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I'm looking for anyone who can tell me if they've had personal experience using neurofeedback. I'm dealing with panic attacks & having a really tough time. I would like to see a counselor who specializes in this & if it goes well for me, I'm hoping to have 2 of my children who have ADHD go to see him along with my son who has severe anxiety/OCD.

So any information you have in neurofeedback & its effectiveness with panic attacks, ADHD, anxiety, OCD & Tourettes would be *highly* appreciated.
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My ex had a brother with severe OCD and Tourettes and his Mom swore that biofeedback was the only therapy that did any good for him. This was 12 years ago too.
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My son who is now 18 yrs went through a neurofeedback program called Wavepoint with the University of Alberta about ten years ago and it helped him tremendously. He was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD at age 3, and he also experienced panic attacks when he was younger. I was able to take him off Ritalin after he was done it
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DS1 has been doing neurofeedback for 2 months. Results have been lukewarm, possibly placebo effect.
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My DS did it for a couple months. It was really expensive and not covered by our insurance. He did less then the 40 or so sessions his psych thought he would need. He did benefit from it in the classroom. We still need medication though. Overall I really thought it was beneficial.
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