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Can you help me with a middle name?

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I decided if this baby is a girl I want to name her Pearl. I cannot for the life of me think of a good middle name to go with it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Jess
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What does your last name sound like? You don't have to give it out, but just something similar sounding with the same number of syllables.
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It's a really long hyphenated name. Five syllables total. Starts with B.
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Just thinking about the sound of it, I think a middle name for "Pearl", or any one-syllable first name, ought to have at least three syllables, with the emphasis on the second or third.

Pearl Sophia B---
Pearl Elena B---
Pearl Elizabeth B---
Pearl Adelaide B --
Pearl Vanessa B--
Pearl Samantha B--

etc. Lots of possible choices there!

I like Abigail, too
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Hey Jess - I'm a Jess too and I also have a Pearl. She's a gorgeous golden retriever, my first baby. (Hope you're not offended by that!) It's a wonderful name and I kinda wished I'd saved it for a human baby. Her nick names are Pearlie Mae and Pearlie Anne, though I'm sure that's no help!

Have you looked at family names yet? Personally I think that middle names should have some kind of significance otherwise I don't see the point. It's a great opportunity to give a nod to a cool aunt way in the past or your mom's maiden name or something like that...
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The first thing to pop into my head was Pearl Leona - I agree that 3 syllables works really well with that name.
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I love the name pearl too lol

If we didnt automatically name our babys middle name after babys grandparents (very much a tradition in my family) My current girl name would be Maeryn Pearl (as my username is)

my grandmother was Pearl Nadine

I agree on not having a one syllable middle name... but I think three may be a bit much with a five syllable last name.
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I like Pearl Elena quite a bit. So far that's my fave of all the suggestions. There's something very pleasing about the way they are said together, and I like the held vowel in "Elena" after the softer, quieter sounds of Pearl.
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I like Elise or Elice, pronounced the same.
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Pearl Alysse
Pearl Basia
Pearl Celeste
Pearl Dionne
Pearl Elspeth
Pearl Flora
Pearl Georgette
Pearl Hannah
Pearl Inez
Pearl Janette
Pearl Kira
Pearl Loraine
Pearl Marie
Pearl Nadine
Pearl Odelle
Pearl Phaedra
Pearl Quinley
Pearl Ruthanne
Pearl Sofie
Pearl Tamar
Pearl Ulna
Pearl Vivienne
Pearl Wynfred
Pearl Xuxa
Pearl Yasmin
Pearl Zoya
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i think it needs a few syllables to work.

pearl althea
pearl aislinn
pearl linley
pearl calliope
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Thanks! This has been very helpful. I was stuck on one thing and now I have a few different ideas!
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I like something with two syllables, starting with a vowel... like Pearl Elaine, for example.
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I like Pearl Elana, but I am biased, my daughter is Sophia Elanna (pronounced 'Ehlawna'), but I chose her middle name because each letter of her name corresponds with the last letter in the 6 most important women in my life (2 grandmas, 1 g-gram, my mom, and 2 sisters) with the exception of her L with is the first letter of my grandma's name, instead of her last. She's our only girl, and we thought she was our last, so I needed to find some way to incorporate family names into her name. We searched middle names, or first name as a middle name, and frankly, my family's names suck!
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Shimmer, and yes I'm serious. My daughters middle name is Moonlilly LOL
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My first thought was Josephine or Madeline (not Madeleine or Madelyn - I think the 'line' ending flows better). I agree with a PP that it needs to have a few syllables.

Alexandra or Emmeline might work too.
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Originally Posted by Proud2BeAnAmerican View Post
This is my middle name, so I am a fan. Not biased or anything, though.
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First thing that came to my mind was Pearl Anna. Very cute name btw.
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