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first hugs and love. We are thinking of you and hoping you find a good solution for you and your dear one. It looks like her birthday is this coming week. Congratulations for your year of mothering! I hope you can get together one on one with some of the previous posters who are offering to spend time with you and make an appointment. Keep us updated and keep sharing. We care.
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Can you contact the minister at the UU church you've been attending to help out at least until you can get in to see a therapist? You shouldn't have to be a church member to get their help. They are usually willing to drive out to see you and meet one on one.

I am going to PM you.
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"I have trouble even actually going to the events. I am so ridiculously lonely, and yet I have opportunities to get together with other moms and I don't go. I don't want to, I can't bring myself to do it. One on one is easier...it's groups that make me feel even worse. Nothing like being in the middle of a group of people who all know each other and feeling totally alone, you know?"

This leads me to believe you may be an introvert as well as having trouble with PPD. There is an introvert thread in the MDC Tribes area you might want to check out.
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Hi Kara. I sent you a PM.

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This link has PPD resources in your general area.


I'm not sure where you are exactly, but the Everett group meets twice a month, is FREE and is facilitated by Juliana Nason Ashe, the therapist a previous poster suggested but was not on your insurance.

I took baby classes at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland which were very good and very AP friendly (they turned us on to AP and co-sleeping actually). They also have a program called "This is Not What I Expected" which helps women with PPD.

I sent you a PM as well.
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Hugs to you-- hang in there and keep pushing yourself to get out and talk to other moms. It's great you joined the groups and you just have to go in there with the thought that everyone there has good days and bad days and you all want to support each other. Also, keep trying to get in touch with the counselor. Even though the place said they don't deal with "serious issues" call them. If moving to Florida with your support people is an option, I say do it. Can someone from Florida come and stay with you for a few weeks?

I have a history of depression and anxiety, so it wasn't surprising when I had PPD with #1. It wasn't anything really serious, but I did become very withdrawn (socially -- I am actually a very social, people-person type, but I felt too anxious and depressed to get out and do anything or ask for help) and had to go on medication. With #2, things took a different turn. I was more anxious than depressed and basically did have a breakdown (drs diagnosed me with "post partum psychosis"--yes lovely label.... Turns out I'm acutally bipolar, but that's a whole 'nother issue!) So, I know exactly where you are coming from right now.

My "breakdown" occurred right around the holidays when my dd was 4 months old. I was exclusively bfing her and didn't want to be admitted to the hospital. My husband's a medical prof. and works very long (often overnight) hours. So, I am mostly alone w/ the kids. Both of our families lived thousands of miles away. His family was able to come out when I became very ill to help care for the kids. If that wasn't an option, I don't know where I would have turned-- perhaps to a friend or member of our church? So, I didn't want to be admitted to the hospital, but there also was no place for me to be admitted (unless it's a life threatening emergency or you can pay alot of money for a special, private facility, the beds are very limited). So, I was sent home w/ really heavy meds and mostly slept for a few days. After that, I went to and outpatient treatment for a few weeks. That was really helpful because it allowed me to stay in my home (w/ the kids), but also get the help I needed. Since the outpatient treatment was at a local hospital, I'd imagine I could have arranged for some sort of child care if I needed it. Maybe they have something like that available to you?

I don't recall if you were taking any medications. A primary care doctor can prescribe some basics and maybe they could help you get in touch with the right therapist or psychiatrist too. I'm not a med pusher by any means. It was not something I wanted to do at all, but it was something that saved me.
To finish out my story... I will tell you it's been a long road-- it was a very difficult 2 years after dd#2 was born. Through alot of therapy, faith, and working with my family and friends, I could finally say I was "better" Now, 6 years after my "psychosis" I am med free!! I could never imagine i'd be able to learn so much about myself or use these new skills to improve my life.
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I wanted to update and say I'm feeling a bit better. I started taking Passion Flower Vine, which a friend told me helped her with PPD, and I've also started making some connections around here. Also, S is sleeping much better this week!! That sleep makes SUCH a huge difference! Things are not perfect, but better than they were at least
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Glad to hear you are feeling better. Sleep makes such a huge difference. Glad you are making some connections as well. Hang in there.
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