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Hampton Roads Church

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Hi all,

I just moved to Newport News. Can anyone recommend a church in the area? We normally go to Non denominational, although we just left a Pentecostal church in Italy. A church that has a lot of young families and home groups is important. Any info on fun stuff to do in the area would be greatly appreciated too.
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I used to live in Williamsburg and we really loved the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalist church. It's been many years, though! But I really miss the area and the church. *sigh* Maybe someday we'll go back....

Fun stuff in Williamsburg:
- Mini-golf America -- a beautiful course, be sure to look for the turtles!
- Sno-To-Go -- snow cones with ice cream, odd but delicious!
- Tourist-watch on DoG street (Duke of Gloucester)
- Wander the ancient and old campuses at William and Mary
- Drool over fabulous foods at Fresh Market

Ah, now I REALLY miss the place....
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I've heard good things about Water's Edge Church in Yorktown. I don't go but have friends that do and love it.
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