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Bonjour de France !

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I am Algrid, I am french and I live in Toulouse. I am the mother of 2 boys : Nino (6 in June) and Elià (3 one week ago).
I try to increaze my english and communicate about mothering !
See you, Algrid
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Thank you !
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Welcome to Mothering!
I became a mother in France (two months ago) and live here in Lyon. I'm sure you'll love this website and have fun practicing your English.
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Thank you Linchy !
I hope so (practicing my English !!!!)
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Welcome, Algrid! I'm living in France now as well, in Paris.

Please feel free to post anywhere and join in the conversation. We also have a subforum for France in the Finding Your Tribe section.
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Hello and welcome to MDC!
Bonjour et bienvenue de Chine (mais je suis Allemande).
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Good Morning Dar and Andrea,
thanks for your welcome.
I didn't think so much of you were expat !!!
Ich spreche auch deutch (besser als english, maybe !)
OK for joining conversations in post I have interess (but I take my time to "familiarize"...
Have a good day, Algrid
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Welcome to MDC! Hope you enjoy the boards!
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Thank you, Tinybutterfly !
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Bonjour de la banlieue parisienne!

Hope you enjoy Mothering as much as I do! It's a great community and so much good information is available...
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Bienvenue ici, Algrid!

Toulouse...I haven't been there since 1989. Wonderful city. Je t'envie!
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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome to Mothering!
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Welcome, friend!
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Merci !!!!
What a wonderfull welcome...
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I love the French language but I only know a little bit of it.
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Bonjour de Canada! Je suis anglophone mais bilingue... le francais ici est juste un petit peu différent que le votre heh... J'avais un professeur une fois donc j'ai bien pensé qu'elle était anglophone et avait un accent terrible... mais en réalité, elle était Parisienne... whoops...

Ich spreche ein wenig deutsch auch... nur ein wenig... aber ich verstehe besser als ich schreibe...

And since China's been mentioned, the only Mandarin I know is 'hello' 'goodbye' 'thank you' and the basic numbers lol... Same for Korean...

So welcome! Hope you sit down and make yourself right at home.
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Bonjour! Je suis a Toulouse aussi! I am from Miami but have been in Tlse for 6 years. I have two boys (5.5 & 3.5) and another boy due next month!
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