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Originally Posted by NicoleS View Post
He doesn't usually get a bottle - DH tried one just to see if that would calm him down any (thinking maybe my supply was lower than usual and the faster flow would appease him). He wasn't that into it so I don't think hunger was the problem...Unfortunatelt the typical galactalogues don't help me. Even Reglan only worked for about three months and the side effects were terrible. I did get some domperidone to try when AF arrives, but don't have much faith it will help and not sure how long I could afford to take it.
ugh, well it seems you are doing everything you can... hopefully AF just stays away or your body changes its tune and decides to ramp up the milk when AF comes! I guess you and DH have to decide if the Domperidone and worry is worth the cost to give your baby breast milk.
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Originally Posted by NicoleS View Post
Ok, so I'm totally paranoid about Caleb's weight gain. He was one of the bigger babies on here I think, at 9 lbs. 11 oz. He just turned 3 months last Thursday and doing the whole weigh myself and then weigh myself with him I think he's about 14.5 pounds now. He was 13.5 at his 2 month checkup so only 1 pound gain for the month...gah, I hate the stress of BFing. I wish I didn't have supply issues. But right now I'm wondering if I just have crappy milk - I pumped tonight 2 hours after he went to bed and got 4.5 ounces, so he should be getting plenty...why can't I have fat, chubby babies?
Sounds totally normal and fine to me! My babe was 8lbs 6oz at birth and at 2mos was 12 lbs - not sure what he is now (when he wakes, I'll weigh him!). When I pump, in the morn, when I'm extra full, at most I'll get 3 oz out of one side, but 2oz is the usual. Tanner usually only nurses out of one side at a time, so I'm guessing he still only eats 3 oz per feeding (I know babies are way more efficiant at getting out the milk, so maybe a bit more).

You're doing a great job, mama! Even if worse comes to worse and you do need to supplement down the road, you've given your baby a wonderful start.
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I know...I just hate having to supplement in the first place, you know? Makes me feel like a failure. I had always intended to go for at least a year.
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hugs Nicole, I am sorry. Maybe this time will be different? I don't know, I am just trying to be optimistic, not naive.
Malachi just started pooping less often a week ago. He used to poop every day a couple of times a day and now he can go 24-36hours with no poop! It's not even like he poops a ton then either. Strange.
He also has had an explosion of talking this week. We just got back from a church meeting and he talked almost the whole time! It was cute and hilarious but also loud He also can't let something go by without trying to put it in his mouth. That happened fast! This weekend is going to be crazy! DH graduates from law school and I am having my official graduation for my masters degree from December- on the same day! Everyone is coming into town. I am so glad we are nursing and babywearing so that I will at least get to see my baby some, sigh. At least it is just two days
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Awww, we aren't "talking" too much yet...I occasional get a coo. He is starting to do the chortles when you play with him, which I love.
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Katie, I'm so glad you found something that works for Teo. Ze hated the swing but loves his moby and bouncy chair. All babies are different, I'm realizing, and we just have to figure out what ours like.

Talking: love, love, love it! This is how I can tell that Ze is content, when he starts going "he, he, he..." while staring bright-eyed at something. I'm hoping he will start grabbing things too. I think he's teething because he loves to gnaw on my figure and I think it would help him to be able to hold something in his mouth.

For those of you with other kids, at what age did they start taking more regular naps and less "cat-naps"? I think I need to prevent Ze from cat-napping because when he does, he won't take longer naps and then he seems really over-tired at night. I don't know if it's too early to get him on more of a schedule.

Random question: what would everyone like for Mother's Day? I really just want more cloth diapers so I don't have to wash diapers every day. Another question: what's your favorite cloth diaper? I have Gro Baby and Happy Heiney's and I'm wondering if I should try others.
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Not sure on the nap thing. Caleb is taking a consistent morning nap now, but afternoon naps are still all over the place.

Mother's day - I'd just be happy if DH remembers. I mean really, is it that darn hard to sit down with the kids and the box of crayons and have them color me a card?
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Glad the swing is working for you Katie!

Was glad to read about how much some of you are able to pump. Its reassuring to hear. Pumping amounts were stressing me and made me question my milk production...but it seems to be on the same lines as the ones that posted about it. I can get about 2.5 ounces from one side and another ounce from the other side. And, I figure there is a bit more in there that she would easily be able to suck out. I had mastitis and cracked and bleeding nipples for the first month and would try pumping to give the boobs a break. At that time I could barely get an ounce. Things are all healed now and going well. But when she is fussy at night I wonder if she is not getting enough, so I try to give her a bottle. Sometimes she sucks it back sometimes she doesnt. Someone mentioned that when their babe comes on and off the breast it may mean she needs burping and this mostly seems true for her too.

Our 2 month appointment was postponed but I am curious to see how her weight growth is going. I try the scale thing but its not that reliable.

regarding MothersDay: I want a whipper snipper / edge grass cutter! I have a manual lawn mower, which I love but I have a lot of edge cutting to do - around fence and stone walls, grass is getting very high and unruly. I need to trim an area of this grass, as I need to put in a garden and transplant all the seedlings we started. Some fresh flowers would be nice too.

regarding naps: I have a great sleeper. Our schedule seems to be fairly predictable. She sleeps a solid 2-3 hours in the morning/noonish and another 2-3 hours in the afternoon and then a few cat naps. She also goes to sleep around 11ish for a solid 4-5 hours. I am able to tell when she is getting tired (hadnt a clue with my first!) and I pick her up, cradle her in my arm and rock a bit then lay her down to sleep. She mostly will stay asleep. If not I adjust her and caress her forehead or cradle her some more.

poops: she does this at least once a week, maybe every 3-4 days and it's very messy! She farts a lot early in the morning which indicates she may have a poop later on. She doesn't like farting, it makes her cry.

I think a Feb 2010 thread in Life With A Babe is a great idea!
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regarding cloth diapers: I remember preferring Happy Heinys over fuzzibunz (with my son).

This time I have several different kinds - all in ones, one size fits all, contour etc. I am not using cloth full time so do not have a favourite as of yet...I do like the fit and feel and soakage of the contours (kissaluvs) but find that the pins dont hold the front of the diaper in place. The covers and fitted diapers are super bulky. SO at this stage I may like the all in ones the best - I have a fuzzibunz all in one.
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-Elsa had her 2 month check up today. She was 8lbs 8oz at birth and is 10lbs 11oz at 2 months. I thought for sure she wouldn't be in the same percentile for weight, but she is, still 50%.

-Mother's Day: I think I'm getting a rain barrel, which I wanted all last summer and never bought.

-Cloth diapers: Ours are mostly homemade, but I like the BumGenius 3.0 one size diapers we have and I also really like the Thirsties Pocket Diaper we have. We only have a size Large and use it for DS overnight. We stuff it with a knickernappies insert and a hemp insert.

-Poops: Elsa does about 2-3 big poos a day

-Naps: At 8 weeks, Elsa is up about 1-2 hours in the morning before taking a morning nap of 1.5-2.5 hours. Then up again for about 1-2hrs and back to sleep for 1-2hrs. After that she'll catnap here and there until bedtime b/w 7-8. She is pretty scheduled already, so I don't need to make too many adjustments.

-Katie: I'm glad the swing is working!
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Cloth diapers: I really like my prefolds, and I LOVE my fleece-lined doublers, especially for overnight. I've used fitted diapers before, but they just aren't absorbent enough, and they don't fit for as long, and I can't stuff them enough for an overnight diaper. I bought a few Kissaluvs for the newborn period, but I barely used them at all, for those reasons just listed. (Right now Julianna wears two prefolds and a fleece doubler under a big wool cover for overnight.)

So Juju is now 4.5 months old... And I'm still staying home with her... And I am BORED out of my MIND sometimes. I have a free week at the local Curves gym that I plan to start...tomorrow? Tonight?? Just something to do for stimulation and adult-human contact!

Mother's Day: I want some FLOWERS this year. A big bouquet of flowers! And/or chocolates with gooey fillings. Mmm...

Julianna is 'talking' now, too. LOVE IT! We have whole little dialogues, where we each take turns talking... Very sweet.

Also, we finally bought Julianna one of those little fabric baby 'gyms' with the arches and toys that hang down. It arrived yesterday, and Julianna is in LOVE with it! I'm almost feeling guilty that we didn't buy it sooner! It's kind-of her first and only toy, though--besides the ones on the bar that comes with her bouncy seat and her Sophie the Giraffe.
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Oh, diaper talk! We use GMD prefolds and Thirsties covers during the day, and GMD Snug-to-fit Supremes fitteds at night, also with the Thirsties. Elsa doesn't poop at night, and since she doesn't leak in that combo I assume it's adequate. When we go out we use Sposoeasy AIOs. I use 100% cotton diapers for easy washing and I love them!

Elsa has started saving up her poops. We were on the road last weekend and she didn't poop all day, until we stopped for dinner and then she blew out her sposie. And then yesterday we had another blowout after 24 hours being poop-free. And was in cloth so you know it was bad!

Our financial situation is looking like I can quit my job, which I'm ecstatic about because I hate my job and love staying home with Elsa. I'd be ok working if I found a job in my field, but not for a retail job. Of course now I have to research private insurance because my husband's job offers crap for insurance.
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Originally Posted by Ninetales View Post
Of course now I have to research private insurance because my husband's job offers crap for insurance.
I feel you. We were using my COBRA from my former job until the baby was born and now just switched over to a very low premium insurance, which pretty much means we're paying for everything out of pocket. The ped appointment last month (still on COBRA thank goodness) was $700!! So it looks like I'm the lookout for a cheaper pediatrician. Ug.
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Ben only poops every 2-3 days. He gets grouchy when he's working up to a big one, too. Silly boy. My first got so he'd only go once a week for a while. So glad we aren't in disposables this time, I don't miss the explosions! My favorite diaper is the organic BumGenius 3.0 one-size, with snaps. They're great, but for airing-out purposes, when we aren't going anywhere and it's daytime, I put him in just a prefold with no cover. EC works pretty well when I'm not too lazy, but unfortunately I'm quite lazy.

Funniest thing ever - my baby can stand up! His little legs are so strong! This picture from a few weeks ago was when he wasn't yet 2 months old: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hapersm...7623860709878/
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Originally Posted by hapersmion View Post

Funniest thing ever - my baby can stand up! His little legs are so strong! This picture from a few weeks ago was when he wasn't yet 2 months old: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hapersm...7623860709878/
WOW!!! He is strong!
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I am trying to get my body back to limber, strong and comfortable. the c section threw it off quite a lot because it weakened my lower abs, where I usually center my strength. So my back compensated for the weak front and now everything is totally out of wack! My body doesn't even know where its center is and my back is all kinds of sore. My goal is to regain flexibility and strength again, and to regain my center core strength.
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hi everyone.... wow isn't life busy?!

soo catching up....

HappiLeigh - your little boy is Beautiful!

Naps - like many PPs, Saffie is taking a major nap in the morning, several smaller naps in the afternoon and lots of awake time in the evening. She settle's down for the night at around 9pm at the moment, waking again to feed at around 10 / 10.30 and will sleep then till about 3. Then feds again at 5 and 7. Not too bad I think!

Pumping - also made me feel good to read that 2-3oz is normal, I was getting quite worried and fed up, to the point where i stopped pumping. But then tonight DF and I popped out to see some friends for an hour leaving Saffie with DF's dad, and she wouldn't take a bottle. So i'm going to start again and encourage her to get used to a bottle so that when circumstances dictate, I can actually leave her.

weight - Saffie was 7lb5 born, and 10lb1 at 10 weeks. She seems really small compared to other babies I know who were born at the same time. DD1 was bottle fed by 6 weeks old, and by now was really very chubby, but Saffie is not. I wonder how much is to do with BFing and how much is just 'them'? DD1 really struggles with food - she is constantly hungry, and always always asking for chocolate. I read that BFed babes are less likely to have weight issues when older, and that makes me so so sad that I didn't manage to go longer for Eden, I may have made her life so much easier

Anyway poops - Saffie waits at least 3 days and then does a poo-splosion. Thankfully, all poo-splosions have happened when we've been in the house apart from one very ugly scene in a cinema. Thankfully i was on the end of a row and it was dark

Katie - Saffie loves her swing too, often naps in there very comfortably

And I love the idea of a monthly chat thread in LWAB - I would miss you ladies far too much if we were all spread out in the vast expanse that is MDC

Hope it's not so long before i an check in again
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