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Which fabrics for cover...

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Baby is almost here, and I really want to bust out a few covers. I just love the idea of bringing my LO home in diaper covers I sewed myself. So here's my question.

I have many types of fabrics available to me - minky, flannel, hemp terry, microfleece, PUL - and I'm trying to decide what's going to be the best to use.

My test covers have been minky on the outside, PUL in between, microfleece on the inside. I even cut out all three layers for another round of trials (just trying to find what I like best). Then, I found this tutorial where the person used microfleece or flannel on the outside and PUL on the inside. That sure would be easier to sew, but I'm wondering if it would result in pee leaking out the sides. I do know that there's the chance of that with a microfleece inner as well.

So, does anyone have any input on PUL used as an inner layer for a diaper cover? I just want to have something cute on the outside, so I'm looking into options.
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I've never made a cover before, but I just got some wool interlock from nature's fabrics and that supposedly makes a nice cover so I'm thinking of trying it out.
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Don't use cotton or any other natural fibers on the outside of the cover. It will wick to the outside.
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I'm using PUL (kidsinthegarden and Joannes) with foldover-elastic and snaps or Aplix (I like snaps better, snap pliers from Kamsnaps run $35, the snaps themselves are cheapo). I bought a pattern, New Coneptions diaper covers deluxe since they come from preemie through xl.
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Some people don't like using pul on the inside because they don't want it next to babies skin. Sometimes they will turn it so that the fabric side of the pul is facing babies skin too.

I don't like either of those options because the covers get stinky and need washed sooner. I put pul on the inside but I put it shiny side toward baby. Their fitted diaper or prefold doesn't let the cover touch their skin and then you can just wipe any wetness out of the inside of the cover before putting it back on and they need washed less frequently since the plasticky part doesn't stay wet and full of pee.

I have made them with just a layer of pul, foe, and touch tape in which case they are really trim and stretchy. I've also made them with either cotton or polyester fabric on the outside, bound in foe. The cotton ones do wick more quickly than the polyester ones but only if we are out and go an excessively long time between changes and baby gets really soaked (something that I try to avoid normally.)

Make sure to use 100% polyester thread to sew on foe and touch tape or pee will wick through on your thread.
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