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This is so maddening. I feel awful again, dizzy and nauseous, I've had cramps on and off, but nothing. I just want to know one way or another, sitting here in limbo is so frustrating. I wish I had done a better job of charting over the last few months so I had more than just the bare minimum to go off of. I'm basing it off my averages, but I could have ovulated anywhere from the 27th to the 3rd. I also had menstrual like cramps during that time that were pretty awful, and at some point during that week we had sex without a condom. The odds seem pretty small to me to ovulate that late and still get pregnant but what do I know. If I am indeed pregnant it's obviously too early to know, or my body is playing a really mean trick on me.
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I hope you get a definitive answer soon. Not knowing for sure is the worst .
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Still no AF. I woke up when Andrew got up this morning and took a test and *thought* I saw a line but I'm going to shrug it off as an evap. I still feel awful. Nauseous, crampy, headache. At this point I'm thinking pregnant because I don't know what else would explain this, based on when I had all the cramping and bloating I'd say I would be 9DPO or so. Too early to see much on a test. Andrew seems to be convinced that this is another "against the odds" baby. So the waiting continues!
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katie i think you should change your usename to "fertile myrtle"
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Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post
katie i think you should change your usename to "fertile myrtle"

I certainly feel like my fertility has a mind of it's own. Liam was conceived after DTD once in the whole month of December 06 after 7 years of no cycle. Laine was conceived the first month of trying, and well, this one kind of takes the cake if I am indeed pregnant. It's like my body said "Muahahahaha, I'm going to ovulate later than you expect and trick you into getting pregnant!"
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waiting to test is the WORST. omg, i would be up at dawn ready to pee when we were TTC.
here's hoping for an answer asap!
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At least with Liam I had no clue until I threw up and thought I should get a test. By that point it was a really obvious positive. With Laine I got a + at 10dpo but I swear I took a million tests up until that point. And now I'm just guessing. I might not even be pregnant at all, but I don't know what else would explain how bad I feel and how crampy I've been this week. I could still get AF if this just happens to be a longer cycle, which I'm thinking would be tomorrow since that would be my normal 10 day LP based on the latest I think I could have ovulated.
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The waiting is the worst! Hoping you get something definitive tomorrow!

FWIW, I had two "evap lines" on a Tuesday, and by Thursday had obvious pink lines. The evap lines also were pink when I looked again on Thursday (I was at the hospital with Iain in between).

Hoping it all works out perfectly for you, either way!
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Katie - did you order the other dress? When do we get to see pix of *you* in the dress/es?
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Heather - yes to the aggression, no to the words of wisdom It's definitely harder here, too, since she's off with the others being aggressive. I do talk to the bigger ones about using their words only, and not their body, and if their words don't work to come and get me. Doesn't really work, though
What kind of stuff are you deciding about putting in your house? Are you talking about furniture, or upgrades, or ...?
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Jeanine - I did order the other dress and it was supposed to be shipped on the 7th, hasn't arrived yet. I will try to get a picture once it gets here

Heather - I missed your other post talking about aggression. Liam can be aggressive but he yells more than he hits at this point. He was hitting a lot but I just tried to reinforce that hitting hurts and isn't a good way to communicate what's bothering him. If he wants to hit he can hit a pillow or scribble with a crayon on a piece of paper and that seems to help get out the aggression and frustration. He still has a tendency to head butt out of no where though.
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Aaaand another day of no AF. I guess I can sort of see a smidge of a line but I'm not buying it yet. I'm going to hold it all day and try again later, I'm really getting tired of buying pregnancy tests. I need to find a dollar store.
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…been waiting FOREVER to post that

Katie Gorgeous dress!! Can’t wait to see pics of the one you bought. OMG on the possible BFP Sooooo happy for you!! You all deserve some good old fashion happy times after all that you’ve been through. Tests are so expensive…hope you get a conclusive result soon. I had evap lines with Anderson too…at least 1 maybe 2, I can’t remember because I peed on about 100 tests

Heather I can’t imagine getting a house ready (and keeping it that way) for showing…I think of that every time we talk about moving. Bless you mama, that takes super patience Marty went through a very aggressive phase about a year ago (I think) and eventually it ended. He was only ever physically aggressive toward me so it was manageable. Wish I had some wisdom for you mama, sorry

Michelle Oh, I am on serious potty mouth watch. The smallest things that I don’t think are that bad sound really awful coming out of Marty’s mouth!! You know what else I realized though, Dr. Seuss says idiot, stupid and all sorts of other wonderful things in his books. I Dr. Seuss but I think I need to start editing them when I read. What the heck was that man thinking??

Sabo You’re so lucky your body doesn’t mind the 48 hour wait. Mine is a crazy milk machine that HAS to release every 3 hours at a minimum. Even if Anderson is sleeping I let down all by myself – so much fun!!

Jeanine Clever kid you got there! I think Marty associates bathing with bedtime so I almost always have a protest at bath time.

Bettina We all had baby lust along the way… I think that’s pretty normal

Well my easy going baby has equated crying with holding so now he is starting to move to the high maintenance category :crazy How did that happen?? Oh right, I didn’t get to hold him for 48 hours, basically missed his first week of life and probably have a slight twinge of needing to make up for lost time. Grr…I could totally smack myself. I feel like I “broke” him, you know? The only time he seems to be resting contently by himself is when we’re in the car. I so don’t mind at night – it certainly helps us both sleep easier and makes nursing more convenient, but during the day I’m never going to get anything done if he needs to be constantly held. I even tried the ergo around the house and no dice – he wasn’t falling for it. I’m running out of ideas.

Oh, and his other fun trick – skin = nursing. If I have a tank top on, short sleeves, or v-neckline, he’s rooting like a maniac at all exposed skin. I can’t hold him and not feed him if he can feel/see/smell my skin. It is ok, but makes life a little difficult sometimes…especially at night when I usually sleep in a tank top so that I can nurse more easily.

DH is being a PITA too. He says he wants us (me and Anderson) in the bed at night, but at the same time he’s being a total jerk because he wakes up every time Anderson has to eat. He is a loud eater (groaning, moaning, heavy breathing and eventual choking/puking) and he poops every time he eats so there’s a diaper changed involved too (which he hates so there’s crying). He also has no “warning” cry – it is zero to screeching in .5 seconds. You’d think someone was trying to kill him. I have literally jumped out of the bed, heart pounding, because the noise is so startling. I really thought after Marty that DH would be more understanding/tolerant, but apparently not. And given that, I would think he’d be content to just let me sleep in the living room (esp. since we can’t DTD yet) but no. So why the nagging?? Men!!!
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Katie, I'm on the edge of my seat too!

Aili has been throwing toys/hitting occasionally, not out of anger or frustration very often, but mostly b/c she's checking out what it is like and excited. I try to explain that it hurts (even though tbh, she's hitting fairly softly), but it seems like she doesn't even hear me. Then I get annoyed. Right now, she's a poor little snot and boogie girl. She was lethargic and sick 2 days ago and now it looks more like allergies. She'll talk to me with this nasal voice, breathing through her mouth; poor kid.

Jessica, when Aili was as young as Anderson, I knew when exactly 2 3/4 hours had passed b/c of letdown. I think that she has cut back so much now that she's older that my body produces little enough milk that I can handle 48 hours. But, my girlfriend's son will turn 1 in a couple of weeks. She said that he self-weaned a couple of weeks ago and she wasn't ready for that. She also said that he'll sometimes eat meals as large as an adult, screaming for more once he's finished his baby sized portion. Aili's almost 3 and still loves the milka milk and he's not even 1 and done. Babies/Children can be so different, weird.

DH is being a PITA too. He says he wants us (me and Anderson) in the bed at night, but at the same time he’s being a total jerk because he wakes up every time Anderson has to eat. He is a loud eater (groaning, moaning, heavy breathing and eventual choking/puking) and he poops every time he eats so there’s a diaper changed involved too (which he hates so there’s crying).
DH and I had a deal at the beginning that he would change the diapers during the night since I had to wake up to feed Aili. Of course, I think he got the raw end of the deal b/c I'd wake up barely enough to get her started and then fall right back to sleep; he had to get out of bed, turn on the light, and clean up poop.

That's part of having a newborn; you will all be tired for a little while. I guess that he forgot about that.
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I have been wondering while you have been so quiet. I lost the thread.

Needless to say Katie has me on the edge of my seat. and

The spring musical is tonight. So is soccer and swimming and running club. Why am I here? Because I am dreading sitting through an elementary music program for which they have armed the children with recorders. I'll be the one without my spouse but with my 2 and 4 yo. I cannot even rudely leave early as I have a child in the opening and closing.
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I started running again!! it's slow, slow going but feels great. I have to wake up at an unbelievable hour to do so but I am committed. I want to start biking again. A charity ride is coming up in Sept and is a distance I've done before with no problem, but that was before babies and stuff so I hope I can kick it into gear. Plus, it's spread out over two days so if I can't make 60 miles a day I should put my bike out to pasture.

I should register. That will inspire me.

just gonna wish one more time we were all friends IRL. You mamas are such an amazing group of women.
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I wondered where you were, Mommajb.

I'm glad I'm the west-coaster here, so I can find out the POAS result as soon as I get up tomorrow
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I'm not going to say one way or another but I definitely saw a faint but obvious line on a cheapie test tonight, and so did Andrew. For some reason FRER lines aren't very prominent yet but a line showed up that was easily seen by the naked eye, though not dark enough for my tastes. I'm not going to be totally convinced until I see a more obvious line. Andrew is in shock right now and stressed out over it, obviously since neither of us planned for this right now. We're at a tough point because it's still unclear what's going to happen with his job next August, and he still hasn't received any return phone calls about it. I'm staying positive because I know everything will work out regardless as it always does.

I wish we could be on better terms about it, with Liam he was so excited and it was genuine. And then he just got so cynical about life because of what happened with commissioning and the conditions of his job with the Army. With Laine he was stressed out, wasn't involved in her pregnancy at all. And now it looks like we'll be doing that all over again. It just sucks to essentially be emotionally alone in a pregnancy, I know it's not optimal but at least I can say I'm happy and excited and feeling positive.

So this cramping in my uterus all week could possibly be another tiny little human being, I guess we'll know one way or another around January 24th or so by my estimate
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Katie!! Everthing does have a way of working out for the best; Many are happy thoughts are coming your way.

FG - that is great on the running front. Goals are so helpful to me when they aren't stressing me out. I ran a half at the beginning of the month (Flying Pig) that seems to have beat me up. My time was only so-so but I came in 32 /879 in my division.. Age has its rewards.
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We talked last night, I told him that I kind of feel like I'm just living a separate version of life along side him when he's so depressed about everything and failing to see the good in his life. He says he feels empty and unmotivated about certain things with his job and has a hard time seeing the big picture, but he's going to make more of an effort now. I can be a bit of a hard ass but I just told him he can either let life happen to him or he can have an open mind and heart and make the most out of what's going to happen regardless of how he feels about it.

As for the verdict. Got a faint line on a FRER this morning that we BOTH could see. He's going to get a digital since that's all he really believes in the pregnancy test world.
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