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Who *hasn't* had an appointment yet?

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Whether you UP or are just planning to go later in the pregnancy.

I keep reading about ultrasounds and doppler visits and stuff and I feel all alone that I haven't gone in to an official appointment yet. We did meet one HB midwife but that wasn't really an appointment, that was more like a getting-to-know-you thing.

Granted, I'm only 10 weeks so a little behind most of you...
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I havn't seen my midwife yet, though she knows im pregnant (was the first of my friends to know) we chat about pregnancy stuff, but i will likely not go "see" her till im 20 weels or so. I just don't really feel the need for early prenatal care. I dont like ultrasounds, or doppler for that matter and the likleyhood of hearing this baby with a fetascope at this point is pretty small.. I am beginning to feel movement (im 13 weeks plus a few days) but have never had a loss, so I really have nothing to worry about. Life is busy enough as it is without appointments
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I have my first actual appointment in a couple of days, I'll be 11 weeks exactly. I had an interview with a midwife, but it was just a get-to-know-you meeting.

I won't be getting early ultrasounds and we're still trying to figure out what kind of screening/testing we want, so I'm not concerned about not being seen yet.
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I haven't gone in yet. I bought a doppler because I miscarried 6 weeks before I conceived this one. I needed the reassurance. I attempted to call my midwife today only to find out she's no longer assisting, so now I'm trying to figure out what exactly I'm going to do. A dear friend passed along the name of another mw so I emailed her and hope to hear something back from her. I'm 13 weeks 3 days today.
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I haven't bothered, LOL. I will probably UP/UC. Back when I was married the first time, my then-husband was in the Navy, and the position of the clinic when we were in Virginia was to not give anyone first trimester appointments, because too many people miscarried. So it's not even on my radar screen to have an appointment at six or eight weeks. And since I turn down every single test, there's really not much point in it.

I am tempted to try to get ahold of a doppler, though!
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Sabra, I picked mine up off ebay. Totally brand new There's used ones available on there, too.
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up until yesterday i hadn't had any appointments -- and yesterday's appointment was really more like a "let's meet with the midwife to see if we like her" type appointment. (we did like her) so our first *actual* appointment is next tuesday. i'm 10w1day today.
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I've had an appointment (2 actually) now, but didn't have one until 13 weeks. I'm a little surprised that no one has commented on having waited that long for the first appointment.

I did UP last time, and it was very nice, but I wouldn't do it again unless I was committed to UC as well. I didn't have a bad experience at the hospital (in fact, a very good one), but it was pretty clear that this was due to the fact that I was a volunteer there, and they all knew me and were willing to go out of their way to help me have a good experience.
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That's also why I'm not UP-ing. I don't want to have to go in for some issue and have no prenatal record. This town is way too conservative and we fit too many darn stereotypes to be looked at kindly. (Hispanic last name, low income, kids close together, etc.)
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I haven't had an official first prenatal visit but I did go in to see a hospital-based mw friend of mine for a brief appt. We tried to listen to the babe but it was too early. I also had some lab work done. I work with mws, by bff is a student mw, and I am almost done with midwifery school...I feel like there is no real rush to get in anywhere.

That said, I do have an appt. with my hb mw tomorrow, which I suppose I can count as an official first visit. We usually just talk shop during our visits but it will be nice to reconnect with her after not seeing her regularly for 2 years now.
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I haven't met with my midwives yet - first appt is next week, when I'll be 11w6d. I did go to the imaging clinic for an ultrasound at 8 weeks, though. I've had 2 m/c and needed the reassurance.
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No appointments yet, but we have interviewed two hb midwives. We did the interviews the week after we found out. One of the midwives we interviewed gave us an u/s to help us date the pregnancy, because we had NO clue what our due date would be. That was at 8 wks. I am 14 weeks now. We haven't scheduled an appt. yet for several reasons. 1. I really want a HB but can't afford the out of pocket expense. 2. I've been searching for other options under our current insurance. 3. I've been contemplating applying for medicaid to help with expenses at a birthcenter that is an hour away. 4. We're not sure where we will be living. 5. Our insurance will be changing to Tricare 2 months before the baby is born 6. All those combined have me feeling overwhelmed 7. I really want a HB 8. I really want a HB 9. If I can't have a HB then I'll go to the birth center that accepts our current insurance, Tricare, and medicaid as in-network 10. I don't know if I want to drive that far, especially with my DH being gone and having no help. 11. My only options in our town aside from HB would be a hospital birth. NO THANK YOU!

Thank you for listening to my rambling!

Really, right now, I am comfortable with no appointments. We saw and heard the baby's heartbeat when we had the u/s, I'm healthy, and we have a history of healthy pregnancies. If my DH wasn't leaving for several weeks I'd consider UC/UP.
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me. I am about 10 weeks and my midwife will come in about 3.5 weeks from now.
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I just went last week when I was close to 11wks. I wanted to be established with the people my insurance cover for now, in case I needed anything. It was reassuring to see the heartbeat, I'll admit. But I really didn't NEED to go in. But I have ben through enough of having people give me the run around from not being established so you have to go to urgent care instead, I figured it was worth it.

We're putting together a list of 3 or so midwives rec'd by friends and we'll be starting meetings with them soon... just as soon as we get to it!
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