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Posterior and turning

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I have a friend who is pregnant and the baby is posterior. She is having the baby Saturday and is wondering if the baby will turn itself before she goes into labor or if it will turn itself during labor. Is it a little late for the baby to do it themself? She is 39 weeks and I think she plans to have a vaginal delivery...
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Is she being induced? How does she know its going to be Saturday?

Anyway, some babies do turn. Mine turned into the posterior position both times. Some people actually deliver easier in a posterior position. Its hard to say what will happen! If she wants to try turning her baby she should checkout out spinningbabies.com
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A lot of babies turn during labor although I would be concerned that if she is being induced (I assume since she's sure it will be Saturday) then she will be confined to the bed, which drastically reduces the chance the baby will turn. To assist the baby in turning she should check out Spinning Babies now and try to labor in upright positions (hands and knees, birth ball, walking, standing) and not spend labor flat on her back.
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Yeah, a flat-on-your-back induction (well, really, any induction) is not the way to get a posterior baby to turn. My youngest daughter--born spontaneously--was stubbornly posterior until I began to push, then she turned. Spinning Babies is a great website, though. I credit it with her being my only vertex presentation.
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