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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
Oh Dingos, I need more . My SIL was just diagnosed with breast cancer today. Apparently she's looking at a lymphectomy, chemo and radiation. We're trying to convince her that she could send us her two girls for as much of the summer as she might need to make it easier for her to deal with treatment. I don't really know anything about cancer but the treatment can feel worse than the disease right? It looks like not signing up for Ragnar was the right thing to do after all.
Thinking of you and your SIL and kiddos. My Aunt had the same treatment, but she was is NC the entire time and really didn't divulge the details of how she felt during the treatment.... although I know it can be rough.

Originally Posted by kerc View Post

(That's code for best of both worlds: I got the job and they're hiring my friend too!)

I got out for a walk this morning and I'm about 3/4 done with my 100's for the day. I'm looking forward to DH taking me out to Thai tonight.
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Plady, It's rough, but usually the prognosis is good. I am sending you and

FM: speedwork 3 this morning; the humidity is awful. Ick.
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

(that's code for best of both worlds: I got the job and they're hiring my friend too!)
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kerc! - wow that is SO SO SO awesome! what a relief, whew is right!

plady - and i am so sorry to hear that. and really hope the course of action is as painless as it possibly can be.
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
bec ~ I've been wondering about the possibility of stress fracture for you, but didn't want to say anything . Does it hurt all the time, or just when you run? Is there a particularly tender spot on your tibia? Hope your appointment will answer the questions you have and get you on the road to recovery.
It does hurt all the time, and there is a particular spot on my tibia it hurts (which is why I was starting to think fracture as well). The doc thought maybe a muscle tear (am I right, a fracture would be better, right?), but he really didn't sound convinced about that. I made an appointment with the nurse practitioner at the ortho (quicker to get in with her than with the ortho) for Thursday. So, I guess I'm still at square one. I'm aggravated and depressed about it, though.

Plady - I'm so sorry about your SIL. My aunt is having to go through this right now, and I have another friend who just finished treatment. I hope it goes smoothly for her. My understanding is that the radiation is mostly just exhausting, but the chemo can make her really sick, lose her hair, etc. Your support is awesome.

Originally Posted by kerc View Post

(That's code for best of both worlds: I got the job and they're hiring my friend too!)
This is the BEST thing I've heard all day!!!!

FMR: given how much my leg was hurting after yesterday's hills, I swam today. I used a pull buoy for a lot of it, to take my legs completely out of the equation. I should probably get used to that.
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YAY, KERC!!!!!!

plady~ Cancer sucks. Big time. to you and your SIL. And lots and lots of for her. If she's interested, I know my friend Amy would be happy to email and/or talk with her about her experience. She's almost done with the "cancer" part of her treatment and is heading toward reconstruction and back to "normality". LMK if she's interested.

geo~ on your behalf. Since when is a teacher's teaching style "confidential"?? That's a big old load of crapola.

It is a gorgeously sunny day here today. Only problem is the megawind. I do not get what's up with the wind so far this year. I don't remember it every being as consistently windy as it has been recently.

We went out for a run with friends. Holy cripes, I feel so out of shape running with these people any more. I don't really think it's that I've lost *that* much (although I have definitely lost a bit)...it's more that when I started running with them they were all either new to running or recently post-partum, or both. And now they're moving way past me. Which makes me happy for them that they're that good and that fast, but sad for me both that I'm not that fast and that I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep running "with" them. The stroller peanut gallery was in full effect today, too..."mommy, why are you going slow? mommy, why are you resting? mommy, why are you tired? mommy, where did your friends go?" Nonetheless, it was a good run. Probably part of the reason I was so exhausted was from holding just over a 10 minute pace for 4 miles pushing the stroller, with wind. Sheesh.

And still no word back from the lady in admissions about my SSN. I'm trying really hard not to be a pest about this, but hello...I've sent two emails, it's been almost two full business days. And this is holding up the awarding of my financial aid package, so it's kind of a big deal, in my opinion. I guess if I haven't heard anything by the time I get home from track tomorrow morning, I'll escalate it to another phone call and if need be, I'll go down to the admissions office and sit there until someone helps me.
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Driving rain here. I'm glad I got my run in early!

Kerc- How awesome!

Bec- Rest, rest, rest. Do you have another tri coming up? Are you planning on doing it still? Good luck at your next appointment, I hope it is the fastest-healing problem. After about a month of good rest (all lower body) I found lots of walking to be helpful. I still try to walk on my non-run days because I get twingy if I don't...

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It's just a sprint tri, and it's June 13. In the last two weeks, I've only run a mile each week (last week was for Katie's gym thing). But, I have been doing a lot of biking and swimming and strength training.
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I'm just popping in for a second; I should be making pizza dough.

Plady, I'm so sorry about your SIL. Cancer treatment is really tough. It's lucky that she has you there for her and that you're willing to take her kids if she needs help. I remember my mother-in-law just being totally wiped out; there's no way she could have taken care of small children in the midst of her treatments. I'll be thinking healing thoughts for you.

Kerc, congratulations! What fantastic news, after a long and stressful waiting period. I'm so happy you got the job and can stop being so worried about it. They would have been crazy not to hire you!

No running, lots of itching. Turns out some of my poison ivy was stealthy and showed up today on my neck, face, and midriff.

Maybe tomorrow I'll run. For now, pizza dough....
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tjsmama--hopefully we can run together soon. I need a double jogger first, but I'm nice and slow now and I'm sure you're moving much faster than me.

Double jogger question: I was hoping to avoid one, but I think it's the only realistic way to run for a while. I need one with a seat that reclines at least 30 degrees like my Dreamer Design single does. I'm hoping to bid on a used Dreamer Design double, but two other people have also bid on it so who knows how that will go. In the meantime I'm browsing craigslist and ebay for doubles by BOB, Baby Jogger or Dreamer Design. Are there other brands that you would recommend? TIA!
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Nothing like a Diva cup malfunction 1 mile into your run to keep things interesting! 2.8 miles done.
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wow KERC you went from to so fast. That's awesome.

We has some positive news but nothing solid yet.

Wishing Health and Happiness to all.
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My experience in watching faculty hires is that when an interviewee says they nailed the talk, they get the job. Remember kerc said the talk went really well.....

Lazifying the night and not running. Maybe I'll do more situps and kerc-y marching.
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Wow! I don't know if I am ever going to be able to keep up with you all, in terms of life-updates, or in terms of crazy running distances!!!

But, CONGRATS to kerc, and Plady (((hugs))) to your SIL and your whole family.

I didn't run today -- I wanted to though, and just the fact that I actually WANTED to is amazing to me! Today was a strange day with kids in lots of places, travel for work, and rain, all combining to twart me, but tomorrow, I can run, for sure!
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Quick driveby to say: Plady... holding your SIL in prayer.

And kerc, awesome effing job. You go, girl.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
My experience in watching faculty hires is that when an interviewee says they nailed the talk, they get the job. Remember kerc said the talk went really well.....
Yes. That's my experience as well. Only not quite as much experience watching from the "I actually get to vote" end of things. But yes, I knew the talk *had* to be excellent or I was out of the running.

Catching up on the day:
plady: I'm holding you and your sister in law in my thoughts.

EKS: OH no! I'm so glad you soldiered on.

Jenlove: I'm in on the 100 club now that I can breathe a little. ALSO if you haven't done a MK order, I'm interested in some facial cleanser. Will facebook you.

Modmom: I believe a large number of appendages are now available to be crossed for you and your family.

Real: we have the chariot and *LOVE* it. Have loved it as a double. Only thing I haven't loved was the less than perfect folding. We had a bob for a while and I loved that it folded just like a normal stroller. But really we run from home and the bob has been super nice. Although with one big kid, it might not work.
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To Plady's sister.
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Wow. We just had a tornado watch. Storm passed right through here, and reports are coming that a house was hit not 5mi from our place. That was some crazy wind.

This was one of those days when I'm just in general. When all my deadlines fall on one day, this happens. But I think I am on track to do OK tomorrow. I am just bummed that I can't stay home with dh on his last day home. On the honey-do list: build 2 hives, finish planting asparagus, set up chicken coop, trim goat and sheep feet, muck out barn. If half of that gets done, I will be amazed.

But I also want to run. I am thinking maybe I should skip it, but I am afraid that would be starting a negative trend early in the solo time.
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Speaking of solo time, JenLove, if you and fam need to come down at all, consider a sleepover. I got space.
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I mean Plady's sister-in-law.

I will gratefully take the positive energy from any and all crossed appendages.
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