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Happy FOURTH Birthday, May 2006 Babes! - Page 7

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Mamab that the meeting goes well & you are able to rent your home!
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Fingers crossed for you Mama Beakley!

And you too, Max--sounds like things are looking good, right?

I don't think any of us have gotten HFMD, but Phoebe's been pretty cranky today and she took a really long nap today--I'm hoping that doesn't mean anything. Our neighbor and close friend's kid just came down with it, and he's a student of mine too. It seems to be never ending!

Assuming we stay cootie-free, this is going to be a really fun week. Tuesday DH and I are going to see Phish, Wednesday MIL arrives, Thursday DH and I are going to see A Midsummer's Nights Dream, Saturday Phoebe might start a kids' yoga class, Sunday we'll probably do some fun fall sightseeing with MIL, and then she leaves Monday morning. And I love Maine in October, so it's pretty hard to have a bad week this time of year anyway.
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Hello? Anyone there? Just a little bump...
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Hi Amy. I'm always here! We're still dealing w/our court negotiations. It has been a long, frustrating road. Dh is at the point where he is pursuing finding another job (as opposed to begining the new business), which is both sad and a relief. I think we both just want some security right about now. We've been shaken enough.

OK - enough of me being a downer!!! How's everyone else? Did you all have a nice Halloween? Amy, I'm dying to hear what you & Phoebe were. You always have the best ideas. MY kids were a demon/soldier guy (ds age 10, gotta make it scary ya know!), a witch, a black cat, and "an Indian Princess named Rainbow" (that was LO). They were quite adorable. This weekend is the birthday party for my soon to be 7 year old dd. We're doing an old fashioned backyard friend party. Should be fun, as long as the weather cooperates!

Looking forward to hearing from everyone.
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Max, I love the "Indian princess named Rainbow"! That is so cute. Phoebe had decided a few weeks before Halloween that she wanted to be a princess, inspired by the flimsy but cute ballerina dress DH bought for her to play with at the thrift store. So we headed back to the thrift store in search of a women's skirt in a great fabric to make into a cape. We found this wonderful soft, flowy velour and I put some decorations on it and she was good to go. She wore that to her preschool party the Tuesday before Halloween. Then on the 30th we were dressing up for some events and she announced that the dress was itchy and the cape annoyed her neck. So she dug through her dress-up stuff and put together an adorable fairy costume. But then for Trick or Treating the next day, she decided to squeeze into the plushy bug costume she wore when she was 1! For my school parade, I was the periodic table. I made a shower curtain that has the periodic table on it into a cape and then in science class with my kids we all made me a crown with assorted odds and ends they found around the classroom to represent different elements. For a party with friends, I was a witch. And then my friend's baby was playing with my hat and scratched my eyeball with it as she was flinging it around. That hurt like hell for three days!

I think a lot of people can answer the "what were you for Halloween" with a LOT fewer words!

Max, I hope the business/job nightmare works out soon. What a hassle!

I'm headed out to the garden to close up the greenhouse for the winter. We have 3 kinds of lettuce growing in there and some spinach too! It was warm enough in the greenhouse to keep growing tomatoes in there up until a week or so ago. I made a ton of salsa with the last of them--in November! I love having a greenhouse.

This thread is over 6 months old now. Maybe it's time for a new one? I'll start one later if no one beats me to it.
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Amy, your Halloween costume changing sounds a lot like what goes on in my family. We have such a collection of costumes that each year each child can switch it up to their heart's content.

That is so cool about your greenhouse! I am impressed. (I'm always inpressed w/all you manage to accomplish!)

We just finished dd (6)'s birthday party. We had a backyard party w/some neighborhood kids. We did it up old school (lol!) - w/a cook out, sack races, three legged races, red rover, duck duck goose, etc. While the kids were eating on their own they initiated the telephone game, I'm going on a picnic, and wanna buy a duck. It was fun. Thank goodness the weather cooperated. We have a couple of kids in the neighborhood w/ less than involved parents. These kids showed up w/younger siblings in tow, dressed inappropriately for the weather, and gifts for dd of their own stuffed animals. It really broke my heart. But they all seemed to have fun and the kids are so loving & accepting that it went smoothly. Sometimes I really feel like the neighborhood mother - giving out warm clothes, feeding them all, encouraging them to put their shoes back on, etc.

OK, off to enjoy a few quiet moments.
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Hi, everybody -

Not a lot of time right now, but I'm still here. We had a fun Halloween but are generally stressed about commuting between 2 cities every week. Am at work right now trying to finish up so I can get home (to my mom's) to DH & the kids. Be back sometime soon!
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