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I had my baby... but under horrible conditions

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My little Kathryn was born on May 7th at 37+5 days. I had seen the midwife the day before and my bp was still sky high and I looked and felt horrible. She sent me to get bloodwork and 24 hour urine. Within 2 hours of me turning in the urine I get a call from the midwife, to get to the hospital ASAP as I have severe pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome which is very rare and life threatening to me and baby. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HELLP_syndrome (if anyone is interested to know what it is, I had never heard of it)
So we get to the hospital and they do lots more blood work and basically my liver was shutting down and getting worse and worse and my platelette count was so low it was critical. That and my bp was so high and tons of protein and elevated uric acid. I was in horrible shape. They start pitocin because a c-cection could have been bad since I hardly had plateletts I could have bleed to death. After 20 hours of pitocin and me getting sicker and sicker there was no choice but a c-section. Also I was on magnesium sulfate which makes you feel worse then anything in the world, but with me being so sick it would prevent me from having seizures. The doctor kept assuring me I would be ok once the baby was here. So I have an emergency c-section and I am so bad off at this point, plus being on the magnesium sulfate I didnt even know what was going on really, and was throwing up as I was getting my c-section and confused and not even sure what was happening to me. My baby girl was 7 pounds 6 ounces and luckily she didnt suffer as a result of all this. Within 72 hours I was so much better and liver and plateletts much better as well as bp. I am so thankful everything turned out ok in the end because HELLP is very very dangerous and deadly. My baby Kathryn is a total sweetie pie who loves to nurse, she is for sure a boobie baby, thats what all the nurses and doctors were calling her.
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Congratulations on your daughter!

I am sorry for the experience. I had a very very (VERY!) similar experience when pregnant and during L&D of my twins seven years ago. If you ever need to talk to someone that has BTDT, vent, whatever - feel free to msg me for my email address.

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Oh my gosh, mama! This is terrifying. I am so sorry you experienced this So glad that you and Kathryn are doing so well now; I'm sure that having her nursing away makes healing easier.

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Heavens Mama! Many hugs to you!

Sounds like a good experience to have over and done with. There are some situations when cesareans as un-fun as they are can be really useful tools to have available. So glad that you are feeling better, that your midwife was alert and caught your condition and that your daughter is robust and happy and in your arms! Good work!
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ohh Mama! how scary. I'm so happy you and Kathryn are both ok and that she's nursing so well.
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I am so sorry you went through all of that...how scary! Congrats on a healthy baby and on having a stellar nurser. I think her name is beautiful!
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Thank God they caught what was happening and you are both ok. How wonderful that the baby is nursing well; that will help so much.

I wish you peace as you heal from this traumatic experience. So, so glad that you are both ok. Blessings!
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I was in a similar situation w/my oldest. I'm glad you and boobie baby are doing ok now mama. take care of yourself.
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Congratulations on your baby. Thank goodness you're both okay.
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Congratulations on your new sweet babe! I'm glad you are feeling better. A dear friend of mine had HELLP and had to deliver by c/s under emergency general anaesthesia at 25 weeks (baby is healthy and happy now). It IS terrifying and it is wonderful that you had a good outcome!
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Welcome baby Kathryn! So glad Mama and baby are both safe and sound.
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DDC crashing from June

Congratulations on your baby girl! So glad you're both ok.
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So glad both of you are okay! CONGRATS on your new baby!
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Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! I'm glad to hear you are both alright after everything you went through!!!
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Oh Goodness! Congrats on your healthy little girl! I had a very similar situation with my last pregnancy, just not the c-section... what an ordeal you've gone through!! So glad to hear you are doing better. Take care of yourself and your new baby girl!
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o momma, i'm so glad you and baby are alright! congrats!!

eta: welcome to the world, kathryn!!
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I'm so sorry you were so ill for your birth, but thank God you have such an awesome care provider that was watching you closely!

You are both alive and well now, and that's all that counts! I LOVE her little nickname the boobie baby. We had a short bout in the NICU after my last birth and all that nursing and skin to skin...even for months after we got home was so therapeutic for us both!

Enjoy those little nursling snuggles mama! Congratulations on your little girl!!!
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So glad you are both ok. What a scary experience. Congrats on your little girl!
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It sounds like a hard birth but goodness it saved your life and your babies life and I am so grateful for hospitals and the care you got as it was clearly badly needed. I am glad your feeling better! I had a 7.6 lbs baby girl that day too!
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So glad to hear that both you and your baby girl are doing well! I am sure that your labor/birth experience was hard for you, and not what you expected, but the times when C/S are truly needed (and yours certainly was) they can be literal life savers. It's wonderful she is such a good nurser, Im sure that is very healing to you. Take your time recovering and rejoicing in your new daughter. Congrats!
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