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September '09 babies PHOTO SHARE!

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Come on, let's see those beautiful September '09 ddc babies!!

Give us a little update, too!
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Jocelyn turned 8 months old on the 27th of April. She is just under 18 pounds. She sits alone and can roll, but shows no interest in crawling or scooting, or moving herself towards anything at all!

She also doesn't have any teeth, yet! We're not at all in a hurry for those. She is exclusively breastfed, and is actually picky about most foods. She has no interest in baby food whatsoever.

Raising a little girl after four boys is a brand new experience and I'm loving every minute!!

all my lovely kiddos.
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I need to upload more recent photos. This one is from St. Patrick's day.
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These are a few weeks old.

In the Stroller
Chunky Boy
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at the aquarium

standing up!

Bella turned 8 months on the 3rd. Shes crawling at the speed of light and standing all the time! She's also cruising along the side of the couch.
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