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Birth Day Prediction Thread

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Thought this might be another fun thread. I'll sticky it if there's lots of interest.

Tell us your EDD and guess what day your baby will actually be born. I'll make a list of some sorts and update with how far out we were when they are actually born.
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Due 19 October and my guess is baby will be born 26 October
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Due October 10th but I guess October 16th.
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Due Oct 28 but I'll guess Oct 31, just because we'd love to have a Halloween baby
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Due Oct. 3, would LOVE to have a 10-10-10 baby, but my guess is Oct. 17.
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Due October 19th (same day as Melly! ) and this is a total guess. Ds was 6 weeks early but I just have a feeling this one is going to come on my B'day, Oct 11th.
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I'm due 10/9/10. DH desperately wants a 10/10/10 baby but I'm thinking I'll go just a tad early. I'm guessing 10/5/10.
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My EDD is 10/11. My guess is 10/13.

My EDD last time was 10/11 and my daughter's birthday is 10/13 so that's the only rationale behind my guess. Honestly I'd like it to be 10/4 or 10/5 ish because that would work best with my husband's schedule.
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My edd is Oct 24
I am guessing I will have the baby around Sept.19th.
My last 2 have been 6 weeks early.
I HOPE I make into October at least.
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EDD is 10/6, I am predicting the baby will come 9/25
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EDD is Oct 10, my prediction is Sept 30.

DS was due Dec 12, then revised to Dec 8 based on measurements at 20 week ultrasound, and arrived Nov 30. I'm hoping for the same this time!
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dd1 was due 3/11 and was born 2/18
dd2 was due 11/14 and was born 11/4

the edd for this babe is 10/4 and i am guessing 9/23
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My edd is 10/13 according to my first u/s @ 5 weeks, though it was 10/7 based on my lmp and the clinic has it down as 10/9 for some reason

Assuming nothing comes up that would require a scheduled c/s (like I'm not willing to try a breech delivery), I think it will be around the 21st if the 13th is the right edd. My first was induced a week over, dd2 came 11 days over, and dd3 was 10 days over.

I'm praying this one isn't 10 days late because that would be my father's birthday, and he's in prison and I haven't spoken to him in over a decade. :/
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I am kind of surprised everyone thinks there babies are coming early, I went a week late with my first and would expect to go at least a little late with this one.

EDD: October 31st

Prediction: November 5th
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My edd: 10-26
My track record: 37 weeks, and 40 weeks (to the day!)
But this time I will go out on a limb, because I had a dream about my children coming to visit me and the baby, wearing Halloween costumes. So I will guess 10-30.
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DD was my first and born at 37w, 1d so I'm kind of expecting this one early, but trying not to hope for it.

EED - October 6

guess - September 12 or October 10
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EDD Oct 17 DH guesses Oct 19 My guess is Oct 10

DS13 was born 3 days early, DS11 was born 7 days early, DS8 was born 8 days early. Can't remember my EDD w/ DD... hmmm...
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I intuit October 4.
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I'm due Oct 13, and I have NO idea. My previous three were: 42 weeks, 41 w, 5 days, and 38.5 weeks (I was so surprised, and convince, up until I saw his penis, that this one must be a girl because of arriving so much earlier than my older boys). So, basically, I'm expecting any time in the month of October. October 1st? October 31st? I know, I'll split the difference and guess my due date: Oct. 13.

Okay... I'm changing my mind. I pick Oct. 11 or Oct. 18. My dh and all my boys' birthdays are on the same day of the week for each calendar year. This year, their birthdays all fall on Monday, so this babe needs to be born on a Monday, too.
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Oh gosh Melissa, I hope this baby comes a little early. All my others have been over 41 weeks, blah! Although I told dh that I'm so used to going "overdue" that if I did go into real labor at 38 or 39 weeks, I'd probably end up with an unintentional UC because I wouldn't think it was time!
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