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Bebe measuring behind?

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I went for a scan when I was 8weeks 5days pregnant, and the scan showed that the baby measured 8weeks 5days. Today I went for my scan to check for Downs and it is measuring 11weeks 6days even though I am 12weeks 3days.

Should I be concerned? Argh, I managed to relax for like 3 hours after the scan and now I'm back to worrying.
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What did the dr. say? I'm not sure if the dates could get more off the further a long you are. I know my midwife told me the earlier the u/s the better they match dates. I hope you get some answers.
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The sonographer was the only one there (not sure if they're doctors or not?) but she didn't seem too concerned. Although I guess they know not to look concerned at anything because I'm sure it distresses the mums to be, so her not appearing concerned hasn't provided reassurance for me.

I sent my midwife an email so hopefully she comes back to me quickly with a response... Urgh. I suppose I better get used to this worrying, I don't suppose it'll ever let up.
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Adamsmama is right. Generally speaking, the farther along you are, the less accurate ultrasounds are when it comes to dates. This is why any doctor worth his salt won't do a dating ultrasound in the second trimester. After a certain point, the changes in the fetus aren't so dramatic that you can get a very accurate date. I'm pretty sure you've reached the point where the only real difference is size.
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Despite my definite knowledge of when my baby was conceived, after every ultrasound I had with DD, they wanted to push my date back. She was always measuring a little behind. Ultimately, she was born exactly when I said she would be based on conception, was a healthy 7# 7oz and perfect in every way. Everything I've read says ultrasound can be off by anywhere between 10 and 25 percent when it comes to measurements.
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You did the right thing by contacting your midwife. I am sure she will be able to reassure you that everything is okay. I hope she gets back to you soon!

I do know that ultrasound dating can be off. The farther along you are, the more likely the dates are off. In my last pregnancy, at 20 weeks, my baby measured 22 weeks on the ultrasound. They can be bigger or smaller and be okay. Plus, ultrasound dating can be unreliable as the weeks go on. I am sure it is okay. {{{Hugs}}}
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Being only 4 days off sounds well within the normal variations--I'm sure it's fine!
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I agree that that's within a normal range. You may be making a smaller baby, the tech may have been slightly off, or baby could be on the verge of a growth spurt. Lots of possibilities, and I wouldn't worry about it.
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Thanks for the reassurances ... The midwife hasn't emailed me back and it's been almost 24hours! I don't know if I'm holding her to unreasonable expectations or whether that's not acceptable. If I need to find a new mw I want to find one soon as apparently they book up fast. They're only supposed to take on 2 women for each month in NZ, so she shouldnt have more than 18 women on, so surely she can reply to an email.

I think I'm being impatient. Maybe give her another 24hours... :P
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I was told within 7 days is a normal parameter. Even more so with different people operation the machine.
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I was told that the further along you get, the less accurate the dating, so it sound pretty normal to me!
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ultrasounds are not alway accurate i had one at 12wks with my dd. chloe which confirmed my EDD as 11th of april but at the 20 wk scan they tried putting my date back to the 25th of april, luckily they stuck with the first date and she was born the 12th although i went into labour on my due date.
also with my dd. caitlin they put my date back a week from 1st july to the 8th july and with my ds cadet they changed my date from the 16th march to the 8th he was born the 14th
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I'm sure that's within the error of the machine's measurement. I watched as the tech did the crown-to-rump measurements and a change in just a few millimeters will alter the due date a bit. It sounds like your baby is growing fine and in the right range.
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