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summer meals

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I need some meal ideas that will use summer in season veggies and no dairy or beef. We can use ground turkey so if that can be substuted it's fine. I'm desperate here. My kids hate everything I make and I need them to start eating better. Thanks in advance for any recipes.
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My youngest is completely dairy free and some of his favorites are:

quesadillas - just beans and nutritional yeast
breakfast - I have a dairy free waffle/pancake recipe, bacon, eggs, toast
veggie pancakes - I usually do potato and zucchini, but you can add any shredded veggie. Just shred, mix with an egg and some seasoning, drop a spoonful into a pan of hot oil and fry until brown.
spaghetti - we use beef and add veggies to the sauce
stir fries
cucumber and tomato salad - just chop up with some onions and add italian dressing. My kids won't eat that though.
any kind of veggie or fruit grilled - I make ham and pineapple kabobs for my kids alot and they love them.
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Ooh, I love the idea of ham/pineapple kabobs to grill. I bet my dd would LOVE that.
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That sounds great for my little one with allergies..

She likes Ham and she likes pineapple..So do you use a marinade or baste them with anything or just slap them on the grill?

I bet this would be really good with some gf Italian Pasta Salad and sorbet for a great summer meal..
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Nope, just throw them on the grill.
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