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Originally Posted by newbymom05 View Post
Wait, didn't you post that you could see why a small boy could be teased for an earring??? I know I'm in a conservative area, but I would think a young boy in a skirt or dress would REALLY be teased in most places of the US. I assume that's why they have the rule--to prevent class disruption, not to deny someone an experience.

It doesn't matter to me since I figure my kids can wear whatever they want the other 16+ hrs of the day.
Typo, meant to say "can't see why he would be teased".

If they want to prevent class disruptions they can actually do something about kids teasing each other instead of putting on the person being teased to conform.
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An earring in just the right ear is an indication of "gay" --at least around here. So I'd do the left or both (unless he wants to identify as gay, of course.)

Most high school boys I see with earrings do both, and they "gauge" them (go increasingly bigger until they have enormous holes in their ears. I wouldn't recommend that, especially not at 9!)
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Make sure you take him to a piercing shop where proper, autoclaved equipment is used. Guns=no, needles=yes

I think boys with earrings are cute, but I definitely think that both ears looks best. Since I have very pierced ears (lobes double pierced, tragus, rook and two helix piercings) and I tend to have a thing for guys with gauged lobes (only the little ones though, not the huge ones) there's a good chance my future DS will want his done, and after age 5 or so I'd have no issues with it. Then again, I'm hoping that my kids are so horrified by their modified parents that they think we are hideously uncool and don't pierce or tattoo anything )
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I can totally see my oldest son seriously wanting to have his ears pierced.


Originally Posted by KaylaBeanie View Post
Make sure you take him to a piercing shop where proper, autoclaved equipment is used. Guns=no, needles=yes
This. Piercing guns are a BAD idea. And most piercers (at least here... not sure if it's different in the US) will not pierce kids. The piercer who did my helix recently will only pierce ages 18+, but will *consider* some piercings in kids starting at ages 14-16 with parental consent. That seems to be a pretty standard policy around here. So it's kind of a non-issue when it comes down to the logistics, unless some piercers are more flexible if it's just a standard earlobe piercing. (otherwise I am in the camp of "sure, why not, as long as he understands and is making the choice himself").
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To go off onto the pro-needle spiel even more, it's not just about sanitary reasons. Many, many people will say that it's okay to get it done with the single-use cartridges that they use at Claires, Piercing Pagoda, etc. The biggest issue with guns is NOT potential spread of disease, it's pain and jewelry. The pain from the guns is far worse than that of a needle because piercing studs, while sharp, are not sharp enough. They cause blunt trauma to the ear lobe which leads to more difficult healing. The piercing jewelry is not long enough to allow for proper swelling and allows lymph fluid to collect, plus it is not the right gauge. The cleaning solution they provide is all wrong too, and can dry out the piercing causing it to get more easily infected and heal wrong.

So, in short; call around and find a legitimate piercing/tattoo shop that will pierce him. Make sure they use a needle. Make sure they use jewelry (barbells or captive ball rings) that are the right gauge and properly autoclaved. Ask for recipes for a sea salt solution for healing the piercing. If your son decides to get pierced, you want it to be the safest, healthiest, best experience possible
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