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The Zen Thread

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Alright Crispie, you asked for it.

I'm going to try. I snipped at DH again tonight the second he walked in the door, and while I apologized (and cried, because that's apparently how I roll these days) I need to FIND SOME ZEN. Let's do this thing.

*deep breath*

Your midwife is not going to say the word induction. Stop worrying about it.

The baby has it's entire life to be on the outside world. Let it be all cozy and warm in it's water bath for a few more days without acting like a psychopath about it.

DH spoils the crap out of you. You are a pampered brat. Leave him alone and stop picking at him.

Kids fight. You are having another kid, and it's going to fight with the other two as well. Suck it up and deal and quit letting your temper get the best of you when the 11 year old acts like a 4 year old, and the 4 year old sounds like a whining machine.

Aside from a couple annoying complaints, you are a healthy pregnant woman. You have low blood pressure, you have normal uncomplicated births, and you're planning the homebirth you've always wished you had the balls for. Calm the HECK down and stop being so uptight. You'll have control over EVERYTHING else for this birth, so give up on controlling when the baby decides to come.

That chocolate cake dh made for you tastes freaking awesome. And the fudge brownies? yeeeaaaaah.

Okay. Finding some zen.
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Your husband MADE a chocolate cake!? Mmmmmm.
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Love it!
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Originally Posted by me&3 View Post
Love it!
Count me in as another LOVER of this thread. We could all use a little more Zen in our lives. I have been biting dh's head off for the silliest of things lately. He is so good to me- so loving, and caring, and spoils me rotten also! And yet, I forget how to just BE PEACEFUL sometimes. It's like an addiction to drama.... I am SO ready to meet my baby also and have found myself getting impatient despite not even hitting my due date yet (not that that is an expiration date at all)! My mother has been triggering me lately too (but lets not get into that)...

The POINT is... Practicing being in the moment and CHOOSING gratitude and joy LIFTS me so quickly!! It shifts EVERYTHING in my experience, and it really is a CHOICE... it is so freeing to consciously choose how we want our experience to be. This thread is a great reminder for me to choose joy when I am in the midst of internal chaos.

Thank you for this lovely thread. I already feel more Zen.
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Oh Em! I love you!

Dh is cooking home made Chinese food...with extra pot stickers. The kids are NOT fighting for tonight. The house is a wreck but no one cares and that's all that matters right? I'm still in my pajamas from this morning and today I'm going to count that as a blessing. How many mom's get to sit in their jammies all day and no one cares?! I'm sure I'll find more, you got me going now.

Perspective means so much!
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I SOOOO very badly needed this too!

Note to: psycho-banshee woman from: calm-peaceful zen woman (I know she's in there somewhere lol)
*Deep Breath in*
You really need to just let things "go" and accept the fact that you cannot control the uncontrollable. You can not control when your baby girl wants to join your family. This is her choice and you need to trust that she knows best in this matter. You can take as active a roll you want once labor kicks in but right now it is your job to continue to provide protection, love, and nurturing on the inside until she is ready to join you on the outside.

Life will go on with or without cervical mucus, BH, cervical checks, and psychotic cleaning episodes. Children will continue to be children: sometimes angelic, sometimes giant pains in the ass. They will love, fight, laugh, cry, irritate, amaze and 10,000,000 other things that they always do whether you are pregnant/in labor/birthing or not. You can choose how you accept these things: with joy and gratitude in your heart in spite of the stress and occasional mess and clutter, or with stress and anxiety, tightness (which will never lead to labor) and screaming which freaks you out even more as well as those around you.

*Deep Breathe out*
Ok Girls, I am willing to pull the Zen couch back out and take my place on it again.... well at least until tomorrow when I am sure I will need to repeat above mantra over and over when things start getting crazy. LOL. I hope everyone is able to find some inner calm soon, and we will be seeing more and more babies arrive
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This is really where I'm at here at the end of pregnancy.

Little picture: oh the peeing, the pressure, heartburn, yada yada.
Big picture: oh how completely grateful and dear and profound this is.

I kept thinking about the birth as MY experience, which no doubt it will be, but last week I felt strongly how this is HIS birth, my son's entrance into this completely new world. What a huge and possibly terrifying shift for him to exit that warm ocean of my body. I want it to be as welcoming and loving and present an entrance as it can be. I can't wait for us to finally meet.

Keep the calm hum, ladies. Big LOVE awaits.

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Em, thanks for starting this thread! I *knew* there had to be some zen in me somewhere. It's wonderful to hear everyone's encouraging words!
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Originally Posted by poetgirl View Post
I kept thinking about the birth as MY experience, which no doubt it will be, but last week I felt strongly how this is HIS birth, my son's entrance into this completely new world. What a huge and possibly terrifying shift for him to exit that warm ocean of my body. I want it to be as welcoming and loving and present an entrance as it can be. I can't wait for us to finally meet.

This is EXACTLY where it's at. Thank you so much for this perspective poetgirl! I think this is what I was forgetting and has been holding me back.
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Em...this is my new favorite thread...ever.

To the slightly panicked me inside from the peaceful me I want to be listening to:

*Baby will come in his or her own sweet time and nothing less than perfect timing will do. Even if it means waiting until June. Waiting is what Mamas do.

*Obsessing does not help with having a tear-free birth. Relaxation is key...now and in labor. I have to let go of my fear and worry and of all of the control.

*Muffins are good. They make me happy. I should make them for breakfast.

*Ready will come. Peace will come. When the time is right it will click and I will feel like all systems are go. Not feeling ready means its not time...and I should go put in a few more annuals and wash more dishes and read more Winnie-the-Pooh and let it go.

*Everyone who is supposed to be at the birth will be there. Period.

*It doesn't matter when we buy a house in relation to having our baby. The perfect home is out there somewhere and just like the baby, is worth waiting for. Rushing things doesn't help the process.

*Stop freaking out about the weather for Pete's sake! If its warm you'll enjoy the glow of a sunny warm birth day and if its cool, you'll be so grateful for the warmth of the birthing tub and for the fact that you're not overheating.

Off to bake muffins now! Thanks!
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Thank you thank you thank you for this thread.

Dear Self,

Remember what YOUR mama always said "Breathe."

Both the baby and I are healthy

be grateful to your amazing husband who pampers you and works so hard

The baby WILL COME, when s/he's good and ready- you cannot compute what day would be best for school and your schedule, and even if you could you could not make it happen on that day.

So, breathe, be at peace and enjoy these last few days or weeks when it's just the two of you. You'll miss feeling the little one inside, you'll miss it being just the two of you, you will miss the quiet.

Breathe and just enjoy.
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Thanks for the thread! I'm trying to project an image of zen, but can feel it slipping away sometimes...

Notes to self:
*Be grateful for these last days as a family of three and try not to worry about how DD will handle herself after the baby comes.
*God is in control. Everything will be okay, even if your job gets cut this year. You will find a way to make ends meet and you will find an even more awesome job than the one you have now.
*Dh is not perfect, but he loves you and DD with all his heart. Don't give him a hard time about not picking up his dirty socks... it's not that important.
*Aerick will come when he gets good and ready. EDDs mean nothing. It's simply a date that someone picked out of the air. The baby knows the perfect time to be born.
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Originally Posted by henny penny View Post

Your husband MADE a chocolate cake!? Mmmmmm.
He did! He made me a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting for Mother's Day, and SUPER decadent fudge brownies (seriously...three sticks of butter in those suckers) too. His cake stuck to the bottom of the two round pans, and then the frosting stuck to the uneven top and it ended up being a hysterical mess (and dh is a good cook, he'd just never done a layer cake before). But it tastes WONDERFUL.
Told you he spoils me.

Glad everyone is liking this thread. I've read it over and over and over again.
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count me in as another one that needs/loves this thread! thx em for starting it!

*baby will come out eventually! it's irrational to think he will stay in there forever. that's not biologically possible.

*i can have the calming birth experience that i want. everything will be fine, and my m/w will be nothing but supportive.

*my bp will cooperate. i just need to relax and stop stressing myself out (and raising my own bp).
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