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Ultra sound

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are you ladies doing that? I wanted to look, and know this baby is for real. But I am worried about the "possible" problems that might occur with having an U/S done. Let me know what you think. I will be seeing an OB first, and hopefully my MW will accept me as a patient and the OB will be a backup. how hard can I fight my OB??
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I am unsure if I will have one. If I do, only one, and that around 18-20 weeks.
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I am going to have my Midwife order only one around 18-20 weeks.
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I will be having two, barring any problems during my pregnancy. An early dating one and one at 17-19 weeks.
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I'm hoping not to have one at all. I know the date we conceived, so early dating is unnecessary. I don't want to find out the sex, so the "routine" ultrasound (which my insurance won't cover, anyway) is unnecessary as well.

If it becomes medically imperative, I of course will get one. When the benefit outweighs the risk, and the annoyance to the baby. Babies can feel/sense those sound waves from the us, and actually often try to move away from the source.

I know that Dopplers use essentially the same technology but at a lower scale/frequency, but it is for a shorter time, so I'm going to allow that. Plus, I REALLY want to hear the heartbeat!

Anyway, that's just my opinion. And I should add that DH is still wanting to find out if it's a boy or girl, so we'll see what comes of that!
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I know others may feel differently, but I don't do the "big ultrasound" so I can find out gender. I do it to rule out any major complications that may cause an emergency situation during or immediately after delivery

For my peace of mind, it's worth it. We didn't find out the gender with dd, so that obviously wasn't why we did that u/s.
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I do not think ultrasound is safe. Here's an article from Midwifery Today about it: Ultrasound -- More Harm Than Good.

That said, I had no idea when I got pregnant, and I did have an u/s that put me at Dec 11. And given my weight-loss surgery, my midwife suggested I have growth scans with an OB to ensure the baby is growing properly. I am not happy about it, but it seems medically appropriate.
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im pretty crazy about all kinds of crazy health concerns for example when i thought of doing a water birth i decided i'd rather go with my, lead free, plastic free, filtered water bathtub over a birthing tub thats covered in vinyl so yeah i do the whole bit, no plastics, only organic foods, no vax etc etc but when it comes to ultrasounds i just dont see the big deal. I promise they dont cause autism which ive read somewhere, Im sure they are not healthy but to me its important to see a heartbeat early, to see the baby so I can bond and know they are really there, to know earlier if i will miscarry so its not a surprise, and later to know of any conditions that may require a hospital birth over a homebirth or er care at some point. I think the benefits way way outway the risks, now with dd we went overboard. We had ultrasound done at 5, 6, 10, 16, 20 weeks and one more at some point. Most were for reassurance. We did 2 3d ultrasounds just for fun, so yeah thats an example of doing something unhealthy for baby for your own good. I wouldnt do it again. But one or two i think is fair and i dont see a huge risk in it.

Tell me that anyone who has a home dopler can avoid trying to hear the heartbeat like daily for 30 min from like 5 weeks on hahaha At least I do 1 ultrasounda t 10 weeks, see the heartbeat and then im good for a few months. I have a home dopler that ive over usaed in the past few weeks but now that im getting the ultrasound hopefully everything will be fine and i wont use the home dopler unless i dont feel kicking for a good length of time. it was great for that with dd. I would freak out cause i havent felt movement and then i could just get out the dopler and relax immediately
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Originally Posted by grazy101 View Post
how hard can I fight my OB??
Not sure what you are asking here?

Anyway, for me, the benefits of an u/s outweigh the risks. I have had a few already, and will be getting several more to check for a possible complication that they just spotted.
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i have had one ultrasound already, and will have another in 4 weeks. After that, we will just listen for the heartbeat. I have laready declined the nuchal translucency test, and I will be having a level 2 scan at a high risk OB office. However, i have a crazy pregnancy history. This is my 14th pregnancy, i have only 4 living kids. the reassurance, and decrease in stress, from seeing the baby is OK, far outweighs the risk. in 2006-2008 I lost 3 babies in a row, in the second trimester. ( 15-21 weeks) No reason to be found. plus 3 early mc during that time too. Just too many reasons for me to worry. Because of my pregnancy history, i have a hard time getting attached to my babies, and i build a wall. seeing the baby helps me to feel like the baby is more real.

Anyway, i also know it is a personal choice.
as far as fighting your oB on having an ultrasound. just say no. I think they always get moms asking, and begging for them, so it might be a breath of fresh air, if you dont want on, unless there is a medical need.
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Originally Posted by yukookoo View Post
I promise they dont cause autism which ive read somewhere
I'd love to see the research you've done to prove this; please post!
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No reason to be found. plus 3 early mc during that time too. [/QUOTE]

Just wondering if you've ever had your progesterone levels checked?
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I'll probably have two, one to verify date and one to find the sex.

After eight living children, three of whom have autism, I can say that they didn't cause autism in my children. In fact, four of my children did not undergo ultrasound, and they are the ones who have neurodivergent brains. So one could argue that NOT having u/s caused autism in our family.
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Yeah. That is the big reason I want shadow care. Mainly so we can see that the baby has all it's vital organs. I mean, It would be tragic to give birth and learn too late that Baby had some sort of fixable birth defect. I had one at 8 weeks to make sure there is only 1 in there and to make sure the baby was alive and stuff. Next one will be at 20 weeks.

Edited to add:
Also to check the placement of the placenta. Would hate to be enjoying my water birth only to have a hemorrhage and lose the baby because the placenta is in some crazy spot.
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Just had my 20 week yesterday. I may end up needing one more because of previa but we are not horribly worried about that... but because it is a homebirth we are planning, knowing that that could possibly be an issue (though the chances are i believe less than 1% with my positioning that it will be anywhere near the cervix by the birth) was actually HELPFUL to me. I know it MIGHT be an issue, but do not have to worry that it IS.

Also, found out I have an anterior placenta which calmed me down a lot. Ive been feeling kicks for a long time but they havent been getting higher or stronger so I have been worried, now I know that THAT is the reason and not that the baby is not growing.

Yes, I KNOW she did not like the ultrasound. The tech even pointed out that she was repeatedly kicking my cervix while we were doing a trans-vaginal (to check on placenta position over the cervix) and that is more than enough proof to me that she can FEEL it... but I dont honestly believe it harmed her any. Nothing more than tickling her would have, or doing an external palpitation does.

Its a personal choice, yes... but while there is no proof that they are safe, there is no proof that they are not either.

There is the chance that you will find something that not a problem and worry about it, or not find a problem and think everything is okay...

but the chances of finding a problem that could be fixed in utero or immediately following the birth that could otherwise cause a somewhat healthy child to be unable to survive... thats all the reason I need to have it done.

I would have been fine never knowing the gender... and had DF not cared either, I would have told the tech not to tell me yesterday. Your 20 week scan is NOT a gender scan, its a scan to be sure baby has everything they need to function correctly without emergency assistance at birth.
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Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post
Your 20 week scan is NOT a gender scan, its a scan to be sure baby has everything they need to function correctly without emergency assistance at birth.
Yes, this is what I was trying to say
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I've had two ultrasounds already and will be having more. After 3 early losses I need to know how things are going. I'll be having another at 8 weeks, depending how that one goes another at 9 weeks, then the NT around 12, then 20ish.
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