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DS--15mos--has some spots in his diaper area that have started to abcess. We thought it was a spider bite at first but now are wondering if it is something else.

Our HCP is a wonderful Classic Homeopath and she is treating him. She does not feel it is necessary to get a culture taken because it would not change the treatment.

DH feels that it would be a good precaution to get a culture done.

Does anyone know what labs are done to determine whether an abcess is Staph? We are working with a lab in Mexico and I want to get it right.

Thank you
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That's an incredibly common area for staph and staph does abscess. Can she prescribe Bactroban for you to put on it topically? I'd feel comfortable w/out culture if she did that as it will (in my understanding) treat resistant staph or strep either one. If she won't I would want a culture and I don't know what to recommend for that in Mexico.

Cloth diapers (towels too, etc.) will harbor staph. Can you wash and dry on hot?
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Myrrh Tincture for a Healthy Pussing Response from Mucuous membranes

I've used myrrh to promote a healthy pussing response from mucous membranes. I took it both as a tincture and in a salve (Healing Salve from WishGarden in Boulder, CO or Herbal Savvy from Country Comfort, I think). Many of the salves contain a complex of herbs that are helpful.

I've also used colloidal silver both topically in ointments and salves, as well as internally. (I buy it from iHerb.com. If you are a first-time customer, you can use my code: LIN301 for $5 off your first order.)

You can also use Echinacea, Goldenseal, and other herbs internally as tinctures or other forms.

You can buy homeopathic staph. We've used it with success for boils.

-- Caitlin
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