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U/s today showed absolutely empty uterus, thin endomentrium. They drew blood just to confirm but there was really no doubt about it. The bleeding I had THREE WEEKS ago must have been a miscarriage. I can't even begin to explain how outraged I am at my midwife for not taking it more seriously and doing a blood test or ultrasound when it happened. I've been walking around like an idiot for three whole weeks thinking I was still pregnant. Totally stunned right now, haven't even begun to process it. So sad to be leaving this wonderful group. Good luck to you all.
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I am so very sorry. Yes, your MW should've been more concerned. I'd be furious too. Take care of yourself .
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Oh no, I'm so, so sorry for your loss.
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I am so so sorry for your loss.
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apmama, I am so very sorry. This sounds like a very difficult situation to process. I am so, so sorry. I wish you healing and peace as you go through this.
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I am so sorry
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What a difficult situation, i am so sorry.
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Oh no! I am so sorry.
Yes, I'd be angry with your MW too.
Please take good care of yourself.
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That is awful! I hate it when people don't listen to you. I am so sorry for your lost
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I'm so sorry. Give yourself time to process it all. For me, I went numb for a couple weeks. After that, each week that went by was better. There's nothing idiotic about thinking you were pregnant for three weeks when you weren't. That happens to LOTS of women who have miscarried and only find out via u/s. You took care of your body as if you were pregnant -- exactly what you were supposed to do. ((hugs))
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I'm sorry.
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Words aren't enough
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I am so sorry, mama.
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Very very sorry!
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So sorry for your loss.
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Oh mama I am so very sorry for your loss!
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I am so so sorry for your loss. I hope you're able to get the rest and support you need as you process this.
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Ugh, you have every right to feel frustrated. I send you hugs and healing energy. If it's of any comfort, the soul of the baby remains with you until you're pregnant again. A mama who m/c on her 1st pregnancy told me that when I m/c in 07/09. It brought some comfort.
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I am so sorry
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