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Another one about babies

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First of all, thank you for your previous response! It really helped me to be at peace with our situation.

Now, I am, of course, really curious about the one little word in your response... the same curiosity that everyone on this board has!

I had a really vivid dream years ago... many years before I met DH, that I would have three boys. I have thought about it a lot since then - but I can't even remember the details. I have just held on to the "three boys" part. How many more babies do you see? Do you have a feeling about gender?

Thank you in advance! L
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I do see three for sure, but there seems to be a possibility of a fourth. But the fourth one does not feel certain. That can happen. Sometimes one will wait in the wings to decide if it's going to be the right "fit" or not.
I am seeing that you will have a girl. I think it is among the 3 children that I feel are definitely coming to you. But I think the possibility of the fourth would be another boy which would mean you have three boys.

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