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Happy Birthday to the LO's I missed!

Well, I got the job I was interviewing for! I liked them pretty well, and I guess they liked me. I am waiting for a financial offer (which I expect will be reasonable) before making a final decision . . . but it's looking like we will be moving about 180 miles away - to where my family lives - in about 2.5 months. Yikes! I'm trying to stay focused on today and what I need to do NOW so I don't get completely distracted by all that will have to be done for that to happen.

Like DH will need to find a new job. Yikes.

DS1's first portfolio review for homeschooling is on Thursday.

DS2 had his 4 yo physical & apparently has a small heart murmur, which really doesn't concern me since everyone in DH's family has one and they aren't a problem for anyone. But I'm supposed to take him in for blood tests since apparently it can be an indicator of anemia.

DD will be dedicated (UU version of christening/baptism/naming) this Sunday, which means my mom is coming to town for the weekend and we are having a bunch of family over for a potluck Sunday afternoon.

And that's our news . . .
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Just found this thread!

My big girl turned 4 yesterday!! Had the party this past Saturday!!

We've (dh and I) been sick since last week and now my big girl got sick - yesterday - on her birthday. She seems a bit better today at least.
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good gravy im behind with our thread! . may babes! dh needs 'puter so gotta run, again . love ya guirls! bbs...
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bumpity-bumpity May Mamas!

How's everyone doing?

We are hot & grumpy here - all of a sudden it is 85 degrees and feels like 100 instead.

Be back soon.
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I'm on the class trip with my 8th graders and I'm hanging out alone in a hotel room watching the Sopranos (edited! They keep bleeping out obscenities, which is hilarious--it's the f-ing Sopranos!) while the kids are killing time in another before we head out for whitewater rafting. I love my job. I can't wait to get out on the river with these kids!

DH and Phoebe went on their own little trip while I'm gone. I was prepared for a teary goodbye when I left yesterday, but my brilliant dh timed their trip so that she was more focused on that than my leaving. I guess she was sad for a while last night at our friends' house where they are staying, but it's all going pretty smoothly.

Any more birthdays to celebrate this month? How's everyone doing?
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Happy Birthday to any babies I missed!

The rock tumbler that is my life continues . . .

all the kids got sick this week, all are now mostly recovered but with lingering snot/congestion.

DH was offered a full time job, but it was a desk job that would make him miserable, so he didn't take it. That's probably good since it was here as opposed to where we're trying to move to.

My grandfather seems to be having mini-strokes and has been in and out of the hospital.

I'm still negotiating with the church that wants to hire me.

And I went to my first birth in over a year. I was the sibling doula for a 2.25 year old who never woke up, so I just sat and listened to a lovely homebirth and helped a little bit afterwards. DD came with me and also slept through the whole thing! And DH was home and able to let me sleep way in the next morning.

Hope you all are well!
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Hello May Mamas. How are all those 4 year old doing these days? Everyone starting to gear up for summer?

We are all well here. LO is finishing up her preschool year w/lots of outings & excitement. (It is a co-op preschool that all my kids have gone to, so I'm very involved.) She is doing really well w/her eye glasses. Her vision has improved significantly already.

This summer we are just hanging out for the most part. We'll be doing lots of camping, beach, and other fun outings. The big kids may take tennis lessons. Otherwise, lots of R & R. (Around here it's all about scheduling your kids for summer camps. Almost everyone I see asks what camps I've signed the kids up for. We've done a couple in the past, and I'm not impressed.)

Hope everyone is well. :
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AAAAAGGGHHHHHH! DS2, my May babe, had a TWO AND A HALF HOUR FIT this morning because I wouldn't help him get dressed. (I had been ready to, told him he had to do it now or I wouldn't help, and his dad & brother were both willing to help him instead. I was willing to lay out his clothes if that would help.)

I did eventually lose it when DH told me *I* was being ridiculous.

It ended with me holding his hands and holding his shorts with his hands and stuffing his legs into them. Then I took him with me in the car down to the corner gas station to fill up.

If that kid ever decides to climb a mountain, he will succeed.

Okay, vent over.

I'm worn out, though .
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Mamab--wow! He sure knows how to get what he wants! Orion throws a fit if I try to help him get dressed at all (unless he's got his shoes stuck in his pant legs b/c he put them on first).

Max--it sounds like a fantastic summer!

It is pretty smoky here (we have 82 fires, with 400,000 acres already torched). It's the normal cycle for the boreal forest to burn, but the problem is trying to contain the burns so they don't burn down homes and villages! So, the smoke--pretty yucky. Not so bad where we live, but in town it's pretty nasty mid-day. And hot. And windy! We are going to see my parents in 2 weeks, however, so it'll be a nice break from the smoke! The only thing disappointing about it is that DP was supposed to come back on the 14th, now he tells me he's staying another week, so the kids won't see him for *two months*! Orion is pretty upset already that daddy isn't coming to Vt with him.
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Hey girls! School, work, house, kids, husband, , I'm worn out! I need a seeeeerious vacation. Everything is non-stop all the time. I'm thankful and grateful for my life but I'm exhausted .

I haven't really been able to log in here for a while. Gah! It's time to go to work! Then home for more studying. Nobody ever said this life would be easy though. How boring that would be anyway!
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MCB - Man, I hear you on that! We haven't had a vacation since before the two kids, and I am SERIOUSLY thinking about it now!!

We are still trying to figure out how to get out of this neighborhood. I swear that the universe has plans for us, and is trying to get us to move sooner than later. DH recently found the neighbor kid and his buddies tagging the neighborhood with gand signs Yuck!

MamaB - I heart you on the fit-throwing!! DD (our May babe) is like that all.the.time. She can get seriously out of control over what are seemingly simple issues.

max - I am glad your DH is doing better after his surgery - I am SO sorry I didn't get back to you before it. If he starts having pain again, you might want to look up something called "prolotherapy". DH has used it with success, and it helps repair the joint tissues.

Gotta run - the exploded kitchen is calling me (and that second cuppa coffee too!)

Oh, and if you have a few spare minutes, please send your prayers to my dad. Last month we found out he has a serious tumor in his neck that has been causing him to have swallowing troubles (and more). We are waiting to find out when a second biopsy appt is (the first was a failure).
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Max--I hope your DH is feeling better too.

BlueLotus--that sounds scary. T&P for your dad. And I hope the universe lets you move soon!

Not much here, we've been hanging out at home for a few days because of rain and cold weather. Today we went for a walk with some friends--yay! Now we're just counting down the days til we go to Vermont!
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Hello May Mamas. How's everyone doing? We are all well here. We're planning our first camping trip - hooray! We are staring out a bit later as dh was still recovering from his surgery, but now we are good to go. If the weather cooperates, we'll head out this weekend Fri.-Sun. We won't go too far, since it's the first trip out & we need to make sure everything is in working order. We're also bringing the pup, which will be fun (and a bit more work too, but he's a good little guy so it should be fine).

Sydnee, any camping at the lake for you this summer? And how's your beautiful family doing?

Anyone else here camp? I know Amy you have in the past, have you ever taken Phoebe? And how did your class your class trip go?

Blue Lotus, thoughts & prayers to father and for you to move to a safer place soon!

Phoebe, that's tough about the smoke. It's gotta be a strain to be breathing that all the time. Should be nice & clear in VT though! Hope you have a great trip.

MCB, hope you get that vacation soon! Will you have some time off this summer?

Mamab, my May babe throws fits to beat the band too. And none of my other kids did. Maybe it has something to do with born in May .

Have a great day all. :
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Hi, everybody!

It's official! We are moving! Now all we have to do is sell our house . I am supposed to start my new job August 1. They agreed to pretty much everything I asked for in terms of $$ and other things. So I'm excited, but pretty much totally feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of making this huge of a change. I can tell already that it is going to be a huge challenge for me to retain some sense of balance and serenity during this whole process. Think good thoughts for me . . . and DH, and DS1 & 2 and DD . . . probably even our dog .

Max, I hope you have a wonderful time camping! One thing I am looking forward to with our move is that we will be living in a more urban environment, and that means I'll be more likely to get us actually out camping - living semi-rurally it hasn't really appealed, but I LOVED family camping as a child/teen.

Alaskaberry, have a great trip!

MCB, I know the feeling!

Blue Lotus, for you and your dad.
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Congratulations Mamab!!! They are lucky to have you. Are you moving out of state?

We just got back from the beach. LO's preschool had a little end of year field trip. It was very cute. Off to wash off all the sand!
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MB, CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting and wonderful. I know how stressful moving can be, so I'm sending you serenity vibes...

Max, good to hear that all is well with you. I'm so glad your DH is doing well after his surgery. What a relief for all of you!! Camping sounds like such fun. And, Max, I know you aren't on FB-- but I wish you were! I don't spend much time here anymore, any way we can persuade you to join??

This summer we have rented a small apartment in the Alps for a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to fresh air, nice walks in the mountains, swimming... I can hardly wait. My parents come right after we get back, I'm looking forward to that, too.

In other news, we took DS1 to an ENT doctor and it turns out his tonsils are enlarged which prevents his ears from draining, which means his hearing is impaired. Which I had guessed, but he had a hearing test at school that was normal. The doctor did say that this hearing problem could come and go. We are going to do an x-ray of his adenoids soon and decide whether surgery is necessary, I guess. Sighhhhh. DH had this problem as a child, so it isn't a surprise, but it sure isn't much fun.

Otherwise, we're doing just fine. DS1's birthday party was lots of fun, DS2 will be baptized in 2 weeks, and a dear friend is traveling in to be the godmother, so that will be really nice too. Life is good.

Love to all the May mamas.
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Hi Marylizah! So nice to hear from you. I am glad things are going well for you, and hope everything works out w/ds1's tonsils. The apartment in the Alps sounds fabulous. You'll have to tell us all about it!!! Don't you know we live vicariously through you & your European life? And you are so sweet about Facebook. It's just not my thing. I'm not really sure why, but it just doesn't appeal to me. So, I hope you'll keep in touch on here! PS, can you send us links to the blogs/articles you are writing? I'd love to read them. Feel free to PM me if you'd rather.

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Hi mamas! Hope all is well with you, it's been a BUSY few weeks. The girls are on summer vacation now, ans *so far* it's going great, lol! I am keeping their days busy with crafts/experiments and some worksheet/reading time too. Today Rachel heads off to summer camp, thankfully its only a two night three day camp. I don't think I could handle a week long camp yet, lol! She is very excited, and a bit nervous too. Of course we're supposed to get lots of thunderstorms overnight Keep her in your prayers/thoughts!

Is anyone else going nutty with their May babes? Alayna is so whiny and clingy it's making me CRAZY!! I just wish she would play, but it seems she always wants to be by me, and whine that she wants something. Grrrr...

Gotta scoot, daycare kids are coming, bbl for personals!!
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Hi, everybody

Yes, we are moving out of state. We've been here (not in one house) for 16 years and we are moving back to my home city. We are scrambling to get our house ready to put on the market - DH put in a finish floor in the kitchen today (after 5 years in this house!) - still have some woodwork to do in there, plus some in the bathroom & painting in the bathroom and then a little (really minor) duct & electrical work. Yikes!

My May babe has a hard time *mostly* due to conflict with his big brother who is explosive and thinks he's "Mr. Annoying Baby". Working on this, working on this, every day.
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Mamb, how nice to be returning to your home city! That will certainly make the adjustment easier, being in familiar surroundings. Do you still have family & friends there?

Sydnee, wow - summer vacation already?! You get out early. We still have a couple more weeks, but psychologically my kids are done already. We are so looking forward to summer! We also do daily reading & some worksheet practice, especially math for the older ones.

Here's our big news: Dh's job is going to be cut back some it seems (hopefully not all together!), so he is going to use this opportunity to launch his own business. We are hoping he can continue in his current job part time (w/benefits) while he transitions to his new business. It is both exciting and terrifying at the same time!!! Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers as negotiations take place this week and as we are starting this new journey.
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