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pumping challenges

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anyone else feel like when they pump they dont get as much as when the baby breastfeeds?? i only get about 1-1.5 oz per breast (i pump one boob while feeding him on the othger), and so it takes forever to pump enough for the baby to have 1 bottle.

any tips? I need to get some coursework done since im a FT gtrad student, so I need to pump sometimes and it's just not working right now!!! eek!
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1-1.5 oz's is a great amount when you are feeding the baby as well! I noticed a bunp in how much I could pump by following the 'hands on pumping' technique.

try googling 'hands on pumping stanford' to find the video.
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Even when engorged, I could never pump more than a few drops. It's not just the suction I need, it's the stimulation of the milk buttons, which are way down on the areola. I actually had better luck just hand-expressing. Also, my friend mentioned it usually took her about an hour to pump a bottle's worth, which the baby could drink in less than 10 minutes. Boo.
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If you need to build a stash I would add a pumping session in your day that is in addition to any breast feeding you are already doing. I know alot of moms have the best luck in the morning.
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Definitely pump in the early morning when supply is at it's highest, and try pumping an additional 2-5 minutes after the flow stops. You can often get a second let down of reserve milk which not only increases your yield for that pumping session, but can increase your overall supply. I had to pump exclusively for all three of my infants, so I learned a few tricks!
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I recommend pumping both breasts at the same time with a special bra designed to hold the flanges. Also, you can do breast compressions during and after your let down to maximize the amount of milk you get. Make sure that you have a decent pump, like a Medela Pump in Style or a Ameda Purely Yours. Lastly, it is totally normal for the pump to yield less breast milk than you babe...Babes are really the best pump!!
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