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I wonder if you all hate thong undies, too.
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I can't wear the kind that go between my toes (I can wear flip flops with the strap, though)

They hurt! and I walk right out of them for some reason.

ETA: I don't mind the other kind of thong though.
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I was raised in Hawaii, and all we wore as kids were flip-flops. Seriously...I don't think I owned a pair of closed-toed shoes until I was nine or ten years old.

I hardly wear flip-flops nowadays because I get cold easily and live in Rhode Island. (Um, yeah....it's mid-May and it's supposed to feel like 29 degrees with the wind chill tomorrow morning ). But no, they don't bother me.
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Yes, I can physically wear them. Do I like them? No, not really.

If I wear flip-flops, the straps that go over the top of my foot have to be anchored further back than the average flip-flop. The straps, especially the toe part cannot be made of plastic. I have two pairs (1 green, 1 pink) of really cute leather flip-flops that have wider straps than usual and the straps actually hold the shoe onto my foot. They are cute AND they fit nicely AND I like wearing them! The footbed is a bit padded, but these are "cute" shoes and cannot be worn all day.

I have a pair of (black) Clarks that have 3-4 criss-cross suede straps over the top of my foot, which creates the same effect as the other pairs. These have the most comfortable footbed of any sandal-type shoe I have ever owned. I practically live in these shoes in warm weather!

Until I discovered the magical difference of these three pairs of flip-flops, I detested them.

I have another pair of flip-flops (suede) that are very basic and all I can do is walk to the mailbox or trash or somewhere VERY close in them. They are terribly uncomfortable, but were a gift and work well for keeping under the microwave cart in the kitchen near the back door.
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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife View Post
I wonder if you all hate thong undies, too.
Some things were not meant to be divided and/or conquered.
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I hated them until I moved to Hawaii. Now I'm already in mourning for the loss of my flip-flop tan line when we move back to the mainland later this year.
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Originally Posted by mama2toomany View Post
I have tried to wear them a couple times, but it never works. I have this weird "I can't put that thong thing between my toes" thing.

It kinda hurts me. It sucks because they have some cute flip flops out there.. I even saw Heel flip flops, not that I could walk in ANY heels without breaking my neck.

Anyone else out there not able to wear flip flops?
I was the same way, no sandals that had any toe separator of any kind even if it wasn't a flip flop. Just hated the feeling. When I was about 35 years old, after years of not being able to buy the cute little beaded flip flops for $6 and having to spend more $$ on less attractive shoes I decided it was time to just force myself to get used to it. So I bit the bullet bought two pairs of absolutely adorable flip flops, and made myself wear them. took less than a month and I became accustomed to the feeling. I don't wear them that often, even though I live in a warm climate. But I can wear sandals with toes separator styles now and feel completely comfortable.
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i couldnt until i was like 15 and then i found a really cute ed bandana print pair and i forced myself through it. now they are almost all i wear!
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Ew no I can't stand that feeling. I love my sandals that go over across the foot though.
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I love flip flops but can't stand cheap ones, they annoy my skin too much. LOVE crocs flip flops, the ones with the leather top.
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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife View Post
I wonder if you all hate thong undies, too.
I don't get the thong thing.. its just butt floss.. why?
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Oh, I wear them everyday once it gets warm. I have pairs in all colors and designs.
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I love thong sandals!! It's all I wear once the weather is warm enough
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I love flip flops, my feet and my back don't. I am on the look out for sandals or some kind that have arch support because I don't want to wear my walking shoes all summer. It gets too hot to wear socks and shoes. I really miss my flip flops.
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I love flip-flops. They do take a few days to get used to, and sometimes I get blisters between my toes. Owie.
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Yes. Can't walk in them for more than about one block before my feet, legs, and hips hurt. But I can, in fact, wear flip flops.

The people who adore flip flops must have a completely different set of muscles and tendons or something.
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Only if it is fabric between my toes. I can't do the ones that are plastic--y or rubbery...it has to be soft material or else it hurts.
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http://i.pgcdn.com/pi/76/93/85/769385437_125.jpg is very close to the shoe that is the best summer shoe ever. If I had known how much I'd love the shoe when I bought it 3 years ago and that they'd stop making it, I would've bought 4 pairs.

They started off by feeling good when I bought them after spending 3 days walking at least 5 and more like 10 miles a day. (Bought them Wednesday afternoon during a town run during Pennsic, for those who get that reference)

They fit and stayed on well all through the poofiness of pregnancy. And were comfortable.

They were comfortable and stayed on through a 7 mile hike around Turkey Run State park. (http://www.indianaoutfitters.com/Map...urkeyofmap.htm) If you look closely you'll note that there are sections with ladders and sections where you clamber up river beds.

They have continued to be comfortable despite having two giant holes in each sole (just from the top, into the foam) one under my big two one under the ball of my foot.

Aside from the inside of the sole, they still look new. Despite all the mud they've walked through.

Best shoes EVER, and they are long gone.
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I love flip flops and sandles.

That is all I wear. Usually it is the kind that just covers the front of my foot (no back, open toes), those are my favoriates. But, more recenty the kind that goes between the toes. And I love them. They are comfortable to me. Much more comfortable than any tennis shoe, dress shoe, or high heel.

I don't think I have worn any other type of shoe in five years, and only wore running shoes and high heels maybe five times in the last 12 years. My feet LOVE open sandles!
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Nope, nothing between my toes (or cheeks!).
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