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Should I pump?

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I was just told today that I was successful in my application for an occupational therapist position in a spinal cord injuries unit.

It's 12 hrs/wk, spread over 2 days (so 6 hours per day). Because of travel time and lunch breaks, my kids will probably be in daycare from 8am to 3.30pm, which is 7.5 hrs. DD has just turned one, and still breastfeeds day and night. She doesn't know how to drink out of a bottle, but will drink small amounts of fluid from a sippy cup.

In the past 2 weeks when we've been transitioning to daycare, I've been pumping, but DD is only drinking maybe a quarter of what I put into the sippy cup (~1 oz), so I'm wondering if I should just use whole milk or formula instead. It seems a waste to be throwing pumped milk down the sink, when I could just as easily throw cow's milk down the sink.

The other consideration is that I'm a low supply mama, and am still taking domperidone 3x daily to maintain an adequate supply. DD loves food, but only what she manages to feed herself, which isn't huge amounts generally. I would guess that breastmilk still comprises the majority of her calories at the moment.

Any advice on whether I should pump at work or not?
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I would pump at work in that situation - mostly for the sake of keeping my supply up. Even if your dd doesn't drink what you pump, at least you're keeping your supply up and offering your milk to dd. She'll probably get more used to drinking your milk as she gets older...

That said, if it's a huge inconvenience for you to pump at work, I'm sure you dd will be fine without any milk while you're gone, or with cow's milk / formula. My DD is 15 months now, and doesn't drink much milk during the day (a few ounces maybe?), but I haven't been able to transition her to goat's milk because any time I try, she gets eczema all over her face. I still pump twice a day though, and then freeze whatever milk is left over at the end of the week. Her daycare is a Montessori school and they have the kids drink out of shot glasses... that way it's only an ounce or so at a time, and there's still milk left in the bottle at the end of the day that can be reused.
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Given what you posted, I would pump to keep from decreasing your supply.
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Thanks mamas. I think I will try to pump once during work. I mentioned it during the interview, so I don't think it should be too difficult to arrange.
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Also, put less milk in the sippy--if she only drinks 1oz at a time, put 1oz in the sippy & the other 3 in a different container... That way, no waste.
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