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Sensitive teeth/Toothache

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What does it mean when teeth are sensitive to
heat or to cold or to both?
Or to sweets?
I've had some dental work done in the last couple
of months and I wonder if one of my teeth actually
needs more work.
How do I tell if it is just "sensitive" or if it needs
more work?

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Thanks Smilemomma!
It has been almost three months since I had it filled.
Almost always now the pain goes really deep into my nerves.
I guess I should probably get in to see the dentist again!
Thanks again!
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Potassium oxylate?

I was at the dentist Thursday, and they applied potassium oxylate to my gums to help with tooth sensitivity. I avoid flouride and amalgam fillings, so I'm wondering what the risks/benefits of the potassium might be. I'm also pregnant (6 months), so I'm wondering what the risks to the baby could be. I have to say, it has provided remarkable relief from the pain I was feeling!
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smilemomma, need your input..........


I've been having some major tooth problems since 1999 and have been meaning to get your input. Hope you can help.

I'll start with my dental history and then with my dentist's recommendations from my check-up today.

In August of 1999, I suddenly had extremely intense, sharp tooth pain on one side, when chewing. Just biting down and having my teeth clenched together caused surging pain. I went to my dentist immediately and he decided it was caused from shifting of my teeth. His solution was to grind down my teeth so they would not gring into each other. This seemed to do the trick for that day at least. But then a few days later, I got the same problem on the other side of my mouth. Again he grinded down my teeth, I think on 2 -3 more occasions. Then I decided that was enough grinding; I'd have no teeth left if I kept this up. So I stopped treatments.

And then I got pregnant and didn't want to do any more dental work.

Eventually, or maybe immediately, I found the pain only occured when my teeth came in contact with anything cold. The pain occurred/occurs on both sides of my mouth , bottom and top, back teeth only. Chewing hot food is fine, but cold things give me an instant sharp, intense pain. Even brushing my teeth, I can not tolerate rinsing with cold water, it must be warm (the warmer the better). This sensitivity to cold still exists, now 3 years later.

I saw a dentist last spring for it. Saw him 3 times. He took extensive x-rays and even photos of all my teeth. His recommendation was a deep, thorough root cleaning and possibly a full mouth guard to keep my teeth from evidently grinding. I opted against these, as I found they weren't covered by my insurance - the root cleaning not for another year since he had just done a regular cleaning and the mouth guard as you know, are like $700 -$1000 out of pocket.

Well, I went to another dentist today. He feels that my 60% overbite and flexing of my tongue against my teeth (as evident by the permanant tooth impressions now on my tongue) have caused the problem. He mentioned about muscles being tensed- up and grinding of the teeth, etc... He also recommended a tooth guard, but a partial one that he specially makes in his office to wear at night to relieve the muscles / pressure from grinding etc... (accodingly he can make one for only $300 versus the $700 - $1000) for the full one.

Also, he and the previous 2 dentist insist my dental pain is not due to anything like root or nerve damage.

Seconldly, I have another, non related dental probelm.

I have a front tooth that I chipped as a child. It was filled/capped back in 1983. I was just at the dentist today. He checked it with some electric probe and determined it was completely dead. His recommendation is to do a root canal and then crown it. ( It's also now turning yellow, while all my other teeth are quite white).

My questions are as follows:

Regarding the tooth pain:

1) What do you recommend to ease / stop my intense sensitilty to cold.

2) Can a mouth guard get to the cause by easing up the muscles as my last dentsist infeered?So, what do you recommend?

3) Are there other options, preferable covered by insurance, as money is a big concern.

4)What further questions should I be asking?

Regarding the dead front tooth:

1) Is a root canal my only option?

2) Aren't root canals painful?

3) Are there any toxic substances involved in root can work?

4) And what are crowns made of? Are there again toxic substane involved.

5)Is an anesthia needed? I'd prefer to go without, if at all possible.

Thanks in advance for any and all input!
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Thanks so much for all your advice.

As for the cold sensitiivity problem, I'd rather get to the cause, than to use drugs and chemicals to just ease my pain.

No, I haven't thought of getting braces. I'm in my 40's and cosmetically my overbite isn't really that obvious. And with there being no guarentee that after spending thousands of dollars on braces, my tooth pain will be eliminated. But again, I do want to get to the cause, and yes maybe this is my best option.

I'm going to meet with another dentist that was just recommenced to me by my chiropractor. And, I have also since found that he was in your dental archives (by HM) as one of the few biological dentist in Ohio. He actual does blood work on all his his patients before putting any permanant substances, like composites, crowns etc.. to make sure they aren't sensitive to them.

As for the root canal questions:

How can I see the tooth yellowing, since its been patched? According to my previous dentist, the material they used back in 1983, which may have been state of the art then, is now what is causing my tooth to yellow. So its accordingly not the tooth itself that is yellowing, but the material used to patch where I once chipeed it.

With that being the case, this front tooth has never caused me any problems or pain in any way. Only the fact that it is somewhat yellowing, do I ever even mention it to dentist. Thus, should I still have an immediate root canal?

Also, I read in your archives on the problems from toxic bacteria that can which the one article states can be as bad or worse than the problems from mercury toxicity. What is your opinion on this?

Thanks again smilemomma, you're awesome! ( and no I havn't gotten bored with your comments. I found the Mothering Boards in Aug. 1999, and though I used to post quite often at first, I'm now mostly just an observer.)
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Thanks so much for all the information, I appreciate it. The potassium's still working, I am so grateful!
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ow, it hurts...

a quick moan. It's nearly 2 in the morning and I can't sleep because of my toothache! One of my very back teeth has basically fallen apart- I only have half of it left. This happened 2 weeks ago and I can't go the dentist until our insurance kicks in on Dec 1st. Arghhh! The pain! The motrin is hardly touching it, and I can't take anything stronger because I am breastfeeding. Does anyone know of any herbal remedies for the pain?
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Clove oil is all I can think of. You want my IRL address and come over? I have some here
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Thank you both- Simonee, do you know if clove oil is ok to take whilst breastfeeding? If so, I'd love to try it. I hate taking motrin. Lets go to the park one day next week and if you don't mind bringing it, I'll see if it will work for me. Then I could get some, just to last me through to when I have my dental appt!

Thanks for the advice Smilemomma- I am a huge wimp when it comes to teeth, and have had a root canal done in the past and absolutely HATED it, but I will probably need another one done on this tooth. Boohoo. I read your previous posts about subtraction though, and r/c sounds more beneficial. I almost have dental insurance, so at least I won't have to pay out of pocket like I did for the last one (hurt my wallet more than my tooth!)
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Lucy, it's fine. Like eating cloves, right? Just a spice.

Email me about when to meet, tomorrow if you're in a hurry with the cloves is fine
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Smilemomma, Help!

I should have just stayed in FL and we could have gotten our kids together to play on the beach and I would actually have dental options!!

But, we didnt. we are in rural NM now. Thankfully, NM did deem us worthy of Medicaid for the whole family, so I have dental coverage. About 6 months ago(when i was homeless in CA with no money or insurance of any kind), my filling fell out. I bought some of that temp filling and have been using it pretty regularly. SOmetimes it comes out and I dont put it back in for a meal or two(does that male sense?) But, now I have ins. There is only one doc in my town that taked Medicaid and he is booked up thru Jan. i have an appt for mid Jan. i dont even know if he is going to re fill my tooth then, or just do cleaning and xrays and schedule another appt. So, what sould I do in the meantime. I am starting to have a lot of pain. All day long, there is NO pain(not even a tiny ache) and then after I eat(and usually only at one meal) the pain becomes EXCRUTIATING) It is like labor pain awful!! I brush, floss, listerine, gargle wtih warm water and take two Advil. Then, within an hour the pain is completely goen. It is mostly in thegums, with some pain radiating to to jaw and into my front gums(which are terribly swollen adn receding) The actual tooth is toward the back. So, does this pain mean I am getting an infection? Or is it just trauma do to the pressure of eating? I had one other cavity fall out in my life and by the time I got into the dentist(it was not long, within a week) the tooth got cracked and I had to get a root canal and a crown. HOw can I avoid this.,
As far as the dentist goes, the next closest one on the plan is 4 hours away!! As it is, this dentist is adult only and so next week I am taking my kids to the pediatric dentist who is 80 miles away!! We cannot afford the gas money to go the 4 hours, so I am hoping that I can nurse myy tooth along for another 5 weeks.

Is there anything I can be using to inhibit infection? Would Tea tree oil help? How is Listerine?

Thank you for listening and your help!! I am one of those people that is absolutley phobic about dentist, but I have promised myself I am going to just start going. I am going to take rescue remedy and bring in head phones and listen to some music
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boysrus, I ain't no smilemomma but I just stumbled on your post

It sounds like you have periodontal (gum) disease, but I don't know whether and to what extent that's related to the tooth.
Tea tree oil is a good disinfectant, so I'd probably try to rinse with it mixed in with water. And to put some on the tooth before reapplying the temp filling (isn't that stuff a pain in the a** ~ I've used it, too )

Clove oil has helped me with toothache. Just drip a drop on there, but try to keep it away from the gums because it's very strong. Maybe you can also rinse with it in a water solution, because it has general antibacterial qualities.

On this board, someone once said that chewing on a raw clove of garlic really helped against a toothache, so you may also want to try that. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!
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ouch boysrus- I third Simonees post (and I need to give her back her clove oil!). I had excrutiating past last week and the in-laws and didn't have th oil, so I chewed down on an actual clove. It actually worked.

I agree it sounds like it could be a periodontal disease- I had that a couple of years ago, and it was the worse pain of my life. Putting an ice pack on my face helped a little. And, obviously, try to avoid chewing on that side of the mouth. And good luck- gum disease if that is what it is) is very treatable.
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