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PCP Worcester, MA area

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Hi there,
I really really need a good, holistic minded PCP in the Worcester area. I recently changed to BCBS so my insurance should cover most anyone, I think.
Thank you so much for any recommendations!
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I would love to know if you find this. I can tell you where I've been and is sufficent but not ideal...
I went to Haneman Family Health- part of Umass. I used to see a MD/DO there Kristy Kedian who was lovely then she left. Then I saw Lisa Gussak who left. Both were great but the office was a nightmare, theres med students and residents who see patients and I'm just holding onto them in case i'm in dire need. Supposedly my doc there now is Kathryn Lee.Well that might be better than nothing and I was told that she's nice.
Also I had a very bad experience using them as pediatricians that's all I'll say.
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I am happy with Bartlett Pond Family Medicine in Northboro. Dr. Cloutier is really nice.

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I've also been happy with Hahnemann Family Health. Two DDs (now 3 and 5) and myself saw Lisa Gussak and now Kathryn Lee. We've had good care from MDs, nursing staff very friendly and responsive. Everyone very vax relaxed (they are OK that we've waived a few).
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I love West Brookfield Family Practice. Not sure if that is too far for you. My PCP is an osteopath/homeopath. There is another DO in the practice and some MDs. PM if you would like more info.
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