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Oh Sydnee, my heart goes out to you all. That sounds so nerve wracking. Keeping little Alayna in my prayers. I hope you get some answers soon and that she is feeling better soon too. How are you holding up through all of this?
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Sydnee, I'd bet you are right that they are missing something. I'm pretty sure you don't need anyone to tell you this, but keep on them--ask a million questions and make sure they know every potentially relevant detail! Poor Alayna. I can't even wrap my head around Phoebe going through that, especially staying at the hospital overnight. Was she scared?
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Thanks Max and ecoteat She did AMAZINGLY, amazingly well. The nurses couldn't belive how she just sat there while getting blood drawn, and an IV put in. They even gave her extra presents, she was pretty excited, lol. I will updat later today when I find out more.

Thank you sooooo much for your thoughts/prayers and support.
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Wow Sydnee - that's scary. I know how it feels to have a child go through a traumatic event and hospital stay. I hope you have more answers soon. Definitely keep on them.

Lexi's pre-K teacher told us today that she would have no trouble with kindergarten. Duh - she is by far the easiest of our three.

DS is going through some stuff though. He's acting out a lot in his pre-K class. He's 3. He's been a little aggressive, a little energetic, hard to keep still, and today he decided to poop in his pull-up and then smear it on himself in class. He is potty-training and he's one of two boys in his class who are doing so, but he knows when he has to go and this is not typical behavior for him. He's going to be seeing an occupational therapist and a speech therapist at school soon. He has other unrelated health issues as does his younger sister, so I'm having them both seen by a geneticist. He has only one kidney, and DD2 had a severe heart defect; hence our scary hospital stay I mentioned above. She was 9 months old before she was diagnosed.

OK, I'll be checking for this thread now because I want updates! It always seems to get lost somewhere.
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Sidney, I'm so sorry to hear that Alayna's still not feeling "right".

I've got a cold, boo hoo.

Enjoying a rainy day today!
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So, they *think* she has vaginal strep. Her bottom is SO red and raw, but her urinalysis came back fine, as did the yeast. Our pediatrician consulted with a pediatric gynecologist from Children's Hospital who thought all her symptoms pointed to the strep. So now she is on a 10 day course of an antibiotic and a bottom cream. This is completely unrelated to her high blood sugars though. HOPEFULLY this is the answer, poor girl has such terrible diarrhea right now which is a symptom of the strep.

We are still waiting to get the antibodies test back, maybe today or next week....
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I don't know, Sydnee. It seems to me like a wild imbalance in sugars could contribute to a system out of whack enough for a opportunistic strep infection . . . here's hoping the ABX work quickly!
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Hey mamas! It has been a long time without checking in here, and we have had a lot going on in our lives. Those of you on FB at least have a little clue! For those not, we have started our transition to moving in with the IL's, and it is a bit bumpy but we will get it worked out eventually. The Universe seems to be pointing us in a specific direction without giving us much in the way of assurances that it will all work out ok, so I just have to keep hoping it will.

We also got two dairy goats here (!!) which is all new to us, so yet another adventure. My May baby is getting so big and mature, it makes me feel proud and sad all at once. Did I mention she self-weaned at 4 years 3 months exactly? Sniff.

ETA - OMG Sydnee, how awful!! I hope she recovers soon, it must be so uncomfortable for her

We don't have other crunchy moms here to hang out with and are kinda stuck playing with the neighbor kid who is about to turn 4. The biggest issues now have been brought on by that "friendship". DD now is using some pretty foul language (D**N it, and F&^% !!!!) along with a pretty rotton attitude. The neighbors also have a couple of teenagers, so I know that is where the original source is, but since the little girl neighbor is the one with the crappy attitude and really foul mouth, DD has been picking it up from her. YIKES!!! I have NO idea how to deal with this 4 going on 14 thing. I would LOVE any advice for good consequences here. We are already limiting their time together, but she quite literally has no other playmates besides her little brother, and I have been stumped trying to find ANY other playmates her age around here. Blech.

So, the good, bad and ugly going on.

Oh, and DS turned 2 last month, talks up a storm, and is changing massively every day. Crazy!! I love them both, but MAN they are driving me nuts!!

I'll be back later once I can catch up on what y'all have been doing.
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Sydnee, I'd also be surprised if the strep was unrelated to the sugar issues. I've been thinking about you and Alayna and I hope this ends for you all soon.

Blue Lotus, Phoebe had a girl at her preschool last year that was bringing some older stuff into her world (although not the bad language! yikes!) and I hated it. Their teacher was great and got better about actually following through with the "no toys from home" rule and it helped a lot. Bratz dolls have no place in a Waldorf-ish preschool! But I don't know what advice to give you. I was lucky that Phoebe has lots of other friends from families that we have a lot in common with. I'm also relieved that the girl is a year older and is now in kindergarten while Phoebe is still at that preschool, so it's a non-issue. Maybe you'll get lucky and your bad influence will just move away! Sorry--I know that's no help at all!
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Sydnee, any news? I've been thinking of you & Alayna. I hope she is feeling better & you have found some answers.

Well mamas, things are going pretty badly here. Remember how I told you dh started his new business? Well his former employers are doing everything they can to stop him, including sabotaging him w/his clients and sueing us for unfair competition! It has been so awful. We are completely stressed out. We have a hearing Friday. I am developing all these physical stress symptoms - migraines, excrutiating neck pain, unable to sleep. Dh is an emotional mess. It has been really hard. Even if the lawsuit gets dropped or quickly resolved, the damage may be too much to recover from. Which leaves us w/no business, no income, the loss of all the money & time we've invested and the need to start over from scratch. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers. I really feel like I am losing it.
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Hi mamas! All of Alayna's tests came back normal, so VERY good news! She's doing well, I just make sure she eats very frequently. Yesterday she wasn't feeling so well, her blood sugar was 59 poor kid. As long as she eats, lol. Then last week she decided to jump off the back of Brad's truck and split her lip and above open. Took her in to get three stitches, ugh. I *think* she is finally back to normal, lets hope!!

Max- I will be fervently praying for your family right now. I feel so awful that things are going this way I will pray for resolution and peace for you, please keep us updated!
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Sydnee, thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.

So glad to hear Alayna is doing better!!!!
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OMG, Max, how awful. I'm thinking of you and praying for you and your family. I hope this gets resolved peacefully and quickly.... We're here if you need us, ok?
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Thank you so much Mary!
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Oh, Max, I can't imagine the stress you and DH must be going through. How awful to hear reports of things going well and the excitement and optimism going into this and then all the negative crap coming along now. Whatever happens, I hope it resolves quickly so you can move on.

Sydnee, that is great news about Alayna!

My school is going through an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease. In the last week, out of 60 kids, 14 have missed school because of it. And a teacher. This morning I woke up with a sore in my mouth and my principal told me to stay home. I have no other symptoms, though, so I'm thinking it's probably just a canker sore and that I'm not infected. I'm probably carrying the virus though, and I hope Phoebe doesn't come down with it! I'm prepared, though. I have throat lozenges, kid-safe sore throat spray, the children's tylenol that dissolves in your mouth (so she wouldn't have to swallow much), jello, and stuff to make good popsicles. When I was 18 I had my wisdom teeth out and got a freak reaction where my mouth was covered with sores. I guess HFMD will do that too, and I know it is NOT FUN. So cross your fingers for us that no one in my house gets this. Especially since I have tickets to see Phish next Tuesday! I would be devastated if I had to miss it because of illness.
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Thank you for your support Amy. It continues to suck, but tomorrow is the hearing so hopefully things will look up after that. (Tomorrow is going to be a loooong day waiting for the results.)

That's rough about the hand-foot-mouth. We have had that a few times, and it is no fun. We've had the sores in the mouth & fever version - the worst! And then one year all the kids just got the blisters on the tips of their fingers, no other symptoms. I hope yours doesn't develop any further and that dh & Phoebe stay healthy.
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I just wanted to pop on & give you all a quick update. Dh was in court today & they started hammering out an agreement. It looks like things are going to go favorably for us. It will be another week or so before it is finalized, but we are optimistic. Thank you all for your support!!! Your replies, PMs & emails have meant the world to me.
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Oh Max, I am THRILLED to hear this! I have been a praying mad woman these last few days, lol! I will continue...

ecoteat- We have had an outbreak of it in my daycare, three of my kids have gotten it. So far (knock on wood) my kids haven't had it. This is the first time in 9 years we've had it.
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(((Sydnee))). Thank you!
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Oh, Max, I'm so happy for you. That sounds like a wonderful way for things to be going.

Sydnee, you can be a praying madwoman for me tomorrow, okay? Our house has been on the market for 3 months with not ONE person coming to look at it, but our HOA has a rule that no-one can rent out a house (it's a co-op, so more like a condo than like owning a house in some ways). Tomorrow night there's a membership meeting at which a proposal to allow homeowners to rent their houses will be voted on. It could be such a blessing to be able to rent our house and actually MOVE instead of driving back and forth every week . . . here's hoping!

Ecoteat, I hope you're still healthy! We seem to finally be out of the woods after a good solid 3 weeks of somebody being sick with one thing or another. Nothing serious - it just takes a long time for a virus to get through 5 people, I guess.
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