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Career path question

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Dear Jamie -

I'm feeling really, really stuck at work. It's like I just hit a wall. We are going through an especially busy development period and I see how excited my colleagues are - but I just can't seem to engage. I mean, I am swamped with deadlines, yet I sit down at my laptop and sometimes I feel like I can't breathe, the work makes me feel so stifled. I've been so invested in this job for so long, and have worked with such a great team, and most important for my family, have moved into a position with a lot of flexibility that allows us to live in our big house in the country and positions me as the main breadwinner. For all these reasons, I'm really hesitant about what to do next. But I'm miserable and starting to hate myself for it - so something has GOT to change. So my question for you is: do you see me powering through this period and finding my groove again with this group, perhaps working on something different? Or do you see me moving on to a different company or different kind of work?

Thanking you in advance -

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I am hearing that working with/for a non profit organization would be ideal for you. If that is currently where you work, then I would consider that a sign that you are in the right place. If it is not where you work, then I would consider looking around for that.
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