whole thing consisted of me and DS on his bike taking a nice hour-long outing, 5 minutes of which was me running. It was not so great. The knee is not ready. It was generally achy/twingey, and I stopped when I felt that the twingey part was becoming sharper and more focused in one area of my knee.

OK, so that brings me to my new idea. I think I will *not* run any more until I'm done with the ACL reconstruction, or until I have discussed it with my doctor in the states (whenever I get around to finding one). I get mixed messages from the doctors I've seen here, ranging from don't run at all to run carefully (whatever that means!). Also, I definitely don't want another injury to happen and disrupt our lives again.

I think I'm going to swim as much as I can and work on improving.

Oh, and to all of you missing your DHs, I totally feel that pain, too.
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Congrats ashcav!!

tjsmama--happy birthday to your little man and good luck tomorrow! Beat my time from last year, ok? I'll be thinking of you.

Good luck to everyone else out there racing!

We decided we're going to head to the mountains early tomorrow instead. DH was so tired he went to bed at 9 last night. It gives me time to weed the garden, get to the library (via jogging stroller!) and run an errand before we go at least.
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Congrats to all the Dingos racing today. You guys rocked it!

I feel like I'm so far behind in everything I'll never catch up. From my FB update:

Birthstorm 2010 Final Tally: 13 days, 5 boys, 2 girls. 113 working hours plus about 20 hours drive time. Four hbacs, several reminders to never judge a birth before it happens, and my first solo catch. Who could ask for anything more?

In that time, I managed to run twice, plus get to the gym 3x. I also managed to pick up a lovely cold from the doula at the 42 hour birth, which has taken advantage of the fact that I have no immune system when I'm totally sleep deprived, so today, with a long day in front of me with absolutely no plans, I can't stop sneezing or blowing my nose long enough to consider some forward motion. Tomorrow, right?
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Holy moly, Ash! That's SMOKIN fast! Way to go!

Now can we dissect the course together? That was my marathon, oh...13 years ago!

It's time for me to find and prepare for another race. I'm mouldering away here and losing fitness for lack of focus. Gah.
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time Ashcav! You did great! And you totally smoked my snarky old-classmate
Thank you!

Bec - Yeah baby, nice!

Our day has been all about cleaning and a little bit of dd1 trying to get the hang of bike riding - again. I'm finding it really hard to not be disappointed that it's taken over 2 years of 'learning' and she still doesn't feel comfortable on a bike. I know it's not about me. It's not about me. It's not about me. It's about her finding the joy right? It'll happen. Today we were trying with her going down a tightly mowed hill with her seat really low so she could put her feet down as necessary but she just can't seem to get the handlebars still and then all the weaving throws her balance as soon as she slows down a bit. <sigh>
It'll come. I just have this dream of a family cross country bike tour, but I guess Alison would need to be a little older than 2 anyway.
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Thinking of fallen vets today, feeling really privileged.

for ashcav and or own ND! What a hot day for a marathon in WI!

Looks like it is starting to cool down today. Last week of school, dh comes home tomorrow, and then I am back to being home FT until fall. I am so ready. I've asked for about 10 hours of WAH per week over summer, but if that doesn't pan out, it's OK.

I ran 4mi yesterday in the park after 5mi the day before. It is a good setup. Managed to run faster yesterday and finished the run with some fast strides, but today I am sore. Taking a rest day, or maybe will walk/hike a little with kids. Going to visit friends and try to shear some fairly wild little sheep. Wish us luck.

Also, it looks like my finger abcess is out of control. I am starting to think staph infection, so tomorrow I'll try to get in to see a doc. It's really painful and outrageously swollen. I drew a line around it with a sharpie to see if it's getting worse. Index finger, right hand. Like the only finger I really, really need.

Great day and good running, Dingoes!
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Jo, that sounds bad, like cellulitis maybe. You need to get to a doc right away to have it checked.

Had another run yesterday, ran 4, walked 1 (ish). Somehow I just lose my mojo in the middle. I guess it could be because of hmmm...the heat? the fact I don't want to eat much beforehand because of my stomach troubles? Yeah, probably.
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Hi y'all! Just in time for the June thread, right?

we had an awesome week of camping near Savannah. SO much fun. If any dingoes ever want to make the drive, the campground is totally worth it. GORGEOUS, spanish moss everywhere, beach 30 min drive away, great seafood. Oh and $23 a night. I really need to spend more nights in a tent! I did run and hike a decent amount, too.

must go get stuff for our new chicken coop! woo hoo! Happy Memorial Day, y'all. Happy to live in America.
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June Thread
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