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Will you get tested? If you are positive will you still have no antibiotics? I am having BG in the hospital , but not going to have an IV or any of that. Need some opinions please!

Thank you!
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I plan to get tested though not use antibiotics even if I am positive(I am allergic to pretty much all abx). I have heard of (but not looked into) a few different natural methods to get rid of GBS including hibecleans(?) so there would be time to do that before delivery if needed. I'd rather be aware of it so I can either get rid of it or watch baby closely for problems.
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Will not get tested nor would i accept the abx. I am resistant to a LOT of abx due to prolonged abx use in high school. And the risks for the babe with the abx makes me really uncomfy (i would hate to make them resistant at such a young age). I feel safe in taking on the risks of GBS should my body be carrying it.
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I went back and forth on this issue myself. I'm also allergic to many abx, including penicillin. I ended up getting tested and was thankfully, not colonized, so that was that... Some of the methods I researched to get rid of GBS naturally were garlic, vitamin C, echinacea and bee propolis. This article was particularly helpful:


A note about hibiclens. It is not natural. I got my belly button pierced when I was younger and used Hibiclens to clean the wound. It literally ate my skin away. If you go to their site and look at the ingredients you'll see that it's all alcohol and chemicals, including red dye and synthetic fragrance. I would not put it anywhere near my privates!
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We have clients test the inner elbow with a drop of full strength hibicleans to make sure they are not allergic. If not allergic then we know at birth we can proceed with a highly diluted formula of hibicleans as the vaginal flush.
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