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was going to CLW, now rethinking it

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Hi all!
I am considering starting the weaning process with my son, who is now 2 1/2, despite the fact that I admire and appreciate CLW. I know the reasons to keep nursing, appreciate them, and planned on it. I also planned on tandem nursing when I got pg when my DD was 2 1/2, but found I couldn't handle it, so weaned her gently, and it was easy on both of us, surprisingly.

DS is much more attached to it, and I am not pg, but am having extreme heebies, low supply, etc. and if he could have cow or goat milk, I could buy him fresh, raw, organic, grass-fed cow or goat milk where we live.

His food allergies complicate things, because he's allergic to dairy, but also soy, and almond (and tomato, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry and egg). I used to make great almond milk, but he became allergic to it after a while.

So if and when I wean, I will have a big job supplementing him with calcium, probiotics, DHA/ARA/ Omega3, and lactose. (Galactose is important to brain development in young, nursing-age mammals, and is a product of lactose metabolism)

So why on earth would I consider weaning him?

Because I am increasingly low in supply, increasingly having nipple pain and tenderness, and increasingly feeling the aversion/heebies. If this keeps up, I will have to do something. I am hypothyroid (treated with daily meds, but it still matters), as well as PCOS, with elevated androgens, and nearly 37 with signs of possible perimenopause, androgenic pattern hair loss (that started when I was in my early 20's, and is not because of the thyroid issue), etc.

So I recognize that my hormones aren't what they ought to be, and that might be why I am having trouble continuing to nurse, and I can forgive myself, and move on, and if need be, gently wean my son between now and when he turns 3, without being a bad mom.

But if anyone has been in this situation and found that a food or supplement helped, let me know. I am open to improving the situation, short of weaning, too.

Oh, I can't take fenugreek, it gives me light sensitivity and migraines. Just in case someone was going to suggest it. I really did go through the whole spectrum of nursing supply solutions with my 1st, to overcome a cesarean section, a low thyroid, etc and eventually relactate, and nurse til 2 1/2 with her, so I already know about the obvious stuff like fenugreek, fennel, anise, nettle, blessed thistle, etc. And have already used ground flaxseed to help reduce nipple pain midcycle. But the low supply and aversion are something else, and if you know of help for that beyond what I have listed, do tell!
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My little guy is 27 months, and we have none of the health issues you mentioned, and I'm also so heebied-out, over-touched, done with being the only one with breasts, the final solution, etc, and similarly attracted to the idea of mama-led weaning... not there yet, but it crosses my mind every day. So, hugs.
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Big hug for you.

Tha first think that come to my mind,that's you and you little one have a health issue that you to resolve it. I will contact a good ND. Somebody holistic that check for heavy metal toxicity and allergies.How is gut flora??
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I just skimmed your post, so I don't know all the health stuff, but here's my 2 cents: I CLW'd and dearly wish I had gently MLW'd instead, because I was having huge (HUGE) heebie-jeebies and resenting my son and it all ended on a sour note. I do NOT have nice sweet memories of our last days of nursing.
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It's a relationship and it needs to work for both of you. First step - are you still nursing on demand? Its OK to limit nursings- before naps, morning and night, whatever you are comfortable with. For me, whenever I limited nursings at that age, I felt like I could go on. Nevertheless, when my DD got for 4.5 years old, I had us down to one nursing in the morning and I decided I was done, so we picked a special time (camping) and made that our last nursing.
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Funnily enough, it turned out I WAS pregnant and didn't know it yet, when I posted that. I did wean him, not because I think you can't nurse while pregnant, but because I simply couldn't take the pain and the intense aversion I felt to breastfeeding. I know plenty of moms who do fine, or are able to "push past it" but I couldn't. 

But it was fine. Really.

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I was wondering if you were pregnant.  I didn't realize it was an old post.  Well, congratulations on your now 2 year old!

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