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so...anyone else "overdue"?? LOL

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40 weeks 1 day.

I get a kick out of being "late" because it becomes fun answering people when your due date is.

"Yesterday" got me some great looks at work today.
I enjoy "Last week" even more. People look like your going to drop that baby right there in the produce section at the grocery store (or wherever).

I don't expect to go before week 41 so I don't feel nearly as anxious as I did with my last pregnancy (no threat of induction looming over me this time, either) but figured I'd start the "overdue"* thread anyway.

*"overdue" and "late" are in quotes because I don't actually believe "late" happens until you hit 42 weeks, but we still need a "late" thread.
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Me! I'm also 40w1d. I guess it will be the great mystery of the world why DS came at 38w3d and this one is staying put. I'm preparing myself for two more weeks of pregnancy, and thinking about making an acupuncture appointment for the end of week 42.

I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow, and I actually will need to discuss the subject of how long I can go and still get my homebirth. The worries are also starting to creep in - how big will this baby be (DS was 8.5 lbs), is my placenta up to this long pregnancy, will I not go into labor?

Trying to let all of that go, but this is new territory for me.
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I'm 40w+3 today. Just got back from my appt with the mw. They decided to go ahead and strip my membranes b/c I was showing enough early labor symptoms (unbeknown to me). So we'll see. If I don't deliver this week then I have to go in for a BPP & NST on Monday. They won't talk about me transferring to an OB until 42-weeks, so I have some time. But, I'm optimistic about their feedback on delivering soon.
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Thanks for starting this thread I'm 40w + 3 days, and showing no signs of nuthin' but boredom! If I don't deliver by Monday, I go for a sono at the hospital to check fluids, placenta etc. Thankfully, if all looks good, I can go to 42 weeks before induction. I'll see my acupuncturist this weekend. This is my first one, and even tho I THOUGHT I was mentally prepared for being late, a few times a day I have the unbidden thought "what if my body doesn't know what to do next??"
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I am 40+4 and I THOUGHT I was going to have this babe yesterday, but then things stalled out and then quit completely. Me, the hubby and our 3.5 DD are just getting over being sick. I am so uncomfortable right now, and now im sore from all those contractions yesterday. This baby feels so much bigger than my dd who was 7.5 lbs. I can feel her head in my pubic region and it feels humongous and my DH is always teasing me about how im going to get her out of me with that huge head. I hope she comes out soon, i dont want to have another induction. I have an apt tomorrow with my midwife, I know i cant go past 42 if I want my waterbirth.....
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40 + 4 here also and SO ready!!! I've had at least 3 times during the last week that I thought for sure it was time, but it all seems to peter out. Last night I was up all night with progressively stronger and longer cxns then once the morning came it all stopped. I'm just getting so physically and emotionally drained. DD was 8 days overdue but I was hoping not to have another late one. As much as I'm really trying to stay positive and be OK with letting things take their course, I'm really having a hard time. I'm going for a VBAC and I've just started to have self-doubting thoughts about if my body will ever go into labor and if I can do it naturally. So I'm there with all the rest of you who are "overdue". Here's to labor vibes for all of us!!
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I've been very zen about going 40+ for this entire pregnancy, since both my other kids were between 41 and 42 weeks...but every once in a while I get a "WHAT IF" panic. I try to remember that with both kids, but especially my son (since i was so worried about going over again) I had no "warning signs." No indication of labor, no mucus plug loss, no engaged baby, no breaking of water, no ANYTHING until it was go time. I went from nothing to labor in a matter of minutes, and that's all it takes. I woke up being a week overdue, and freaking out because nothing was "working" and I had pressure from my hospital midwives and an induction scheduled, and about 16 hours after waking up with that fear and frustration, I was holding my baby.

So that's what I'm going with this time
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I'm 40 weeks today!! I was really hoping to be holding my baby by now. Seems that baby's are popping out everywhere but mine!

I am sooo ready!! There is nothing new to indicate that birth is near either. uugh. There has been some tension between DH and I and I know we need to have it resolved. Its been a struggle, we work one issue out and everything is good and then something else pops up. We just can't seem to keep it good. Bleh.

My sister just got over the flu and I'm so glad as I really want her here for the birth, especially since my mom is out of town until Sunday.

My hips hurt and makes sleeping very hard to do. Hoping baby decides to come soon!
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40+1 here too. Last time my water broke at 40+6 so I don't know why I expected to go on time with this one. Wishful thinking, I guess. I'm very uncomfortable and ready for baby to come. The ILs are here until tomorrow and desperately want the baby to come before they leave but it's not looking good. Yesterday the MW said I was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced, which sounds good. Maybe slow and steady?
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Originally Posted by IAMommy View Post
Me! I'm also 40w1d. I guess it will be the great mystery of the world why DS came at 38w3d and this one is staying put.
hang in there mama! i always thought ilan would be in less of a rush than wren, so it was no great surprise when he was born closer to his edd. but we have a similar great mystery insofar as wren was 7lb6oz at 38w4d and ilan was three pounds bigger exactly a week later!

i guess they're just completely different people!

hugs and love to all of you dear "overdue" ladies. you're all doing great and will be holding your babes soon! you're in the home stretch!!
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I am 40+4 today. My midwife is so great and reassuring. It has been a little trying at times to keep being patient. I have felt like labor was starting a few times over the last couple of weeks, but things always seem to settle down. It is like a roller coaster. This is the longest I have gone with ant of my three pregnancies. DS1 was 40+3 and DS2 was 38+2. I know that this baby will come when she is ready. I just can't wait to hold her! Wishing all of you other overdue mamas good birthing vibes! Hope these babies are ready soon.
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40+4 days here! I'm glad I made it through yesterday because my photographer would not have been able to make it.
Saw my midwife yesterday, we made our weekly appointment for next Friday (which would be 41+4 days) to do an NST at her house if baby's not here. She said her "gut feeling" is this weekend (as is mine) so we'll see what happens. I feel okay except for the ever-present carpal tunnel and hip pain, so it's all good. Though I've had a lot of lower back crampiness the last two days...
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40+2 here!! I was soo hoping to be in labor this morning since its my dad's birthday..but of course not. hehe My mom has been out of town for almost 2 weeks and gets back this Sat. night so my mom is really praying baby stays put until then..her prayers must be working.

Is anyone else having any signs that labor is near?? Nothing new here..just the regular BH's. Lots of snotty mucus but not globs of it. Baby is still moving around a lot. Hasn't settled into a position yet.

I had a really off day yesterday..just felt like crap the whole day. I was hoping that it was a sign. I slept in this morning way longer than normal. I must have needed the sleep. Feeling better today..its sunny out so I think I will get out and work in the garden..its been neglected with all the yuck weather we have had.

Hope you "overdue" mama's are hanging in there!! What are you doing to pass the time?? I have been knitting baby hats for the newborn photoshoot and now I'm sick of knitting!! haha
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*sigh* I wish I could knit. I optimistically bought some yummy wool the other day and tried, I didn't even get 10 stitches cast on before my hand was completely numb.
I spent a few hours at the playground with DS today, he's at a friend's house now, keeping me busy is work (telecommuting), keeping the house somewhat picked up for birthin' and afterwards, and running the kids around. Typical stuff.
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It's so hard to wait. I feel bored & anxious & a billion other emotions. On the EDD, I was SUPER anxious, yesterday I felt totally zen about the whole thing. And now I'm feeling hopeless, like I'm just going to be pregnant forever.
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40+3 today. Had a NST and cervical check this morning - cervix is unchanged since Tuesday and baby is happy as a clam. The MW offered a membrane sweep but I declined, which I am now regretting just a little bit. I'm also staying busy by telecommuting and regular activities. I'm so freakin' huge that anything wipes me out so I am not looking forward to labor. I swear I'm not trying to hold her in though!
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You people think YOU'RE overdue!? YOU DON'T KNOW OVERDUE!!!

- The People Still On The Island From April

41w1d and counting...
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I'm trying to get some sewing projects done, hoping that will take my mind off of things. I'm actually really sad that I haven't had my baby yet. I almost teared up twice today, thinking about the fact that I'll be 41 weeks on Monday. I just want to meet him and I don't understand why he is hiding out for so very long.

I should do some baking too, I find it to be therapeutic.

Loveneverfails - we're not *that* far behind you Sigh. They'll emerge sooner or later - I have yet to read of a woman being pregnant indefinitely. How many of the April ladies are still waiting?
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Ok, so *maybe* we're getting punchy over here. There are at least 5 people I know of, and we've got several other ones who haven't reported in in a while.
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loveneverfails - I've been stalking your thread for a while. I *always* go over 40 weeks, my first was 10 days over, my second was 8. You start to wonder if you just have a psychosomatic pregnancy and there's nothing really in there but a bunch of gas.

My sister's mother-in-law was SIX WEEKS late. Six weeks. Seriously. Six weeks.
It was the early 70s, she was a hippy, my brother-in-law was fine, if not a little dried out and surly.
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