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Has anyone seen Babies yet? I want to go, but dh isn't feeling well today, so I can't make him watch the kids.

How is it?
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We saw it today and it was really sweet! We had a 'baby friendly' screening and brought our DDs along. They got a bit antsy toward the end, but otherwise were pretty good.

There's no dialogue and no narration (unless you count my DD1's constant commentary) just beautiful cinematography and some music. It was beautiful.
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Saw it today and loved it. There is some dialogue actually but it's more like background sounds since the focus is on the babies not the adults.
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It is so good!!

The cinematography is incredible, the cultural differences in how babies are raised are fascinating and the babies themselves are, of course, adorable. I saw it two days ago and I can't stop thinking about it, especially every time I interact with my 1 year old.
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Loved it! Lots of breastfeeding and intact little babies
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We went for Mother's day yesterday. I loved it.
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Originally Posted by hollytheteacher View Post
Loved it! Lots of breastfeeding and intact little babies
How awesome ! I hope to see it someday.
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I went and saw it yesterday also - DH sent me out to the movies by myself : A lot of the movie felt like my life with ds - the nursing, the crawling around in the dirt, the exploring. It was really good though - I was sitting behind a young women (maybe 18yo) who was there with her mom and was TOTALLY grossed out - everytime there was breastfeeding she was like 'ewww, mom, gahhh' it was pretty funny.
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I want to go see this! Maybe this week!
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I'd like to see it too, but don't think it's showing in my city.
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A friend and I went to a "mommy & me" showing of this today with our babies. This is a great movie to go with your baby! There's no real dialogue you need to hear and you won't miss any plot points if your baby needs attention. My 8-month old actually seemed interested in it, too. She loved the images and hardly fussed at all. It was short, too and made a perfect matinee.

It was nice to be able to go out to see an actual movie in a theater! Great outing for a mom.
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Loved this! Took my 9month old who loved it too. I loved how incorporated the African and Mongolian babies were into the everyday fabric of their mother's lives. Nursing in Namibia is just NO BIG DEAL...here we have special clothing, nursing covers, feeding schedules, worries, etc. making nursing a whole production for many moms.

Also, there are some brilliant EC moments
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I saw it today and I really liked it. There were very sweet parts of the movie and I loved the ways in which baby-hood is universal. I really loved how sweet the African siblings were to each other.

I would have liked a bit of narration. I wondered what the African folks were eating when they ate that white stuff, did the Mongolian family eat any vegetables? Was Hattie in the NICU? Was that day care in Japan where there were lots of babies crying seemingly without parents around? I was under the impression from Our Babies, Ourselves that Japanese families co-sleep, but they didn't seem to. Maybe it's a city thing not to co-sleep? But maybe narration would have detracted from the movie.

The babies were all beautiful, but I fell in love with the Mongolian baby and the African baby. (I can't remember their names and I'm sure I will mis-spell Namibia.)
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In my search for more information about the subjects of this movie, I came across this great article from the Wall Street Journal.

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