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I had several mental health providers mention ADD briefly when I sought treatment for depression and anxiety over the last 10 years, but it was quickly brushed off both both myself and the provider. Part of me is angry that no one caught this earlier...it would have saved me years of grief and I think that I could have prepared better for the transition into motherhood.


I had been getting by ok until I had my DS in January and then EVERYTHING seemed to fall apart. I'm now learning that I had developed lots of pretty good strategies to compensate for my shortcomings. With the demands of a baby on top of everything else, the strategies that worked before, aren't getting me by anymore. Now i'm working on coming up with new strategies ...


I'm sure you all have your own unique ADD struggles. My issues seem to be serious disorganization, difficulty with starting tasks and finishing them, difficulty attending to uninteresting tasks to start. I'm having crazy trouble keeping the house up, cooking, cleaning and caring for my DS and DH. I'm not currently working, but hubby wants me to get a job. The idea of working makes me cringe because I don't think I could hold it together at all with the addition of a job.


Any suggestions for keeping up with the house? Any ideas for organization?


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Check out ADDitude magazine, http://www.additudemag.com/


And also CHADD, http://www.chadd.org/


ADDitude kind of makes me laugh, with titles like, "Your Top Parenting Problems...Solved!"  Give me a break.  But I'm cynical that way. 


I'm not one to advise people on organization and keeping a house running! Lol!  But you have a baby  only 7 months old, and I will say,  things are going to be messy for a while -whether you have adhd or not, whether you have an organized home/life or not.


Part of me is angry that no one caught this earlier...it would have saved me years of grief and I think that I could have prepared better for the transition into motherhood.


I hear you.

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Hi. I hope I can post on this thread. I'm not a mama yet, but I'm pretty sure (99%) that I have inattentive-type ADD. I'm 29. I've been on Lexapro for about two and a half years and I just quit cold turkey about two weeks ago. I was on Lexapro for anxiety and I had noticed in the past month or so that I was more anxious so I wanted to get off it and see how I did without it.


I mentioned somewhere online the struggles that I had been having with graduate school and work (and had been having since I was a teenager, apparently) and a friend commented that she has ADD and maybe I had it, too. My first thought was, no way. No one would ever accuse me of being hyperactive. It wasn't until I delved deeper that I learned that there are three different types of ADD (http://helpguide.org/mental/adhd_add_adult_symptoms.htm). I match a few of the categories for ADD/ADHD: Trouble Concentrating and Staying Focused, Disorganization and Confusion, and Emotional Difficulties. I thought, well, okay, that does sound like me, but it didn't explain everything. I then found out about Inattentive-Type ADD and I match almost all of the symptoms. I read the checklist here: http://www.help4adhd.org/en/about/what/WWK8 and thought, THIS IS ME and GET OUT OF MY HEAD. I almost cried when I saw those symptoms. I kept it to myself for a few days and then mentioned what I learned to my husband and he said, yeah, sounds exactly like you.


I'm meeting with a psychologist on Wednesday who specializes in working with people with adult ADD. I keep thinking, maybe I don't have ADD. Maybe it's just me and I'm broken. But then I think, there's no way I don't have adult ADD. If I don't have ADD, what else could it be? I have no idea about medication yet, but at least I can learn some coping techniques or learn more about it.


Oh, and my name's Sara. I started reading from the beginning of the thread and saw that are a lot of Saras on here, so hi.     wave.gif

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bumping anyone still around? Or is there another thread going? I recently was officially diagnosed and put on startterra to start. Would love to connect with you mama's I have read all the threads and you describe me and my life to a t.



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Hi Emilie, Hi Aquarius.  I'm a sporadic poster on this thread.


I've got, of all things, a skills test for a job interview in a little more than an hour, and I really shouldn't be here online. =)  But I wanted to acknowledge you both! 



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Hi Journey mom!!! Thanks for the reply. I have started on a starter pack of Stratera and so far not noticed a difference but have not had any side effects so that is good right.

I am working on DBT in therapy and .... reading online about ADD in adult women. Lots to look at and learn... and reading all the threads on here of course.

I have also hired a friend to come in and clean my house once a week.... its a luxury but helping with my symptoms alot.


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It's nice to see this thread. 

I am a 31-yr-old mother of (soon-to-be) 4.  I have undiagnosed Inattentive ADD. *Undiagnosed because I have no health insurance...  I read Healing the 6 Types of ADD nine years ago, and took the tests inside the book.  * Healing ADD I had never learned about ADD and would have never guessed that I could have it.  This realization was so helpful to me!


I also have no interest in taking a prescribed medication.  I have discovered that there are many alternatives, including dietary changes, supplements, and even bicycling ( http://www.bicycling.com/news/featured-stories/riding-my-ritalin ).  These have been effective for me in the past, but life changes always lead me astray.


I am expecting my fourth child any day now.  I haven't been treating my ADD in any form for almost a year now.  I've noticed that my symptoms are enhanced with each child we add to our family.  The anxiety I experience while I try to keep up with my two older DDs' school schedules has significantly disrupted our household, and had an impact on my relationship with my first & second graders.  greensad.gif


After this pregnancy and postpartum period, my goal is to "get back on the horse."  I won't be able to bike until spring, but I can take up swimming at the local pool and work on my coping skills.


Is anyone interested in joining me in treating ADD symptoms using natural/homeopathic/holistic means? 


Also, I'd like to see an MDC social group for those suffering from the 6 types of ADD.  Perhaps some long-time contributors to this thread would be interested in co-leading this group...  If so, please PM me!

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I quit taking the straterra... not doing anything for it now other than having a friend help me with my house.


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I am having such a hard time right now. I feel...dull or heavy (ier than usual). One of the hardest things for me is cooking/preparing food. I find it soooo difficult to think of things to eat, to plan how and when to cook, to manage all the steps to cooking. I really don't like cooking much in the first place add to that that DD doesn't like to be be in kitchen with myself hating to be in kitchen-I don't like washing and chopping veggies etc.


gosh this sounds like such a babble. I really could use advice on how to get yourself to cook.


wouldn't mind the same advice about cleaning.



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I find having a weekly schedule of meals helps - it's pretty loose - pasta one day, mexican one day, meat one day, breakfast for dinner, etc - it helps though and lets me still be flexible

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Hi, kfillmore. ((HUGS)). BTDT!

I'm feeling "in over my head" now, too. I have made a plan for next week in the meals department. I will be planning meals with my DP and grocery shopping on Saturdays and preparing meals on Sundays. I'm choosing from crockpot and casserole-type meals so all I have to do is pull the dish from the freezer/fridge and pop it in the oven or place prepped ingredients in the crockpot and turn it on. (Chopping veggies, gathering ingredients can be done ahead of time and it's SO helpful!
So I'll come back and report on how this plays out next week...
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