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Have you seen this Facebook game?

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Got this in my inbox.

Ok ladies here's another game, like the bra color game which was a total success and we had men wondering for days what was with the colors and it made it to the News. Well this game has to do with your handbag, where we put our handbag the moment we get home for example "I like it on the couch", "I like it on the kitchen counter", "I like it on the dresser" well u get the idea. Just put your answer as your Status with nothing more than that and cut n paste this message and forward to all your FB female friends to their inbox. The bra game made it to the news. Let's see how powerful we women really are!!! REMEMBER - DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWER AS A REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE, SIMPLY PUT YOUR ANSWER AS YOUR STATUS, THEN FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO YOUR FRIENDS ." .
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I haven't seen it (I don't do much with FB). I'm guessing I'd mess with their little thrill, though. "I like it in my son's diaper bag" doesn't really make a silly double entendre.
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Yeah, given that I don't carry anything except an extra dipe and my money, I would be posting "I don't like it."
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"Let's see how powerful we women really are"

Wow. What a wonderful use of our.... "power".

Both this and the bra thing have me pictureing 8th graders getting their kicks trying to excite boys. I can't wrap my brain around why some women intentionally want to get zillions of men to associate them with sexual mental images.

If you want to play that game with you significant other or girlfriends, sure... it's sort of a funny play on words. But why do some people think this is a cute thing to wear across their forehead?

Comes off as little more than a really desperate way to get attention. But then, I don't have a facebook so maybe I'm just outdated and behind the times.
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