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So what happens to us?

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I know it's May and I got my BFP in May...what happens when the Feb '11 moms start showing up? I really don't go to the rest of MDC.
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I wondered that too. It's so weird being the first DDC on the list. I remember when we were at the very bottom! I keep meaning to pop into the facebook group more often.
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what is the facebook group- I mean how would I join it- is it active? I missed that whole thing
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Hmm, pm Ficus/Ali and she can send you an invite for the facebook group I can't believe we are at the top! It is so bittersweet. I love having a 3.5 mo old but sometimes I am sad I am not pg anymore. I think that would be the selective memory part of motherhood lol!
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I can't remember if I joined the FB group or not. I forget to check those unless I see someone's posts on my page.
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This makes me sad, too. It doesn't seem two minutes since we were at the bottom of the DDC list, all joining in, full of anticipation and fear, hoping for a 'sticky' and sharing symptoms. It's been one hell of a journey... and i'm not ready for it to end!
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Many of the DDCs maintain threads in the other forums (life with a babe, childhood years, etc). It seems to work pretty well.
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