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You CAN knit a diaper!!

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After fiddling around, one prototype way too big, frogging and remaking, I FINALLY have a REAL knitted cotton diaper!! It is a pinnable fitted diaper with gussets that fits my 4 mo old, my 26 mo old, and might even cover my 6yo bedwetter if I added an extra pad. I haven't checked that yet though. The yarn doesn't actually shrink as much as thought it would. It becomes more dense with washing, but doesn't shrink but a teensy bit. It is just as soft as my flannel ones, although not as soft as my wash cloths, because I had to use a smaller needle to keep the poo in. But it also doesn't get rough looking either with washing, with the denser stitches. I have to get pics up, and I will put them on MySpace under Mundwiller madness. I don't know how to put them up here. I have the pattern written down pretty well too. But, I am not sure I will be giving it away this time. I have my other patterns that I am willing to give away, but these diapers are going to be named, and I may want to sell them if anyone else likes them. I do think that since some ladies don't know how to sew, but they knit, they may really be interested in buying the pattern. Of course, there are so many freebies on the net, I may be hard pressed to selling it. I will just have to see how ambitious I am. Kymberli
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Awesome, thanks for letting us know. What kind of yarn did you use and what size needles? I've been thinking about trying a wool cover, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm still a fairly new knitter and knitting something with leg holes seems difficult. Knitting a fitted doesn't though since it would be flat. I tried searching myspace, but couldn't find the pictures. I don't have a myspace account though, maybe that is why I had trouble.
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There are a lot of knit COVER patterns for free, not a lot of knit DIAPER patterns.
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there's one on rav, too.
fitted pocket diaper
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I think you can post it on Ravelry to buy, I see lots of patterns there for like $3-$10 Of course I'm broke so I skip them, but some people buy them and this IS fairly unique.
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Sorry to be slow in replying. I have been busy knitting. LOL I am using worsted weight cotton yarn. But, I am going to start shopping around for a softer yarn, like organic may be better. For right now, I am okay with the regular worsted. I was told that bamboo and hemp would work too, but we live in the middle of "Not a LOT Here Land", so this will have to do for now until I have my pattern perfected.

I looked at the one on ravelry, but I couldn't really get the idea of the pattern. I am like knit pattern illiterate, I guess. But, I don't like pockets. I haven't tried any, but they just don't appeal to me. And, stockinette takes a long time, so I don't know that I would want to take that much time on a diaper. I actually accidentally come up with a pretty unique inside soaker idea that works wonderfully, but I am keeping it a secret for now. And, these, although longer than a normal fitted, don't take forever. I would like to find a loom that would make the process quicker, but for now, I am just tweeking. Kymberli
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Quick update, I switched to a bulky organic cotton yarn and a bulky cotton chenille yarn. I have pics on my FB under Knotty Bottom Diapers, and of course, my dipes are on Hyena Cart now. I have pics on my MySpace too. Look at FB, that is easy to find. Kymberli
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Hi, I recently crocheted a soaker out of bamboo yarn, and after i did so, I realized that bamboo is not effective as a soaker. But I am wondering if i can use it as a diaper? The yarn is sooooo soft and it would be a shame to throw it out. Can that go directly on baby's skin?
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Sorry, again, for being slow on the draw here. I have been UBER busy. LOL I like that word.

I was told to try bamboo, but it isn't as tough in the washer and dryer that cotton is. My cotton even recommends gentle wash, but I have been using the hottest water and drying, and they have fared just fine. The great part about the yarn diapers, is that once they are totally wet from the machine, the weave opens up and they get clean SOOOO easy. I have hand washed mine on occasion, so I could reuse and reuse them for testing purposes.

I would say go for it! Put a wooly over it. Maybe even add another straight soaker in there and tack at the front and back for a one piece, and use that for a diaper. If you aren't sure about the washing, then put it on gentle, dry on med and line dry the rest (you have to use the dryer to snap them back into shape), and you have yourself a knitted diaper. Kymberli
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I love those knotty bottom diapers! I do not have any money either though, lol... I think they are lovely, I clicked the 'like' button on your page. I only just started yarn crafts, and I wanted to make a diaper right away. I found a few soaker patterns that will probably work if I make a smaller size than suggested... like I said I am very new, but did want to say I think you have a great idea.
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TY ladies sooo much!! I know this is suppose to be no spam, but it is a giveaway. If you hit the Like button, then you can enter the drawing for a FFS, actually totally free cause shipping isn't required, KBD diaper in my cart. The drawing isn't made until noon on 9-16. Kymberli
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