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Moving to Kansas City

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Ok, husband just got a job offer in Kansas City. I am from California. Never lived anywhere else and I am panicking. I have three children, 3.5, almost 2, and 13 weeks.

So many questions....

What is it like living out there, surrounding areas....
In California-southern, there is lots of encouragement of natural living, alternative ideas, etc....Is it the opposite there??

Any recommendations on where to start looking for a place. He will be working in Lenexa, KS. We do have his brother and fam in Kearney, MO.

How is the medical system out there. Pediatricians are important to me, especially ones comfortable with non vaccinating parents, etc...

What about moms groups, I know I need to join one of those right away.

I'm just really scared about being alone.

Thanks for any ideas, help...
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We live in Overland Park, KS which is just east of Lenexa. I recommend living in the Johnson County KS area which would include-Lenexa, Overland Park, Olathe, Prairie Village, etc. These areas are great. Natural living is becoming more accepted here, etc.

I won't lie to you, this area is going to be different than CA. But there are some wonderful things here. We have attachment parenting groups, a Whole Foods market and several organic farmer's market.

We are adopting but I already have my family doctor picked out b/c he's not pro vax. My DH saw him for our home study for our adoption. And of course b/c of overseas traveling etc vaxs are pushed even on adults. My GYN really pushed it on me. So much so that she order my tithers be pulled in my lab work before she would sign off on my physical. (needless to say, I was vax as a child so I have the antiobodies). Anyway, Dr. Brooks is my DH's doctor and will be my child's ped. He is at Town Plaza Family Practice in OP, KS 913-345-3650. I had heard through the grapevine about his stance on vax. He will vax but is not opposed to not vax. Last I heard he doesn't vax his own little boys. Anyway, I made an apt for a get to know you mtg and talked with him. Since he's in a practice with other doctor's I didn't make a big deal out of it when I made my apt. There is also another doc, Dr. Green who is supposed to be great to work with on vaxs. I'm sure if you got involved with the AP group you would have a lot of recommendations.

I have a wonderful chiro who is very natural in her approach and has been very helpful with lots of info, etc. http://dunndc.com/

I have a great Naturopathic Medical Doctor Dr. Alicia Johnson. She is with O'Brien Pharmacy where they compound a lot of their own tinctures etc. She is great for women and children. http://www.obrienrx.com/index.htm

Please ask if you have any other questions!
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I forgot to mention Lawrence, KS (Kansas University) is extremely alternative. I would never live there b/c it is a university town and it's a little further from the city. But, they do have a lot to offer in the natural living approach. They are about 30 min from Overland Park. Anyway, they have a great co-op there.

Because KS is mostly rural there are a lot of farmers in the area that have started catering to those of us who chose not have have antibiotics, hormones, etc in our meat. I've found some great farmers to buy chicken, beef, pork, and eggs from. I don't drink milk but I know a few farmers who also will sale raw goat and cow milk.

In this area you have to search for things it's not just common. But, it's becoming easier and easier.

I think you will honestly be surprised at what you will/can find here.

Best of luck and let me know if you have any other questions!
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Alinae, thank you SO much for telling me more about the area.

Tell me more, more, more....

What will I be able to do with my kids while I am there. What fun outings can we have. I am not opposed to driving. I am NOT the type who can sit in my house all day long every day, I get a little weird.

I actually was on line last night and came across this blog right away about Johnson County. Maybe I was looking it up, because my husbands brother and father both said "dont live in Johnson County because it is so expensive!!!" So, this person was talking about Starbucks over there and snobs and its like the Orange County of Kansas/MO. It is in KS side right?
Starbucks sounds good to me, if its safe and fun, thats what I would like. How much more expensive is it compared to other places??

Thanks for the info.
Also, how do you get hooked up with the AP groups you are talking about there? And are there other moms on this website that you have run across that live in the same area???

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One more question,

How is the midwife scene there?
Are there any free standing birth centers that you know of? Any home birth midwifes in the area? I am a RN and I just started to get into working with a midwife here in California, so I thought maybe I could do some sort of Doula training and help in that way, or maybe work a shift or two at a local hospital in the OB unit. IDK. Just curious.
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JoCo (Johnson County) is on the Kansas side. It is kind of the snobby side of the city. I would bet that JoCo is cheaper than Orange County. You can buy a very nice house in JoCo for $200-250K-depending on the neighborhood. And it's very safe here.

We lived in Southwest Missouri for 7 years and the price of food, cars, and general merchandise are about the same here as they were there.

There are tons of parks in the area. Where I live in Overland Park there is a park every direction of my house within 5 blocks. Shawnee Mission park is great. You can rent boats and go out on the lake, there are some shooting ranges, and there are some great hiking and biking trails.

The Shawnee Mission school district (Overland Park, Lenexa) are really good.
I will tell you the "place to live" is the Blue Valley School District which is South Overland Park. (houses $250-300K)

There are lots of things to do in this area!
Kids Events are a dime a dozen.
We have sporting events: T-bones (minor league), Royals (baseball) Chiefs
(NFL), Wizards (soccer)
Culture: several theaters-broadway and dinner), ballet, symphony, and tons of concerts come through all the time
Museums: LOTS of historical sites (Oregon Trail, Truman Library, Pony Express, Jesse James and tons more) Art Gallery, Science Center

Since I've never had a baby I'm probably not the best person to answer questions about midwives etc. I do know that my doctors office has midwives on staff. Because of my fertility issues I never saw one. I do know that we do have some birth centers in the area. And I have an acquaintance of a friend who is using one. http://www.mercyandtruth.com/Birth%2...h%20Center.htm I'm sure there are others in the area. I do know there are several in the Lawrence, KS area (30 min west). I mentioned Lawrence in an earlier post. I'm sure some AP parenting groups could tell you more.

Since we don't have a little one yet (adopting) I haven't joined the AP group. My chiropractor is the one that told me about it. I can find out more information for you at my next appointment, if you would like. My apt isn't until next month though.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.
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that was all great, thank you so much. Yes, if you could keep me updated about the AP group that would be great. Is everybody in Kansas as nice and helpful as you!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't live in KS, but my sister does. She's in Wyandotte county, in Piper. As far as cost of living, I know that she paid the same for her 2500-square foot house in KS as she did for her 1800-sqf condo in Minneapolis. There's no way you'd pay more for anything in KS versus what you pay in CA. There's tons of stuff to do there, we never get around to doing everything we want to when we go down to visit. I think there's a Facebook group with things to do with kids in KC that you could check out, too.
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I grew up in KC and loved it. Hope to get back there someday!!
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I will definitely ask my chiro for more info on the AP group.

People are pretty friendly here, it's the Midwest mentality!

I thought of another website for you that has some cheap and fun things to do. http://kansascityonthecheap.com/?p=5708

Seriously, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
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Originally Posted by CallMeMommy View Post
I don't live in KS, but my sister does. She's in Wyandotte county, in Piper. As far as cost of living, I know that she paid the same for her 2500-square foot house in KS as she did for her 1800-sqf condo in Minneapolis. There's no way you'd pay more for anything in KS versus what you pay in CA. There's tons of stuff to do there, we never get around to doing everything we want to when we go down to visit. I think there's a Facebook group with things to do with kids in KC that you could check out, too.
Do you know what to search that under? Thanks
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Here's a Facebook group for KC Attachment Parenting http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php...1955071&ref=ts
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I live in Lenexa and I really like it here. We homeschool our kids whose ages range from high school to preschool, and there are several local homeschool groups if you're interested in that. The AP group here is really active. It's at www.kcapfamilies.com if you're interested in joining and checking it out. You'll find resources for all the things you were asking about.

I won't lie, Kansas City is definitely nothing like California. We lived in Monterey for a few years and so I feel qualified to make that statement. If you come here with an open mind and a bloom-where-you're-planted attitude you will be able to make it work.

Where in Lenexa will your husband be working? I would be happy to pm you some information on specific neighborhoods if you'd like it.

Things to check out with kids while you're househunting:



If you're here on a Wednesday, there is a great open playgroup here (or outside at the playground on the other side of the lake if it's beautiful) http://www.cedarridge.cc/#/parkside-coffeehouse/info

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Kansas City is definitely not Orange County (I lived there a couple years during college), but it is a great city. There are lots of things to do with kids.

It seems like there is a park around every corner. Loose Park in KCMO is one of our favorites. There's a free splash park there as well.

Wonderscope is an awesome children's museum that is set up in an old school building. Each classroom is a different themed activity room for kids to explore. Even my 19 month old can be entertained there for hours.

We live on the Missouri side and really like it. We're close to the Plaza (fun outdoor upscale shopping center), the Art District, and downtown.

There is also a Kansas City chapter of the Holistic Mom's Network that meets the second Thursday of each month at the Whole Foods Market. I co-lead and would be happy to add your email to our list serve if you want added.

There's a great natural parenting store in Lee's Summit called Happybottomus.

Mercy and Truth birth center is the only free-standing birth center in KC. The hospital birthing climate is not known to be real open and friendly to natural childbirth, but it's far from impossible to achieve with some great hospital-based midwives. There are lots of homebirth midwives as well. I can send you some names if you need them. Also, if you google Kansas City doulas, they have an organization set up where you can find lots of local doulas.

I would second the recommendation for Dr. Brooks and Dr. Johnson, we see both of them as well. I also have seen two different chiros that specialize in pregnant women and children if you need their names.

If you have any other questions, let me know!
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Thank you thank you thank you for ALL the info.

I'm just having trouble with the anticipation of leaving my family behind.

I was also wondering about fitness centers out there. Here I belong to a really wonderful fitness club, that most importantly has excellent child care. They have to be CPR certified and its a really professional enviroment. They seem to really care. Makes a BIG difference when you want to feel good about having a workout. Anybody know of any good places?
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PajamaMama I couldn't find the wednesday open group at the link you provided? It was the coffeehouse link. Am I looking at it wrong?
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A little off the subject....

Tornadoes, of course.

Being from California and not knowing anything about Tornadoes, wondering if you guys know if they come around the kansas city area? Do they have less of a chance to happen in big city areas?

Wondering how do you know if its safe to go out and do errands, etc...
My fear is that I would be out and about with my three kids and be caught off guard by some rogue tornado. Then what would I do??? Do you know they are coming?

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You are moving from a state where all the elements are out to get you and you are worried about Tornados?
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Originally Posted by Masel View Post
You are moving from a state where all the elements are out to get you and you are worried about Tornados?
I dont get it...
The elements???
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earth - earthquakes, air - winds, fire - wild fires, water - drought

Sorry, I meant to erase that or more throughly explain it but suddenly realized I needed to get to a doctor's appointment.

Tornados tend to be part of big storm systems. There will be watches if such a system is on the way and warnings if there has been rotation spotted. Make sure you get a place with a basement, get a weather radio, and learn the names of all of the surrounding counties so you can tell how close any danger is.
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