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Before and after pics for inspiration?

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Im still a before right now, but I'd love to see others' before and after pics. I find them very inspiring.
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Ooh, me too. I don't have any myself, I wish I would've taken some but I'm not brave enough for the "before" shot!
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I google "before after" (+diet like atkins or a workout like 30-day shred, whatever interests me at the moment) and click on images. A lot of times it links to blogs where the person has wrote out what all they did to lose the weight, and dates so it's inspiring to see how many months it took them to drop the pounds.

But yeah, I'd love to see pics of members here if they would share. I took some before pics not too long ago and hope to achieve after pics someday.
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well i've got some. I'll maybe post them tomorrow, I'm not at home right now. Oh wait, maybe i still have them on from when I posted them somehwere around here before lemme check....
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how do I post pictures?
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I'll try later
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Lemme try to link the low carb post, where i posted a few before/after pics. I have quite a bit more visible muscle now, these are not the best pics. I was over 200 pounds once, and now im 125 very low bodyfat and i basically just look like your average fitness model physique. I mean i'm not bragging LOL i'm just saying mater of factly because we all look similar. I have more muscle than the thinner looking ones though, I get alot of "arm" compliments from woman. Anyways....I still mean to post actual "posing" pics cause i've come a long way, but i've yet to have them done professionally....


it's post number 66
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Ok, whoa Lisamarie! Awesome, just awesome. Yes, I would comment on the arms as well! How tall are you? I weigh 130 but am nowhere near as built (I guess because I don't lift!)
I couldn't get the femalephish pictures to work. Any way to re-post?
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I am 5'4.5" I was trying to snap a pic of myself quickly....i'll try
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Lisa- wow, what a difference! You look great! I couldn't get the femalephish ones to work, either.
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I want to lose 5 more pounds!!!!!
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Femalephish, you look excellent! What was your route?
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Love those pix! Well, off the computer and down to the weights!
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Femalephish, great pics! What a transformation, I love before and after pics!
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Okay, let's see if this link works. I've lost 50 lbs - from 203 to 153 and still have 13lbs to my goal (and maybe more - we'll see when I get there). Unfortunately, I don't have an pictures of me at 50lbs lost, which sucks. I went out in a strapless tube dress the other night and really wish I had gotten a picture. These pictures are taken at about 40lbs down. They were when I first fit into size 12 jeans and I was sooo excited. I had tried to squeeze into the size 10's and just couldn't do it. Now, from the same brand, I was shocked to find I fit into size 8's (very exciting). My ultimate goal is size 6.

I'm still breastfeeding so that explains the huge boobs, which will probably net me another 5lbs lost when I stop (not for a while yet though).

Anyways, here you go: http://bronxmombeforeandafter.shutterfly.com/pictures
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Bronxmom- such a differnence at 40lbs! Can't wait to see the 50lb ones....congrats on fitting into an 8, a 6 is right around the corner, I doubt you have to lose 13 lbs to get there.

Keep the pics coming, ladies, they are awesome and everyone looks so great!
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Way to go guys! Very motivating !!
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I love this thread! I hope that I'll have some pics to post, someday! This should be a sticky! Where else on the web can we find before and after pics of a gorgeous mamas with babies in wraps and mei-tais??
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