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obsessing over weight gain

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DD is 2 weeks old today. Her wait gain has gone as follows;

Birth 7lbs 12oz

weight on leaving hospital at 3 days old; 7lbs 2oz

weight at 5 days: 7lbs 6oz

weight at 14 days: 7lbs 12oz

Im trying not to obsess over her weight, but DS never latched and lost 12.5% of his birth weight by 10 days. I ended up pumping exclusively for him for a year-something I do NOT want to repeat. I was hoping she'd weigh a little more by now.

How does this look to you?
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This looks pretty good to me! I understand obsessing about those numbers... I EPed for the first month of DD's life (she's now 6 weeks) due to BF problems. She lost a lot of weight in the hospital due to jaundice, and just took a long time to get the hang of BFing.

The fact that your DD has regained her birth weight at 2 weeks sounds very encouraging! And over the past 9 days she has gained 6 oz, which is right on par--everything I've read/been told says 1/2 oz - 1 oz per day is normal.

Do you have a couple of weekly or biweekly weight checks? That really put me at ease, knowing we were keeping track of it at our pediatrician's office. Just make sure you use the same scale every time--we weighed her at a different doctor's office and got a totally different result!

Hang in there, those numbers look good!
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When ds was 2 wks old, he weighed 3 oz over his birth weight. The ped said that was great and that they like to see the babe get back up to birth weight by two weeks. Sounds like your lo is doing perfect!
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looks great most decent doctors like to see BF babies back to their birth weight by 2 weeks which it looks like your spot on...

For a reffrence my LO
birth 5lbs 7oz
leaving hospital at 24hours 5lbs 2oz
at 8 days 4lbs 14oz
at 2 weeks 5lbs 6oz
at 6 weeks 7lbs 5oz
and she now 8.5 weeks and according to our home scale around 8.5lbs shes deffiently in the lower precentile but shes started out that way but shes chugging along jsut fine.
Of course after some of her nursing secessions I swear she should be at least 19lbs.

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sounds right on target to me! I bought a home scale and it is one of the best things, I like keeping track of DS's weight, esp.as we don't vax and I don't know when we will have another WBV. (they didn't schedule one at the 4 month visit)
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thankyou, its good to know she's within 'normal' limits. We're still very much getting the hang of breastfeeding. I still feel like a 'first timer' as I didnt really ever get DS to latch, so im always second guessing myself.
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She is doing perfectly I think. Her gain is more then Shane's was at that age and he is now 23 lbs at 10 months. Getting plenty of mommas milk.

Now sit back, enjoy your baby and stop looking at a scale.
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