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I am beginning to explore the possibility of a career in midwifery down the road. I still have little ones at home, so it will be at least several years before I can even begin schooling. Would any midwives be willing to answer a few questions (privately if preferred)?
1.What led you to a career in midwifery?

2.What were your first steps once you knew you wanted to be a midwife?

3.What are the biggest challenges you face as a midwife?

4.What are the greatest joys you experience as a midwife?

5.When a birth goes wrong – serious maternal/fetal complications or death, how do you deal with that?

6.What advice would you give to an aspiring midwife?

7.What books would you recommend to someone exploring a career in midwifery?
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Hi there! I'm not a midwife, but I am in the same place as you... 2 little kiddos, plus I want more, so it wil be a while (seems like forever) before I get to begin formal learning & apprenticeship. So, for now I am reading midwifery texts. I figure any preliminary exposure will make studying easier on me in the future. If you want a decent guideline for what to read, I use the reading list on the texasmidwives.com site. As far as what happens when a birth goes wrong, that is also my greatest fear. However, I have heard it said that the fear subsides as you gain knowledge and experience. I look forward to getting to that place! Good luck!

Ooh, you could also do CPR certification and/or A&P classes, which are required by some programs
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