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May RI playgroup

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Hope to see people tomorrow!
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we'll be there!
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i'm hoping to make it with the boys. i have a dentist appt in the morning, so depends on how all that works out!
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i still can't come this week, but next week yes.

but, i met an awesome mom the other day and i invited her. not sure if she'll come this week, but keep an eye out for laura and ian. (ang - she knows you and ocean from CozyC, btw.) i told her to look for a group w/ blankets and food.

can't wait for next week!
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No car tomorrow.
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We'll be there
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can anyone PM Steph's phone number to me? Thanks
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just wondering where in ri u met.
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farrah skye, we meet in providence, on the east side.
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we'll be there tomorrow at 9:30. YAY.
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Does anyone's else's forecast have rain for tomorrow?
We'll be there too unless it's pouring.
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Also is anyone into setting up a regular afternoon time? We can do any day except thursday and we could come after 3.
We went to India point park recently and it was really nice. Or Summit, Lippit, Brook Street.....
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erg. yes, it does say rain. hmpf. we'll see.

i'm def down for a regular afternoon meet-up. 3ish any afternoon is good for us now. i like all those parks, esp india point and brook st, since they're so close to me. but i'll go anywhere.
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I wonder if Brook St. would be overrun with after-school French-American School kids?
I was talking to someone (maybe at mno?) about maybe doing Tues afternoon? My concern was that with morning playgroup being Wed morning maybe those two playgroup times are too close together - maybe moving wed morning to Thurs morning? Or maybe it's okay to have one Tues afternoon and one Wed morning?
hmmm - more questions than answers.
I hope the rain fakes us out and doesn't actually come tomorrow!
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yes, you're right about brook st being full of the after school crowd.

so, summit for the afternoon time?

any other preferences for which day?

so far, 70 % chance of rain for tmr morning... fingers crossed.
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I think I'm going to pass today, it looks like the rain is going to start any minute and it is very cold...
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yeah, the radar is not looking good. it says 100% chance of rain. "widespread showers and temps in the mid 40s"
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I can host if anyone wants to come here...though the house is a mess . Give me a call or PM for directions. Anytime after 10-ish...
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I think I saw it's supposed to be 78 on Thurs

Anyone up for an afternoon playgroup on Thursday?
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I'm willing to host here tomorrow since it seems likely to rain.
I can't do thursday afternoon but it does promise to be a wonderful day!
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